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10 out of 10
December 22, 2014
Three years ago we implemented Gemini internally to help consolidate and centralize IT projects tracking and management. Also, Gemini …
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As Apple continues to put a premium on storage space on its MacBooks, individuals and companies alike are pressured to purchase smaller storage options than they otherwise would have. As a result, several great Mac utilities, such as Gemini and DaisyDisk have cropped up to help users manage the smaller storage on their machines. Gemini helps users solve this problem by identifying duplicate files for users so that they can better organize their file system, while simultaneously eliminating storage-wasting duplicates.
  • File De-Duplication - Gemini does a great job of finding files that are bit-for-bit identical to each other. Typically these are caused by user replication, and Gemini sniffs them out and displays them for easy user decisions.
  • Similar Photo identification - Got a lot of similar photos, but not the exact same one? That's ok, this is a huge source of wasted space, and Gemini can deal with these too. If you're a "spray and pray" type of photographer, Gemini will help you clean up near-duplicate photos, helping you keep only the best.
  • Fast File Triage - Once Gemini has identified all these duplicates, what do you do with them? Gemini helps you triage the list of duplicates and easily decide which copies to keep. This is handy if you want to keep all files in the X folder, but not in the Y folder.
  • With the recent update to macOS Catalina, Gemini hasn't been updated yet. As a result, it requests access to each folder you want to scan for duplicates. Not ideal. It could take an approach like other apps, and ask for full-disk access through privacy settings instead.
  • Gemini could make a more robust rule system that enables you to select which file to delete based on regular expressions, for instance.
  • While Gemini helps me identify similar, though not identical photos, it's still up to me to decide which ones are the "best". Perhaps if Gemini did some machine learning on these photos, it could learn which are the best, and help you choose.
As I described in the initial use case, Mac storage is a premium, so having a tool that helps your storage stay clean is incredibly useful. Almost always, duplicates are wasted space, so Gemini is a single purpose tool that helps you identify duplicates easily for quick clean up of your Mac's hard drive. Point of fact, it'll help clean up your cloud storage space too, if you select your cloud sync folders on your machine as well!
  • Gemini keeps me productive by not having to spend time wading through my files to find what I've copied in multiple locations. It does the heavy lifting for me and lets me choose what to keep and what to trash.
  • Gemini has enabled us to purchase less expensive laptops by not needing to pay for as much storage. Once purchased, those laptops can be sustained for longer by using Gemini to keep storage space managed.
  • Gemini has also enabled us to keep our cloud storage footprint manageable, by identifying duplicates across local and cloud storage.
It's really not fair to compare Gemini to iCloud, but of the products offered, I could not find one that was a direct comparison to Gemini. What I will say is that Gemini works well in conjunction with iCloud as, without Gemini, iCloud replication across Macs would exacerbate the duplicate file problem. Instead, Gemini works to clean up duplicates in iCloud as well, eliminating duplication of files across the cloud.
I've never had any problems with the support for the Gemini application itself, but it seems every time I re-install (on a single machine), I run into a licensing issue. As a result, I need to go to the app's website and request that my activation key gets reset or resent. In either case, it's a pain, but as I have to reinstall infrequently, it's a small price to pay for an otherwise solid application.
Chani Loeb | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it to manage our bids in Yahoo for our search terms, keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns. This helps us to manage the amount that we spend on our advertising through Yahoo. It is used by the marketing department, within which I work. It helps us manage our bids in a timely and orderly fashion.
  • It's extremely easy to search for a keyword, ad group, or campaign.
  • It's extremely easy to update a bid for a keyword, ad group or campaign.
  • Both Google & Bing require you to download a program in order to edit our bids. Gemini does not.
  • Sometimes when I search for an Ad Group, duplicates appear. But when I go into the Campaign and look for the Ad Group, there is only one.
  • The line in which it says which Campaign and then Ad Group you are in should be frozen so that it would easier to select the Campaign to go back & then into a different Ad Group.
  • You can't search for a keyword by its affiliate id. That is extremely frustrating. When I search for a keyword by its name, it brings up all keywords with that name, no matter what match type it has.
I would tell them how easy it is to activate or pause a keyword, ad group or campaign. And how easy it is to update a bid for a keyword, ad group or campaign. I would also tell them how easy it is to navigate through Gemini when searching for a keyword in an ad group within a campaign.
  • Updating the bids was quick and efficient.
  • Dealing with the duplicate ad groups when searching for them was frustrating and complicated.
  • It took time to go through the campaign and then search for the ad group to discover no duplicates.
  • Not being able to search by the affiliate id also meant that it took me longer to update the bids for the keywords because I had to check to see which match type it was before updating.
I have also used Google Adwords Editor - 4 stars and Bing Editor - 2 stars. The fact that it's so easy to edit a bid in Gemini is a big deal. And the toggle switch that changes a keyword or ad group from active to paused is extremely useful and easier to use than the drop down menus that Google Adwords Editor and Bing Editor use.
December 22, 2014

Gemini Issues tracker

Boris Skylar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Three years ago we implemented Gemini internally to help consolidate and centralize IT projects tracking and management. Also, Gemini helped implement web-based release process management and sign-off process, establish development defects tracking for internal and user-acceptance testing. This solution addressed lack of IT transparency and formal communication.
  • Gemini offers flexible framework that allowed IT to build a workflow based process. IT change requests were divided into several buckets: New Change Requests group for business units to submit requests for enhancements and new project ideas, Pending Change Requests for approved projects that are waiting for IT resources, Application Development where we track active projects, Defect Tracking where bugs are tracked during testing and finally Release Management where requests for deployment are tracked.
  • Gemini allows to create custom fields and add them to View, Edit and Add screens. This flexible model allowed us to track additional information on the project such as IT Point of Contact, System Name, Team Name, Testing dates, etc.
  • Gemini has flexible email notification model that allows to keep business customers informed on the project progress. Whenever comment is added by project manager email alerts goes out anyone that is set to watch project progress.
  • It would be useful for Gemini to offer a mobile-friendly version.
  • It would be helpful for Gemini to provide more granular control over email notification options. Currently, we cannot turn off update type emails
  • Gemini could improve homepage design to provide a dashboard for all projects in the system.
Gemini is well suited to help track issues and change requests, projects, bugs, time logs, etc. It is less appropriate for reporting needs or general office management needs.
  • Gemini helped consolidate and centralize projects tracking and status reporting
  • Gemini helped improve defects tracking and reporting
  • Gemini helped streamline release process management, eliminated approval paperwork by allowing ot use comments as electronic signatures.
Gemini is more cost-effective than Project Server. It is easy to configure and easy to use
Gemini's development team continues to improve the product and provides a comprehensive roadmap of upcoming features that makes you want to upgrade as soon as a new version comes out.
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