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233 Ratings
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If you want better insight into how users are specifically interacting with a page, a different tool would be able to do this whereas Optimizely is lacking.


  • Quick and easy test setup if you've got the html/css changes ready to go.
  • Detailed analytics, providing all sorts of quality information such as totals vs uniques.
  • Support always picks up the phone right away! Great with answering your questions and often also give suggestions on better ways to test


  • I'm often frustrated with how hard it is to monitor results from my phone. I wish there was a mobile optimized version of the results section. I'm often travelling on the weekends and need to check on our tests via my phone. It can be done, but it's a very sub-optimal experience.
  • I wish I could see the results of all my active tests on a single dashboard. Currently you have to drill into each experiment individually. Since I sometimes have as many as 10-15 experiments running, a good part of my day is spent monitoring a ton of open tabs for each test.
  • Just nitpicking, but it would be nice to be able to reorder your experiment's goals without having to exit editing mode and return to the main projects page.

Likelihood to Renew

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There's no question we'll continue with the tool. The ROI is too good. We've already embedded it recently into a new customized eCommerce platform we launched. The design of it had Optimizely in mind and is one of the technologies we won't continue without.I'm also confident future refinements of the tool / extended functionality will address some of the minor headaches for the complex testing we wish to do. I am certain of this given the number of iterations I've seen since starting with the tool.It's definitely one of the top three technologies we're using on a daily basis and that says a lot, as we never could test before.


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It's overall great and easy to use. I think I don't rate it a 10 because I'm actually TOO technical... because its meant for a broad audience, I think I'm looking at the UI differently than someone with less technical expertise. It's to0 layman in some cases, but yet can also be confusing when dealing with their proprietary Optimizely programming language.

Reliability and Availability

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Web interface is nearly always available. Javascript snippet (which actually runs the test) is distributed on a CDN for near-constant availability.


Based on 5 answers
We have had some issues with screen flicker when loading experiment content. We had to dial back some of the creative changes to load smaller files.


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When I had question, I got a quick response with a solution


Based on 11 answers
Optimizely offers configuration options for different website setups - be sure to use a snippet that is consistent with your website design. For example, the Optimizely snippet can include full or trimmed copies of the jQuery Javascript library (which it needs to function), but this doesn't need to be enabled if you already have jQuery on your website.

Alternatives Considered

It does test way better and it is a lot easier to use for this specific purpose.

Return on Investment

  • Testing has helped us increase conversion rates substantially and Optimizely has made that process a lot easier.

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