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12 Ratings
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It's tough for restaurants, as it is difficult to get the names, phone, and email of customers to send a review.

Perfect for the service industry, events, entertainment, places to visit on vacation and products. - especially if it's automated. Who's going to pick a plumber with a 2.0 or 3.0 Google rating? It's not an option in the service industry as your customers are now your marketing source, like it or not.

Tough for Doctors, Dentist, Medical Professionals as well, unless you use an API and get it automated, and most re-sellers don't want to deal with the cost associated with an API.


  • Their Support Team is beyond amazing. Very Knowledgeable, they know the product inside and out, they respond immediately. They don't close a support question without confirming I have everything I need!
  • They have the fastest, easiest platform that makes it just a click or two away from a review. It's not all Jammed up, no signing in with email, etc. They get right to the point.
  • Their Reporting is Top-Notch. In the click of a button I can tell a client exactly how many reviews have come in via the BirdEye Platform for each Review Site. I can tell my clients their conversion ratio or they can log in 24/7 as well.


  • It seems like customer service is now being handled overseas and has not been as helpful as in the past.

Alternatives Considered

BirdEye has better features and is more suited to our business model. Specifically, the "review roll-up" from loan officer to branch profile was a big influencer of us choosing to go with BirdEye. It is reasonably priced for the features that it offers. I don't have experience with the customer support of other products, but it would be tough for them to beat the level of attentiveness and communication we receive from our rep.

Return on Investment

  • Efficiency is huge!
  • It's saved a ton of time in regards to managing customer feedback and allowing us to better utilize this feedback.
  • There have been zero negative impacts.

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