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39 Ratings
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Workato is brilliant to make separate applications work together without much effort or specialists being needed. When specific events on software A should trigger actions on B (or more) and you want that to happen without any development or big budgets, that's where Workato comes into play. It's a great help if you want tasks automated, communications flowing and data synced between different applications.
Carlos Santos | TrustRadius Reviewer

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Cloud Data Integration

Pre-built connectors
Connector modification
Support for real-time and batch integration
Data quality services
Data security features
Monitoring console



  • The Workato product interface is brilliantly thought through and designed. The learning curve for first timers is easy enough to get started and build useful things, and Workato really shines in their ability to handle complex triggers and interactions. Workato allows people to build software apps so much faster than by coding each functionality.
  • Workato has fantastic documentation, making things accessible without any holes in the product. The product just works, never has any bugs, never lags, and just generally allows us to see and change exactly what we need to.
  • Workato has an absolutely amazing support team. We tried the free version for a while, then realized it was the single most important software tool we have, and we upgraded. The support at the paid tier is A+, seriously the best from any company we've worked with. Feels more like a good friend then a support rep.
Mike Townsend | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • Customer support - responsive, but often not equipped to help efficiently identify root cause of issue. Need to improve escalation to technical resources and turnaround time
  • Recipe organization and sharing. Can be challenging to copy recipes, or grab recipes from publicly available site. There are often dependencies and errors that have vague descriptions.
Peter Rifken | TrustRadius Reviewer



Workato 9.1
Based on 2 answers
User- friendly.
Manolo Agustin | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating


Workato 8.8
Based on 10 answers
They employ an extremely knowledgeable team of problem solvers. I've never had a disappointing interaction or one that has left me still searching for answers. I know that when I ask for help, they'll partner with me until we find a solution together
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered


We already used Zapier, but since it doesn't support NetSuite we had to choose another automation platform. Now that we've been using Workato for a few months, we have plans to move the stuff we're going through Zapier to Workato.We set up a trial account with all the other platforms, and they were all more expensive and A LOT more complicated than Workato.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment


  • As business consultants, Workato has greatly improved our offerings to our clients as well as improved the time frame to implement automated workflows and integrations.
  • For our clients, the return on investment is almost immediate. Once a Workato recipe is up and running (which can be done very fast), data is integrating, duplicate data entry and user errors are eliminated, and cross-company KPI metrics are easier to report than ever.
Rama Davis | TrustRadius Reviewer

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