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Honestly I think Optimizely works for any company - all industries/business types.
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  • The best thing about Optimizely is how quick and easy it is to use. With one line of JavaScript, you are able to install Optimizely on your website and start testing.
  • Design and dev work is no longer a bottleneck to start testing. Simply open up the Optimizely dashboard and use their WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get) to start changing content. If you are lucky enough to have design and dev resources, then you can simply create a redirect test that points to your new design.
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  • Optimizely does not support the use of alternative algorithms for judging experiment winners such as those of the "bandit" and "adaptive" nature. I can only imagine that doing this would be highly complex, but the ability to select different algorithms could be killer and a true differentiator. I know of no other optimization software vendor that provides algorithmic choices for judging experiment performance.
  • Optimizely is not yet able to ingest and segment off of more advanced and / or custom data sources such as your own CRM data, weather and census data, data from re-targeters like BlueKai, and other fancy data sets that some of the other major players have. There are ways to build work arounds via their segment API and custom targeting variables, but it would be nice if more advanced, pre-built segmentation conditions were included in the product.
  • The integration with Google Analytics, while extremely easy to set-up, leaves a bit to be desired. Its dependent on Custom Variable slots of which you only get 5 if you are not GA Premium (most aren't), and it does things with visitor scope that make repeat visit conversion tracking challenging to do over the course of an experiment without custom Google Analytics JS code to manually set GA visitor scope. That said, there are also work arounds for this as well.
  • There's no experiment version control. You'll often find yourself having to hard refresh while editing variations within an experiment without saving to revert your changes. Not the end of the world because there is this and other work arounds, but it's a nice to have. Again, it's important to point out that few have others have this capability.
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Likelihood to Renew

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It's proven as the most used tool by the marketing people compared to the others we've tried.
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Extremely low learning curve. Easy to get started with, but offers lots of features to power users.
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Reliability and Availability

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Web interface is nearly always available. Javascript snippet (which actually runs the test) is distributed on a CDN for near-constant availability.
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Javascript-heavy design means page loads can be slow.
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Based on 13 answers
Questions are generally answered promptly and accurately.
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It was super straight forward.I am a big fan.
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Alternatives Considered

It does test way better and it is a lot easier to use for this specific purpose.
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Return on Investment

  • We optimized our CTA buttons and saw around 10-15% increase in signups.
  • From negative ones - the website loading started to take longer
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