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Score 9 out of 10
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We use SNS to send notifications across services to communicate with each other. We use SNS across all the departments which are consuming AWS. We solve multiple problems through SNS as mentioned below:
  1. To notify the stack holder when build and deployment is completed.
  2. To check and report environment health.
  3. Call consumers when all async producers finish their jobs.
  4. To send Push notifications.
  • It is extremely easy and powerful service to send message across different Amazon services. To create the topic, subscriber and post notification is just natural. It requires almost zero learning curve.
  • It is a managed services. So there is no need to worry about scaling. It can work with extreme heavy volume easily without taking any special care.
  • It allows 256KB for published notification. Also this is divided into 4 chunks of 64 KB. Each 64KB chunk is considered as 1 request and full payload with 256KN is considered as 4 requests. This keeps your bill lower.
  • It does not have sufficient debug options. The only way is to subscribe for email to receive errors.
  • It is difficult to format email. To support dynamic formatting, developer needs to write extra code which can be simplified.
When your entire infrastructure is part of Amazon ecosystem, this service will act as a common thread for communication. It provides simple pubsub way to make sure real time notification. It is extremely easy to send notifications via SMS, email and Push Notifications. When async processes are running and you want to notify some other services, this service becomes first choice by default.
The only scenario where SNS is little less appropriate is heavy data volume. Sometimes you may get delayed notification.
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Score 9 out of 10
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It is used within our team(Mobile/Iot Development) to notify us developers in case anything within our AWS account needs attention. The primary target of most of our notifications is an email to the developers, whereas sometimes we do trigger Lambda functions using SNS.
  • Multiple mediums for notifications like email, HTTP, Lambda etc
  • Easy to set up the pub sub model
  • Debugging is difficult
It is best suited for sending notifications based on events in the AWS realm. It can be used to alert the developers in case of undesirable activity as well as be used as a medium for sending notifications to production applications
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Score 8 out of 10
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The engineering and data teams at my organization use Amazon SNS for two purposes. The first is to create simple notifications for non-emergency alerts. It is easy to configure a CloudWatch alarm, create an SNS topic, and subscribe some email addresses to the topic. The second purpose is to use topics and pub/sub messaging to decouple micro-services. AWS Lambda has an SNS trigger; it is easy to build functions and invoke them when events are published.
  • The AWS Lambda SNS trigger is great. Subscribing multiple Lambda functions to an SNS topic is a nice way to decouple features.
  • SNS is fully-managed. Our team is too small to manage our own pub/sub infrastructure.
  • Subscribing email endpoints to SNS topics and integrating topics with CloudWatch alerts is very easy; we create more non-emergency notifications than we would without SNS.
  • The SNS Console has not been updated in a long time, and it was confusing to begin with.
  • Testing systems that use SNS end-to-end can be tricky; LocalStack somewhat ameliorates this problem.
  • Debugging is difficult.
Amazon SNS is great for at least two use-cases: building cheap, non-emergency alerts, and decoupling services with pub/sub messaging. SNS is great for creating email notifications in minutes for alerts that are not worthy of PagerDuty. Subscribing multiple AWS Lambda functions to a topic is a great way to decouple features.
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May 13, 2019

Really simple

Score 9 out of 10
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Almost on all projects where we use AWS services, we use Amazon SNS. It helps us to respond faster for some APIs, or for processes that do not need to be asynchronous.
  • Easy to integrate with other AWS solutions.
  • Relatively easy setup.
  • Better UI design.
On our project, Vacation Tracker, we have Webhook from Stripe, which calls AWS Lambda and needs us to respond in 10 seconds. If we need to create a PDF Invoice, we need more than 10 seconds. In this case, we use Amazon SNS to call another Lambda, which creates a PDF invoice. This SNS response is very fast and we can respond to Stripe in 10 seconds.
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Dylan Cauwels profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Amazon SNS is an incredibly useful service. In my previous organizations, we used it as an easy way to get a notification service set up with our users without having to manage any servers or additional resources. The messages are incredibly inexpensive and cost close to nothing. I only know that it was being used in my sector for sure, however, I am confident that it was being used all across the organization as well. It was the only available service that could solve our email/SMS notification needs with available scaling, cost savings, and ease of use for our employees and customers.
  • Super simple setup and deployment. You can have a new service set up within minutes and in a serverless environment as well
  • Well documented and incredibly easy to use. There are available APIs in almost every relevant language and are all well documented by AWS. Getting any team up to date on their new Notification architecture shouldn't take longer than a day.
  • Being managed by AWS themselves makes the service highly available in every possible way. Your SNS deployment is almost guaranteed to never go down without you ever lifting a finger to make it so.
  • The AWS website UI could use some definite improvement. The website itself is very clunky and hard to navigate and always seems to have the wrong information in the wrong places. It is a monstrous task trying to make a website as complicated as AWS look simple and easy to navigate but even with some minor improvements it would become much more user and beginner friendly.
  • Troubleshooting can be very difficult when encountering an issue with SNS and often many AWS services. By having all of your infrastructure in the cloud, it makes troubleshooting networking problems quite complicated. On top of this, aws provides little return information when a message fails to send, leaving a lot of guesswork to be done on your part to fix the issue.
It is well suited for generic push notification requirements. It can be quickly created and modified to best suit your application at any given moment. However for any notification service that needs to be highly customizable for a specific deployment should be implemented through a competing or custom built service run on company servers.
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Score 6 out of 10
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Amazon SNS is being used by my organization for all push notification services for both iOS and Android. We have been using it for all marketing-related push notifications as well as trigger-based push notifications in order to inform our users of promotions we're running or information about their upcoming bus trip they have planned.
  • Allows you to send test push notification messages from console easily
  • Straightforward integration into the codebase
  • Easy integration/easy to maintain if already part of AWS ecosystem
  • Testing on different environments was a challenge to setup. Unclear how it's really supposed to work.
  • Mobile device tokens get disabled easily during testing making the push notification testing process fail silently.
  • SMS Delivery setup procedures not as straightforward.
If you and your team are adamant about having a product that lives under the Amazon Web Service umbrella, I can see how SNS would be a good choice for you. However, I do feel that post-integration, there was some regret due to the complexity we were experiencing during testing. We would have been better suited long-term going with a different product.
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About Amazon SNS

Amazon Web Services offers the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) which provides pub/sub messaging and push notifications to iOS and Android devices. It is meant to operate in a microservices architecture and which can support event-driven contingencies and support the decoupling of applications.

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