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Kissmetric is well suited for people that feel that they are not seeing the right kind of data from Google Analytics. If you have ever looked a Google Analytics report and said "I wish I knew what the 10 people that read this case study did before, after and even a week from now on my website", then Kissmetrics is for you and will help you answer those questions.On the other hand--if you have no technical expertise or knowledge of viewing data, then Kissmetrics may prove a bit difficult for you to set up and manage.
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  • Understanding when, in any particular visit, a given visitor gives up on a goal in your application is already a difficult problem. Having solved it, you're still left with the problem that most visits will then read as failures to complete a transaction (in the e-commerce sense, which was our implementation), because you cannot reliably identify the visitor across visits, and if you could, the effort you'd expend to track their performance in even one funnel would be significant--let alone the paths you don't yet know your customers are taking. KISSmetrics handles all that--basic funnel tracking, matching users across visits, dynamic funnels. They allowed us to reduce the effort of tracking funnels to the bare minimum--a single pixel throughout the site--and extract signal from the noise over time in their application.
  • Once you've adopted those tools and become accustomed to reading the results, adding A/B testing and seeing nearly instant results (for in-page variable text and images, at least) can be accomplished in less than thirty minutes.
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  • The cost is really not affordable for a small business or startup, but if you can budget it, the data is invaluable.
  • No graphical outputs-- it would be nice to have graphs for those clients that are more visual.
  • Bit of a learning curve if you're not already familiar with data it provides and how to use it.
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Likelihood to Renew

Based on 27 answers
With the investment we've put in and the insight we get out of it, there's no point to try a different product.
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Based on 6 answers
For such a complicated feature set, the tool is surprisingly usable. That said, at the edges of its functionality, there is a measurable learning curve.
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Reliability and Availability

Based on 6 answers
We have seen no downtime yet
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Based on 6 answers
We have had no problems yet, though we are currently sending very small amounts of data
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Based on 9 answers
Our front-line product support person (Mika) is great. She is responsive and great to work with.

However, the data accuracy issue described earlier is the reason for the low score here. This issue was escalated from front-line to support to level 2 technical support and then it disappeared into a black hole. Escalations, in general, do not go well. We get no response for days, or I have to chase things down. This is not acceptable. Marketing metrics are critically important to me and I need answers quickly. I cannot afford to wait around for days / weeks for a response.

Just to be clear, these comments only apply to escalated support issues.
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In-Person Training

Based on 1 answer
Again, we were fortunate to work with KISSmetrics as they built their application, but Hiten, their CEO and founder, was incredibly helpful to me personally, and to our metrics-driven business as a whole, as we adopted their tool.
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Online Training

Based on 3 answers
The online documentation is clear, prominent, and up-to-date. I required almost no hand-holding for the adoption of any of their tools as they were released.
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Based on 7 answers
This is a self-service product, so procurement and billing are extremely simple. The system is also pay-as-you-go, so there are no surprises when, for example, you exceed the number of allowed transactions and the system is inaccessible. until you pay more. Setup was extremely easy and the whole process was hassle-free.
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Alternatives Considered

Kissmetrics fills a very specific marketing void for our organization; however, we find it more useful when it is integrated with our other data solutions. For many organizations Kissmetrics won't be the only data analysis tool since it doesn't do everything great; however, for the purposes of user behavior, it provides good insights
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Return on Investment

  • Better and more realistic insights/ validation into product development and feature adoption
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What are Monthly Tracked People? Monthly Tracked People are unique visitors that engage in an Event on your website or with your product, that gets tracked by you in Kissmetrics. Monthly Tracked People can be anonymous or identified.