Need to know what your site visitors are doing today, tomorrow and next week.... Look no further than Kissmetrics!
January 08, 2019

Need to know what your site visitors are doing today, tomorrow and next week.... Look no further than Kissmetrics!

Aaron Treguboff | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Kissmetrics

I personally vetted and researched different analytics platforms two years ago. I realized that I had no idea if our blog content or social content was delivering top of the funnel leads and most importantly demos. After careful research and testing, I found that Kissmetrics is able to answer these questions and more! Currently, Kissmetrics is utilized by the marketing team, executive team and member success--with other departments researching the best way they can also use the data that Kissmetrics provides!

It would be hard to list all the ways we currently use Kissmetrics and how it has revolutionized our marketing efforts--but a small taste of what we the platform for is:
  • Tracking leads and demos from content and social media (this works perfect and has allowed us to nimbly change content strategies and social posts to hit on topics that provide the best return.
  • Tracking how event leads interact with our website after an event (this is something that I came up with and surprised even our Kissmetrics account rep).
  • Track account-based marketing leads and sees if our offline efforts get them to our website.
  • Track website popup performance.
And TONS more! We can't imagine starting any campaign without Kissmetrics now--it is what essential to our marketing efforts!
  • Track desktop and mobile sessions for a single user.
  • Provide high-level detail on how different user-defined funnels are performing.
  • Ease of install--seriously, most people can easily install the tracking code themselves and have this running in minutes.
  • Installing.... yes this is also a negative. While you can install and have the program running in minutes, if you use Unbounce, the form tracking process is quite complicated!
  • Updates... I feel like the product updates have slowed a lot lately. Thankfully, the product functionality is so amazing that it hasn't impeded the use of it. However, it is still disappointing to see less frequent software updates.
  • Occasionally clunky UI... there are a few reports that are really easy to mess up and leave you scratching your head on why it isn't showing you any data.
  • We have used Kissmetrics to accurately track social campaigns, Google Ads and more. Being able to know if blog A or B brings in more leads is extremely valuable to our organization.
  • We use Kissmetrics to track how users land on a landing page, bounce off the page without a form field but then fill out a demo form on our website. (This has helped us to track Adwords spending and actual demos created from a Google Ad's campaign).
It has been a while since I demoed Heap and Optimizely but the main points that stick out in my head are that Kissmetrics had more transparent and cheaper pricing. Kissmetrics offered all the same functionality, and at least from my personal experience, the staff at Kissmetrics was easier to work with and nicer to interact with.
Kissmetric is well suited for people that feel that they are not seeing the right kind of data from Google Analytics. If you have ever looked a Google Analytics report and said "I wish I knew what the 10 people that read this case study did before, after and even a week from now on my website", then Kissmetrics is for you and will help you answer those questions.

On the other hand--if you have no technical expertise or knowledge of viewing data, then Kissmetrics may prove a bit difficult for you to set up and manage.

Kissmetrics Support

Everytime that I've needed or contacted support, I've received a quick response and timely help! There was even a major issue we had with connecting Unbounce into Kissmetrics. They brought in multiple people and worked with us for hours to make sure we could figure out the issue and get everything running! I have no complaints about the support team!
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