Loan Servicing Software

Loan Servicing Software Overview

What is Loan Servicing Software?

Loan Servicing Software automates the loan lifecycle from origination, credit decisions, payment processing and collections, to accounting and reporting. Loan servicing software vendors may support originations for mortgage, consumer, home equity and business loans.

Beside loan lifecycle management, loan servicing software may also support financial product creation and management. They provide a means to configure product parameters, rate, pricing, and responsiveness to lendee characteristics.

Loan Servicing Features & Capabilities:

Loan servicing software platforms contain the following characteristics:

  • Specialize in accommodating particular loan types (e.g. mortgage, commercial lending)

  • Credit origination, approval, credit application management

  • Customer & loan lifecycle management

  • Loan calculator, complex & irregular scenario management

  • Delinquency management in-built

  • Marketing modules or add-on

  • Lead generation, sales acceleration

  • Profitability tracking, revenue management

  • Audit trail, documentation to satisfy regulators

  • Compliant data security

Pricing Information

Loan servicing software is generally highly modular and tailored to the needs of the individual lender. This means catering to the kinds of loans’ their customers' service, and the size of the lending organization. Many potential software buyers in the lending space prefer on-premise solutions. The requirement of containing risk of data leak or maintaining regulatory compliance probably drive this preference. Therefore many vendors offer cloud-based or installed solutions with a high degree of customization.

Many lending servicing solutions rise to encompass all the needs of the lender. So they contain marketing, CRM, document storage and management, and other capabilities. For this reason, pricing varies extremely widely, and costs tend to be high. Most vendors prefer free demonstration to give potential customers a sense of what their tailored solution will cost.

Loan Servicing Products

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Encompass from Ellie Mae

Encompass from Ellie Mae is an all-in-one mortgage management solution for lenders.

S&P Capital IQ

Capital IQ is a market intelligence software solution offered by S&P Global Market Intelligence, which is the result of McGraw Hill Financial's acquisition of SNL Financial.


TValue is a loan structuring and origination software and calculation tool from TimeValue Software headquartered in Irvine. It is available as a cloud-based software or installed.

ACES (Automated Compliance and Evaluation System) Web Audit Technology

ACES Risk Management's (ARMCO) flagship product is ACES (Automated Compliance and Evaluation System) Web Audit Technology™ which enables full understanding of mortgage loan quality, how to control it and how to convey it. According to the vendor, their web-based solution includes…


LoanPro is software with features including payment solutions, data management, customer communication, and reporting. LoanPro also provides data management features such as verification tools, storage, and live amortization. LoanPro is an API-based, fully-scalable, lending solution…

Mortgage Builder Software

Mortgage Builder, a subsidiary of Constellation Mortgage Solutions, is presented as a robust and comprehensive loan servicing platform that automates key functions of loan servicing. Benefits include standard and custom reporting capabilities and web access to loan-level information…

Fiserv Mortgage Director (PCLender)

Fiserve Mortgage Director replaces easyLENDER, which was sunsetted in 2017 when Fiserv acquired PCLender. Fiserv Mortage Director, the next evolution of those products, is a loan origination system at the core of the Fiserv lending ecosystem designed to streamline lending operations…

Kabbage Platform (Radius Intelligence)

The Kabbage Platform is a lending technology providing automated underwriting, as well as ongoing data monitoring to control risk and improve performance, and instant decisioning. The Kabbage Platform is powered by the former Radius Intelligence (or Radius) SMB intelligence and…

FinnOne Neo Cloud

FinnOne Neo Cloud is an automated, workflow-based and technologically advanced lending solution designed to offer best in class loan lifecycle management capabilities combined with the power of the cloud. It enables customers to digitize and automate their processes, launch tailored…

Shaw Systems Leasing

Shaw Systems Leasing is auto lease portfolio management software to help vehicle leasing finance organizations obtain business faster and at a lower cost. According to the vendor, the software helps customers manage risk, expand customer relationships, and increase competitive advantage.…

Newgen Commercial Lending Software

Newgen Commercial Lending Solution aims to automate and streamline the lending cycle for all loan types, from prospecting and origination to under writing, disbursement and servicing. The solution is built on a business process management framework to enable credit origination, approval…

Newgen Loan Origination

Newgen Loan Origination solution aims to provide financial institutions with a ready-made solution which is domain rich and can be deployed quickly, along with the ability to enhance its capabilities through a configurable BPM framework. Capabilities include: 1.Pre-screening 2.Credit…

Sageworks ALLL

Sageworks ALLL is a solution for loan allowance and lease loss calculation and is targeted for banks and credit unions. It is designed to help streamline the reserve calculation while providing a consistent analysis that is defensible to auditors, examiners & the board. According…

Shaw Systems Creditstream

Creditstream, Shaw Systems' boarding and pipeline tracking system, aims to provide less risk and more automation. The system is designed to import a loan or lease from a source system and automatically track custom checklists and activities to all deal components including exceptions,…

Shaw Systems Retail

Shaw Systems Retail is loan servicing software for banks, credit unions, auto dealers, and finance companies. The vendor says it is an all-in-one solution for consumer lending that eliminates the need for manual processes to support retail credit functions. All aspects of retail…

The Mortgage Office

The Mortgage Office is loan servicing software from Applied Business Software in Plantation, Florida.

Nortridge Loan System

The Nortridge Loan System is a loan servicing platform from Nortridge Software in Lake Forest, California.


LenderSuite is loan servicing software from Dynamic Interface Systems in Los Angeles.

Shaw Systems Recovery

Shaw Systems RECOVERY post charge-off management software system is a fully integrated recovery accounting application. It is designed for banks, finance companies, auto dealers, credit unions, and other financial institutions. According to the vendor, the system fits every phase…

Shaw Systems Commercial

Shaw Systems Commercial is loan servicing software for banks, credit unions and finance companies. According to the vendor, the software safely manages risk and automates the complexity that comes with commercial loan servicing. The software allows users to manage commitments,…

OpenClose Lender Assist

OpenClose in Palm Beach, Florida offers Lender Assist, a loan servicing platform.

Mortgage Servicer

The Mortgage Servicer platform is offered by Financial Industry Computer Systems (FICS) in Addison, Texas.

Shaw Systems Collections

Shaw Systems Collection is a loan management software and recovery solution for banks, credit unions, auto dealers, finance companies, and financial institutions of all sizes. The solution provides tools for managing compliance with industry, regulatory, and corporate standards.…

Margill Loan Manager

Margill Loan Manager is designed to handle a number of payment scenarios. According to the vendor, this solution’s sophisticated mathematics make it the choice of governments, public and private companies, private lenders, accountants and developments agencies that service between…

CoreLogic Loan Center

Loan Center is a cloud-based SaaS loan origination system developed by CoreLogic. It is designed to automate workflows for retail and third-party lenders, with a simple visual interface and a focus on security.