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Award Force

Award Force


What is Award Force?

Award Force is an award, grant application, and submission platform from the Australian company of the same name featuring granular roles and permissions to for entry and review, control of judgment process, and other features.

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Award Force is a versatile platform that has proven to be invaluable for managing awards programs, grants, and call-for-papers. Users have …
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Product Details

What is Award Force?

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Award Force is award-winning cloud software for organisers of awards, contests, employee recognition, art prizes and pitch competitions to manage the entry, judging and awarding of results, online.

Award Force Technical Details

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Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Award Force is a versatile platform that has proven to be invaluable for managing awards programs, grants, and call-for-papers. Users have praised the software for greatly easing the award acceptance process by streamlining tasks such as parsing PDFs for judges and tracking voting. The time saved by using Award Force compared to manually collecting materials from entrants has been particularly noteworthy. In addition, the platform allows judges and entrants to make amendments to submissions until the deadline without creating any additional work. This user-friendly and reliable platform has been highly regarded for its ability to easily scale as programs grow, making it a one-stop solution for managing judging entries.

Another major benefit of Award Force is its capability to facilitate smooth management of grants and enable remote collaboration. Users have noted that it significantly reduces administrative work and justifies its cost with the time saved. Additionally, Award Force helps organize submission information for website display, freeing up valuable time spent on administrative tasks. Customers have had positive experiences with Award Force's customer service, describing them as supportive and efficient.

The software features a simple dashboard that is easy to navigate for both users and administrators. Its intuitive interface allows for professional engagement with stakeholders and makes it suitable for managing multiple projects. Award Force automates document management, saving time and preventing errors in the process. Not only has it simplified the submission and review process of awards programs, but it also provides easy access to records, making it highly regarded among users.

Furthermore, Award Force has been widely used in conference call-for-papers scenarios, receiving positive feedback from users regarding its support in this area. Users have found the insights and data provided by Award Force to be valuable, though they expressed an interest in an expanded user dashboard. The platform not only saves time in filing award submissions but also assists in finding winners across different categories. Users have also mentioned that using the Pro version of Award Force would enhance their experience with easier management.

Overall, the platform has improved the experience for both applicants and judges, resulting in increased participation in awards programs. It provides valuable data on various aspects of the awards process, including entry numbers, locations, and payments. Award Force's comprehensive nature allows the entire awards process to be efficiently executed in one place, making it an indispensable tool for organizations managing competitive programs.

Users recommend reaching out to the sales team for a demo and discussing business use cases when considering Award Force as their awards platform. This will help in understanding the platform's capabilities and suitability for their organization.

Another common recommendation is to plan out your needs and follow the set-up guide provided by Award Force. This ensures an easy and smooth experience with the platform, especially for those working in nuanced and complex fields.

Users also highly recommend taking advantage of the demo and trial options offered by Award Force. They believe that trying out the platform firsthand will help in understanding its user-friendly interface, judging features, and levels, ultimately saving time and providing a positive experience for entrants and judges.


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Kaveen Eashwarage | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The cumbersome award application process as well as the following judging process has added so much value to our organization and smoothen our award operations. Award program setting up has been never easy like this. We can easily review and run the nomination reports now. Streamline our Award process via AF has been a lifesaver.
  • Ability to evaluate the applications within the app by judges.
  • Can create my questionnaires and categorize them automatically.
  • Assign judges easily
  • Provide help to the submissions.
  • Provide a smooth learning curve for the new users (As judges differ always)
  • Emails sent from the software lands in Spam sometimes
  • The product tends to lag if we are running many tasks at once.
  • Limited in-app reporting view.
When we run a series of award program with different set of judges in rounds, we have had the best use of AF. It is highly competent in processing the applications specially as our number of applicants are over 2000. Therefore, we have been able to streamline the entire award process and reduce the margin of error and very transparent and efficient judging criterias implemented.
  • Pre-configured award setups.
  • Assign custom judges based on the award program
  • Capacity to re-submit incomplete applications.
  • Huge cost saving on paper usage. Cost reduction almost by 90%
  • Transparency in judging process.
  • Time to judge and evaluate the programs gone down by 60%.
The customer support team was outstanding in AF. They were very attentive and on point in our requirements. Also the pricing was very affordable. We had few recommendations from existing users who were already in our business market.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Award Force allows us to broadcast emails across a specific group of people, allows us to track all the submissions and a great way to interact between applicants and judges. The product is comprehensive and this helps in tracking and indulging investors and startup applications. The support team is very helpful in any issues we face. Their product knowledge is impressive and this helps us in less downtime and more productivity.
  • User friendly User Interface
  • Data Protection
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Extra details are missing in fact sheets.
  • As a first time user, setup is time consuming and need help from support regularly.
  • Apart from this I have not encountered any downside with Award Force till now.
Award Force integrates API and SSO integration which is a plus and the dashboard and reporting is very intuitive. Good sense of security, prevention of spam and data protection, these features are what an organization looks for and Award Force seamlessly provides them. The capability to broadcast the emails and do so by the status of the submission.
  • Integrating awards with other vast applications.
  • API and SSO integration.
  • Assessment Management.
  • Immense forward increase in ROI.
  • Increase in participation and hence more productivity.
  • No dependency on separate vendors for different features and cutting cost.
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