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This tool is really robust. It is great for mid to large companies with a marketing budget. This is not going to be friendly for bootstrapped small businesses or startup. They really need to change that, because who better to use this tool than a startup to determine their messaging through testing? This is a fundamentally awesome tool for A/B testing messages and for personalization. Also, determining if a feature that you are purchasing is a good feature for your customers or a bad one. Overall, I would give Optimzely a B+/A-. I really want this for my small clients. It kicks ass.
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  • Their User Interface is so easy to use. You don't have to be a coder to set up a test. It's simply amazing.
  • Their support is by far the best I've ever experienced. They always pick up the phone right away and are so helpful to answer your questions and to also give suggestions on better ways to do your tests.
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  • I'm often frustrated with how hard it is to monitor results from my phone. I wish there was a mobile optimized version of the results section. I'm often travelling on the weekends and need to check on our tests via my phone. It can be done, but it's a very sub-optimal experience.
  • I wish I could see the results of all my active tests on a single dashboard. Currently you have to drill into each experiment individually. Since I sometimes have as many as 10-15 experiments running, a good part of my day is spent monitoring a ton of open tabs for each test.
  • Just nitpicking, but it would be nice to be able to reorder your experiment's goals without having to exit editing mode and return to the main projects page.
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Likelihood to Renew

Based on 43 answers
Because it's an incredible and essential tool for my line of work as a conversion optimization specialist. Really couldn't do my job nearly as effectively without it. It's paid for itself many times over and I feel like I'm only beginning to unlock the tools potential.
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Based on 8 answers
It is easy to use and quickly learn. Setup is simple with the snippet and tracking is easy to interpret.
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Reliability and Availability

Based on 5 answers
Optimizely is usually up 100% of the time. When there is downtime, it is usually very brief.
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Based on 5 answers
Javascript-heavy design means page loads can be slow.
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Based on 13 answers
Their technical engineers are experts on testing and their tool, and have always answered my questions promptly and accurately.
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Based on 11 answers
It was super straight forward.I am a big fan.
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Alternatives Considered

We used Adobe's Test & Target prior to using Optimizely and our frustration with Adobe Test & Target is what directly lead to us seeking out alternatives and discovering Optimizely. Both in terms of technical support and the platform's ease of use, Optimizely was head and shoulders above Adobe Test & Target. Even when we were on the lowest level Optimizely platform and were just getting our feet wet, Optimizely's technical support was far superior to what we had with Adobe Test & Target.
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Return on Investment

  • Positive: ROI is high. We started seeing results based on A/B testing within a month and with personalization within two months.
  • Negative: While it is easy to use and implement, there is a learning curve that requires testing and some reading/video watching to full utilize the tool.
  • Negative: Our mobile performance did see a slight dip in traffic and increase in bounce rate as we encountered glitches on mobile.
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