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Domo Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Verified User

Pricing. It is rather expensive and I would like to have seen more flexibility. … If the price is not an issue, I can absolutely recommend

Related Quote from Verified User

other businesses like it but it just gets in the way for me. It is very expensive which often puts it on the chopping block when we are looking to cut costs … learn the system, set it up, and maintain it then it will bring massive value to your business. … Domo is on the hi…

Related Quote from Greg Alder

The cost of the software is pretty high. Not as visually appealing as other software

Related Quote from Verified User

to pay extra if they need better support. I understand their concern for cost but there are other products that don't put such binding restrictions on

Related Quote from Verified User

Expensive. Bugs. Sometimes slow. … Domo is definitely appropriate if you are a medium to large company who can afford the software, but … amount of value. It may not be as useful for smaller companies who cannot afford the software.

Related Quote from Isabella Houghton

correlate data in various organizations and platforms, which allows us to see values historically. Because of this, we can see when we send emails and when users

Related Quote from Jon Stanley

Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Positive

Related Quote from William H McCall - MBA

their store were performing. At Daltile, we are able to provide electric cost to plant controllers as soon as ERCOT publishes it intra-day, sales to a … One alert saved us $150k in one day. How is that for ROI? How do you value knowledge? You do not know what you do not know. Domo helps you learn more … technologies and Domo has been by far the…

Related Quote from Parker Howell

Domo is much more flexible than Tableau or Qlik. It's also less expensive.

Related Quote from David Hills ★

correlating data across different organization and platforms, allowing us to view values historically. For example, with Domo, we can see when we sent our emails … Domo is great when you want to see lots of values historically or see data you can see natively in a platform.…

Related Quote from Verified User

about $16k in the first quarter of 2019. A significant positive ROI in the cost savings department within the last year. There's been a negative impact of

Related Quote from Verified User

moving as a company. Visualizations in Domo are key and add some of the most value for our teams. It's important for us to have the ability to take data and … moving as a company. Visualizations in Domo are key and add some of the most value for our teams. It's important for us to have the ability to take data and … No customer support unless you pay more. It's pre…

Related Quote from Arunava Dasgupta

Reporting cost has come down drastically.

Related Quote from Lara Dunwell

results as evaluations are received. Domo is simple and intuitive to use; the value of the outputs drives my interest in continuing to engage with Domo since

Related Quote from Verified User

in Domo - the result was business re-alignment for increased productivity, cost savings and ROI. It's tough to quantify the ability to provide insights that … evaluated BI options - Domo was the winner in perceived ease of use and cost, it's held true to that.

Related Quote from Kevin Lagola

assumptions like time-frame, quantities, customer information, revenue, cost, defect types, etc in a matter of seconds. Sharing relevant charts or data

Related Quote from Lori Beckwith

to make better business decisions. On the downside, it can be somewhat expensive for small businesses and on-premise deployment isn't offered. … users in an organization. Dashboard access to non-licensed users Somewhat expensive … to make better business decisions. O…

Related Quote from Verified User

the best valued product on the market that what you get is so much beyond what you pay for. There are other powerful tools but more expensive.

Related Quote from Jon Shurtliff

more difficult to gain critical mass with. Tableau seems to be a less expensive option that does much of the same reporting, but doesn't have the online … Dashboard, it is so easy to share them with other users (including lower cost licensed users). One of the best features…

Related Quote from Gavin Scott-Miller

Price is fairly high for a small business Some of the items can be confusing for … when we where setting up our domain for the first time. Domo's onboarding fee is very steep for a small business to swallow however, so please know what

Related Quote from Verified User

to solve problems in the transporation industry with Domo, the company in charge of the data had millions of truck trips in their database. … visualization being used, so using another one might be a burden in terms of cost and making employees learn a new tool.

Related Quote from Canio Caputo ☁

or somewhere else it sort of falls on you, or adds $$$$ to your overall cost. It wasn't something I like the hassle of, so you deal with the lack of some

Related Quote from Verified User

number of BI tools out there that many companies use. Domo might be more expensive but it is very powerful and easy to use and seamlessly connects to most

Related Quote from Ainun Najib

Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation … avoiding bottleneck if otherwise centralized in a particular team. The price point for unlimited data & users (Enterprise License) was reasonable

Related Quote from Alan Strutz

easily within a single environment, improving adoption, learning curves, and value. DOMO has a great ETL tool called Magic that allows users with no SQL skills … variety of ways, using drag and drop methodologies and a simple interface. The value is immense because it means…