If you're a Designer, this is the Proofing Tool for you!
March 24, 2022

If you're a Designer, this is the Proofing Tool for you!

Winona Harrod | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Ziflow

I use Ziflow on a daily basis for all my design proofs. It enables me to send design artwork to anyone in the world and allows my clients to all comment on the same proof live. This prevents contradicting comments, confusion on what amends are for what page as clients can highlight the exact words or area they want to be changed. The Decisions feature allows me to know when the review has been completed and what they expect next from me. This is a great time-saving tool and wouldn't be without it.
  • Live commenting allows my clients to comment all at the same time on the same proof and can see in the top corner who is looking at the proof which is also a great feature. This allows everyone to be able to talk in real-time and see the exact area being referenced which stops misunderstanding.
  • In the Business version, you have a great feature where you can tick each comment so I can track which amends I have or haven't done. I love this as I'm always getting interrupted mid amending which means I know exactly what point I have got up to when I go back to the doc so I don't have to spend time checking all over again what I have and haven't done.
  • I like the copy editing feature it's much more robust than other products like Ziflow I have tried out like Workfront. When my clients want to edit copy the comment will have these boxed tags to say that 'Replace with' so I know exactly what is the original copy and what needs to go in there instead. I find this extremely helpful.
  • When a proof is locked I'm unable to use the ticking feature on comments to indicate that I have resolved that amend I currently have to temporarily unlock the proof. Would be nice if I could still use this feature when the proof is locked.
  • A feature to send auto-reminders or a pop on the proof to notify approvers to make a decision would be handy so I don't have to go chasing each and every one.
  • Saved me so much time - I don't have to sit guessing what a client wants as they can now exactly in point the part they want to be amended and how they want it amended.
  • Great value for money - even on the basic plan it saved me so many headaches and stress and the price was cheap and offered you so much for the basic plan. It was totally worth the investment.
  • It has made everything so much quicker for me - it organizes everything and displays it easily and clearly so I can amend and complete work so much faster.
It has massively improved the proofing workflow - both I and my clients/colleagues don't have to go trolling through loads of emails to check proofs or check commented proofs. We can now have it all in one place with all the versions so everyone knows exactly what stage a proof is at and know what everyone else has commented to makes the process so much faster as there is no back and forth anymore. What used to take days to collate feedback individually is now done in a few hours and some jobs can be completed within the same day I uploaded as I get email notifications when they have made a comment or decision.
It has had a positive impact it has stopped confusion which in the past resulted in frustration and potential conflict. Now we can see everything all at the same time it saves arguments or misunderstandings and issues can be resolved much quicker using this tool.

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Ziflow is much more user-friendly and my clients/colleagues got to grips with it much easier and quicker. Also, I did get used to it much quicker. It is laid out much better and clearer. Things are in more logical places and had no issues so far. Workfront I was always having issues especially when they updated it - it always had glitches and distrusted my working day. I have used other similar tools which I have forgotten the names of but they were really basic and didn't give the range or tools and features I needed so wasn't worth it.
As a designer, it is perfectly suited to me. I use it in my everyday working life for all my artwork proofing needs. This tool has been so helpful in organizing my artwork proofs and clients' comments that since I moved from freelance to Full-Time employment I have implemented it at my company and upgraded to the business plan so I can have access to more tools and features which has been fab.

I went through a small transition period between freelance and new job where I didnt have Ziflow and struggled and had so many issues with feedback comments being sent on commented PDFs etc and just made everything confusing and frustrating. As so as I got my Business Ziflow it was like a sigh of relief as Ziflow basically sorts out all my proof comments issues I had before making the process so much easier for me. My colleagues have told me also that it has made it easier for them to. It allows for proofs not to be lost on an email and there all in one place and the variety of tools my colleagues can use to comment has helped them out alot in order to tell me exactly what they want.

There is rarely an instant I don't use Ziflow I suppose the only time I don't use it is when I'm doing quick social assets and I send them on a team chat instead and its not really worth stilling a proof but everything else goes into Ziflow.