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Calyx Point

Calyx Point


What is Calyx Point?

Calyx Software offers Point for mortgage officers, software supporting the loan lifecycle from prequalification to processing.

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Calyx Point has been widely used in the mortgage industry for various purposes. Users have found the software to be user-friendly and …
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What is Calyx Point?

Calyx Point Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Calyx Point has been widely used in the mortgage industry for various purposes. Users have found the software to be user-friendly and helpful for mortgage origination and processing. It allows mortgage brokers, bankers, originators, and processors to generate reports and customize options according to their specific needs. The software's ability to create 3.2 files and transfer files to lenders via the MISMO 3.4 file standard has been particularly useful for ensuring seamless communication and data exchange within the industry.

Despite some negative experiences with botched updates and lack of customer support, Calyx Point has been a satisfactory tool for many years. However, recent glitches and poor service have caused frustration among some users. Despite these issues, Calyx Point is still considered a comprehensive application that makes the job of team managers easier. This software continues to be recommended by some users in the mortgage industry, although caution is advised due to potential problems with updates and customer support.

Easy to use: Many users have found the software easy to navigate and praised its user-friendly interface. It has a low learning curve, making it accessible even for those new to the mortgage field.

Basic data entry: Some reviewers appreciated that the software offers basic data entry features, which makes it simple to train other employees for data input. This feature helps streamline the workflow and ensures accurate information entry.

Integration and connectivity: Several users mentioned that Calyx Point integrates well with various agencies and vendors in the mortgage industry. They appreciate the seamless connectivity, which allows them to easily access necessary information and collaborate with different stakeholders.

Lack of Web-based Functionality: Many users have expressed frustration with the Loan origination system not being web-based, as it hinders multiple people from accessing the software simultaneously and makes updates unclear. Some users have also found it necessary to trick the system for correct reading.

Poor Customer Service: Numerous reviewers have had negative experiences with customer service, citing unhelpful and ineffective support in resolving issues. Users feel that their time is disregarded and express frustration with glitches and outdated functionalities.

Difficulties with Tech Support: Users have struggled to reach tech support after the URLA roll-out, experiencing long wait times and receiving little response. They criticize poor design and labeling of the software, as well as its lack of functionality.


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Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Primary loan origination software to develop loan applications in order to submit to lenders.
  • I can’t say
  • I don’t have any examples
  • The suite is a constant thorn in my side
  • Interface is cumbersome.
  • Input sections do not self populate in other parts of the application
  • Never clear whether I’m connected to our server
I don’t have any. I’m forced to use this product by my broker.
  • Only way to do my job
  • Connectivity to brokers server
  • That’s it
  • The learning curve to proficiency is steep
  • My goals of developing a smooth workflow [are] hindered by the lack of Point’s intuitiveness
December 03, 2021

Calyx misses the Point...

Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Calyx Point as our loan origination software to capture client data, structure mortgages, and transfer the files to lenders via the new MISMO 3.4 file standard. I personally use it to initiate loans, create scenarios for myself and other loan officers. I also use Point to help other loan officers with their files and troubleshoot.
  • Simple interface
  • Connects well with agencies, vendors
  • Provides reports for tracking activity
  • Marketing tools
  • There is lots of room for improvement as there have been many bugs in the implementation of the new format. Responsiveness to customer needs was inexcusably slow for a change that was years in the planning.
  • Many of the calculations seem inconsistent on Fees Worksheet and other pages, including differences in how the information appears when printed vs onscreen.
  • The menus are not intuitive and could be much better.
  • The user interface is archaic.
  • Field links do not work correctly and take a long time to be corrected.
It gets the job done for initiating loans. I can't say anything about the marketing tools as I haven't used them but as a de facto technical support person in the company, I have helped many of the loan officers resolve issues (or inform them they are not resolvable yet). One limitation I ran into was property and loan matching. The system allows one property to be matched with multiple liabilities but not the converse. For an investor with a portfolio loan, it was not possible to show one liability relating to multiple properties. This required workarounds. The field for entering properties is very small in list form making review difficult when there are more than a few properties. The interface could be more adjustable. Overall, the program is not well-liked by the loan officers who would prefer a more modern platform, though all surely have some drawbacks. The program appears to have many functions we do not use and it would be preferred if the ones we use worked better.
  • It's already known
  • It basically works, most of the time
  • it's supposedly less expensive than other options
  • The program meets the bare minimum for originating loans but when it breaks, the impact is significant. Even a small break in generating a report with inaccurate numbers can cause loss of confidence in our business and loss of a deal.
  • The downtime caused by the extremely poor implementation of the new URLA was costly and unnecessarily painful. The company did not adequately prepare for this. Some glitches were inevitable but they had [few] resources available to address the issues they knew were coming.
  • Customer service from the company by phone takes hours and is often a wasted effort. Wasting their customer's time is costly to their businesses.
  • If I were starting a mortgage company or selecting a new LOS, I would not select Calyx.
There are several other products available that we will consider when we are able to upgrade from Calyx.
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