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Submittable offers tools to launch, measure, and grow social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, Submittable partners with users to make a difference. The vendor states Submittable has supported over 95,000 social impact…

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Submittable offers tools to launch, measure, and grow social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, Submittable partners with users to make a difference. The vendor states Submittable has supported over 95,000 social impact…

SurveyMonkey Apply

SurveyMonkey Apply (formerly FluidReview) is designed to track grant and scholarship applications and emphasizes the organization of applications and tools to support their careful review, as well as a customizable workflow to ease the work of applicants, and a customizable dashboard…


Evalato helps users streamline their awards programs and grow their success. It’s a cloud-based solution for award managers, program managers and any professional who organizes awards, competitions, nominations, prizes, powerlists, and other programs. Evalato is designed to help…

Blackbaud Award Management

Blackbaud Award Management is a solution that aims to transform institutions' student awards programs and revolutionize donor stewardship practices. Built for higher education institutions of all types and sizes, this cloud-based solution is designed to serve as a catalyst to improve…

WizeHive Zengine

Wizehive offers Zengine, a cloud-based submission management platform for grants, awards, scholarships and other kinds of awards ands applications. Zengine can be used to track customers, job candidates, projects or more and replaces paper processes, outgrown spreadsheets, or generic…

Award Force

Award Force is an award, grant application, and submission platform from the Australian company of the same name featuring granular roles and permissions to for entry and review, control of judgment process, and other features.


OpenWater headquartered in Arlington offers their awards management and submissions software, supporting contests, academic scholarships and grant submissions, call for papers (cfps) and abstract submission, award submissions, fellowships, and related processes.


Amazon are available through Awardco for rewards and recognition. Awardco has partnered with Amazon Business to bring millions of reward choices, lower vendor fees and dollar-for-dollar recognition spend to organizations. The vendor boasts more choice, more capability, and less spend,…


SmarterSelect creates, manages, analyzes and evaluates online applications for the private and public sector. This application management system is designed for scholarships, grants and awards. SmartSelect, chosen by over 1,500,000 users for over 40,000 programs, was started in…


Reviewr headquartered in Lincoln offers a submission management system for competitions and contests, awards, calls for entry, and other events.

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Untap Compete is an award management platform which enables open and collaborative innovation in developing countries. Untap Technologies develops competition management systems and collaborative innovation software.

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AwardStage is an, online awards management system, aimed at making life simpler for awards managers, entrants, and judges.

Awards Network

Vision Media
0 reviews

Vision Media is a secure screening platform for entertainment. Vision Media provides screening rooms for high-value content, and awards expertise to help entertainment leaders garner attention for their titles. With 36+ years experience in the entertainment industry, Vision Media…

Foundant Scholarship Lifecycle Manager

Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM) is designed to organize, manage, and streamline the scholarship workflow in a cloud-based solution. It features unlimited users, including applicants, reviewers, administrators, and third parties can access the system anytime, anywhere.

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Judgify is a contest, abstract, and submission management application from GlobalSign.In.

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Zealous was built to streamline the process of collecting, reviewing and selecting candidates online. The vendor states their platform has been used to simplify awards, competitions, residencies, exhibitions, grants, public commissions and creative jobs. Created specifically for…

CommunityForce Scholars United

CommunityForce Scholarship Management (Scholars United), is a scholarship management platform designed to help universities, colleges and corporations manage their entire scholarship application lifecycle in one centralized solution.

CommunityForce Grants United

CommunityForce in Virginia offers Grants United, a cloud-based grants management application provided to help search and apply for grants, with features to simplify and manage the application process, with tools available to to provide outcome measurement, review and guide the approvals…

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InfoReady is submission and award management software for higher education that centralizes and consolidates form building, application and document collection, routing, review, notification and reporting into a single web-based platform. Its built-in workflow tools allow administrators…

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Kaleidoscope is a cloud-based platform that enables organizations to fund, design, administer, and host beautifully branded scholarship and grant programs. The platform uses leading technologies to deliver an end-to-end solution organizations.

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AwardSpring is an award management platform providing an online, configurable solution that is easy to use and enhances productivity, decision-making, and donor satisfaction. By streamlining thousands of applications and scoring results into one intuitive view, administrators make…

Acclaim Awards (aka AcclaimWorks)

AcclaimAwards is an awards management platform from AcclaimWorks . AcclaimAwards partners with agencies, corporations, publishers, governmental organizations, trade associations, and association management companies around the world to deliver their awards.

Learn More About Awards Management Software

What is Awards Management Software

Awards management software manages the awards process for scholarships, grants, and employee recognition awards. Products offer features that can build any type of rewards programs, such as those for artistic and programming competitions or chamber of commerce business awards.

It provides a centralized platform for the submission, review, judging, awarding, communication, and reporting of scholarship and grant applications. The software matches student data with corresponding scholarship opportunities.

Awards management software customizes employee awards to align with a company’s goals and to match an organization’s culture and branding. It supports a variety of award options, points, travel, gift cards, event tickets, and swag.

Businesses, schools, and non-profits use awards management software to streamline the awards process, save time, reduce errors, and find the most qualified applicants or employees.

Awards Management Software overlaps with Submission Management Software, Scholarship Management Software, Grant Management Software, and Employee Recognition Software.

Awards management software benefits:

  • Automate the application process
  • Streamline the review and granting of awards
  • Save time
  • Reduce errors
  • Find the most qualified applicants
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve engagement and performance

Awards Management Software Features

Awards management software includes these features:

  • Applicant management
    • Applicant portal
    • Submission with customized forms for scholarship, fellowship, and grant applications
    • Matching of applicants to opportunities
  • Data integration with student or employee data
  • Interview management
  • Review management
    • Reviewer assignments
    • Collaboration
  • Judging
    • Supports blind judging
    • Facilitates application comparisons
    • Determines award eligibility
    • Scoring
  • Awarding of scholarships, fellowships, grants, and employee recognition awards
  • Communicating and reporting of awards
  • Awards catalog supporting a variety of awards
  • White label customization to reflect company culture and brand

Awards Management Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing awards management software:

Use Case: Awards management software can serve a variety of purposes. Some products are best suited for specific uses such as scholarship and grant awards or employee recognition awards. Other products are generic, and their tools can build any type of rewards program.

Pricing Information

Pricing depends on the offered features, the number of supported scholarships or grants, or the number of installations. The cost can range from $100 a month to over $1,000 a month for employee awards management software. Basic scholarship and grant awards management software pricing starts at $100 per scholarship, going up to over $200 a month for products with more comprehensive features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does awards management software do?

Awards management software manages end-to-end submission, review, judging, awarding, and reporting processes for scholarship and grant applications or employee recognition awards. Products can be used to build any type of rewards program.

What are the benefits of using awards management software?

Awards management software streamlines the application process, identifies the most qualified candidates, and expedites the review and granting of awards. Employee recognition awards software contributes to reducing employee turnover and enhancing employee performance.

What are the best awards management software products?

How much does awards management software cost?

Pricing depends on the offered features, the number of supported scholarships or grants, or the number of installations. Monthly pricing can range from $100 to over $1,000. Scholarship and grant pricing can range from $100 to over $200 per award.