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Bill Black profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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I am a high school teacher and many of my colleagues at my school also use Google Classroom. I have found that it allows for students to access the assignments or projects at their own pace, and allows them to refer back to the instructional materials as needed. Additionally, having them turn in their work via the Classroom, I have a digital record of the date and time it is turned in, as well as an archived copy of their work.
  • It provides a staging area for all the instructional materials for an assignment or project which can be revisited by students as needed. Assignment instructions, resource materials, worksheets, web links, videos, photos, etc. can all be included and stored.
  • It provides the ability to reuse projects/assignments across classes. This is particularly helpful for cyclic classes.
  • It provides a date/time stamp that shows when each student turned in their assignment/project. VERY useful from a teacher's standpoint.
  • I am not sure yet as to what types of improvements could/should be made.
  • Maybe add a project timer feature???
As I mentioned previously, Google Classroom has some brilliant features. A depository for all the necessary assignment materials, with the instructions, which can be referred back to by students at their convenience is great!
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David Cohen profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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This platform has helped me to build a good relationship with my students and establish better communication with them. It keeps them updated about new updates in the curriculum and new notices about the events and subjects. Plus it has helped in good teamwork with the students which is great.
  • It helps in building good communication between teachers and students.
  • It assists the students to keep them updated about new progress.
  • It assists in uploading content daily for students according to curriculum.
  • It should have tutorials for the beginners to understand it better.
  • I need to helps teachers with resources which is not available.
  • It needs to have some robust features for better performance.
I would recommend it highly to a colleague because first, it is free. It is very easy to set-up and extremely useful for teachers. Students in the classroom can also reply to other student's posts. Plus it also gives you quick access to other Google apps like Docs and Slides to view students' work.
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Katy Beck profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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It is used in our organization for learning processes. It is specially used during workshops and conferences so that everyone can share their point of view and good learning. This has enhanced the communication and cooperation between the managers and the employees and has lead to better collaboration and efficient united working on projects.
  • It helps you in giving instant notices and updates about any upcoming events.
  • Helps you in letting you know about the updated content in a synchronized pattern.
  • Its a little time taking but once used, the person gets handy with it and loves the way it works.
  • In needs to have tutorials so that less time can be wasted.
  • In requires a better interface.
  • It should have an option to contact someone directly, rather than sharing in the group where everyone has different sort of minds.
Google Classroom is wells suited for beginners and new learners. It is highly suited for people who have recently joined their jobs and undergoing special workshops. It will help them knowing everyone in the group and will lead to a better understanding of thing and rules which are implemented in the organization.
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Alan Urbina profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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I work at a university, and since we have to maintain communication with the students, one of the ways we do that is through Google Classroom. It depends on each teacher, but I use Google Classroom to communicate with students. In particular, I use it to upload the content of each unit topic, perform rapid assessments, and assign some homework or even exams. I have also used it to answer and hear questions from students and to give timely notices.
  • Create & administer student exams
  • To give class notices or updates
  • Upload class content in an orderly manner
  • Better design of the interface and overall usability
  • Tutorials
At first, it can be a bit complex to use or learn how to handle. But after you have more practice, it becomes very easy and simple. The first time you use it it may be difficult to create different groups for each subject, but the more you use it, the easier it becomes. I really like that you can create exams quickly in Google Classroom.
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Tamara Letter profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Google Classroom as an optional platform teachers can use with students. Since our secondary teachers have Schoology as a learning management system, we see more prevalent use of Google Classroom with our primary teachers (K-5). Google Classroom allows teachers to post assignments with instant access to students' work. Google Classroom is a relatively new product in the educational realm but offers additional features with each passing year.
  • Google Classroom allows you instant access to student work when using Google products such as Docs and Slides.
  • Google Classroom is easy to set up for teacher and student use.
  • Google Classroom offers several access points, either through URL website link, app, or apps launcher within Google Drive.
  • Google Classroom allows you to attach additional files, links, etc. to assignments.
  • Students can use Google Classroom to reply to other classmates' posts.
  • Google Classroom is NOT an LMS, although some schools/districts try to mold it in that fashion. It does not include robust features of an LMS.
  • Google Classroom provides a grade book, but that grade book does not sync with all district's grade book, so you will have to manually transfer any grades received.
  • It would be great to see Google Classroom offer a closed-captioned option for any uploaded videos shared on the site.
As a technology integrator that serves two elementary schools, I have seen Google Classroom used in grades K-5. While many teachers use the platform for a variety of tasks, the best use case I've seen is to use it for writing instruction and project creation. In writing, the teacher has instant access to students' work which allows the teacher a quicker response time for leaving comments/feedback within Google Docs which helps guide student writing during the process of writing, not just as a final product analysis. In project creation, teachers can create one template (for example a Google Slides template with a topic on each slide) and share it so that each student gets their own template to customize. From there, the teacher has instant access for comments/feedback. For younger students, Google Classroom is great for sharing links and basic content creation, but students may find it a bit more challenging to access if they have to enter district-created Google logins.
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Rosemary Reynolds profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Google Classroom has been my learning management system for all the classes I teach (Digital Design, Web Design, AP Computer Science Principles, and even my dual enrollment Foundations of Web Development) for three years. It is not used by the entire high school where I teach, but I know some other teachers at the school who choose to use it.
  • Google Classroom is easy for both the students and teacher to learn to use
  • Google Classroom has the ability to store previous classes in the archives, so I can reuse content
  • I can easily link worksheets from Google Docs and tests from Google Forms into assignment posts
  • Google Classroom sends my students emails whenever I post a new assignment for grade an existing one
  • I would like there to be a more complex gradebook, that lets students see their total grade in the class and allows me to create weighted categories (there was a Beta gradebook released recently, which I have not explored yet. Perhaps this is included there)
I use Google Classroom for all of the classes I teach at my high school. I'm in a computer lab, but Google Classroom could also be used for teachers who do not have computers for students to use in class. It allows me to post announcements, assignments, worksheets, online resources, quizzes, and pretty much anything class-related in an easy-to-use interface. However, it currently does not include a very detailed gradebook. I have to keep separate spreadsheets with my students' grades in order to use weighted categories.
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David LeNoble profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Google Classroom is used in our school as a preference by teachers. There is no requirement to use it. Teachers make the choice to use it or not. Google Classroom is used to enhance and assist in organizing classroom management. It is a vehicle that is used to supplement Google Drive and seamlessly work between Drive and Classroom. In assisting with classroom management and assignments, Google Classroom allows for communicating and collaborating with students to build their skills with feedback.
  • Announcements: this is an easy and precise way to convey assignments, reminders, and information to students in a class.
  • Connection to Calendar: the use of the calendar gives students a quick and direct way to know what is going on in the class, when assignments are due and other important due dates.
  • To Do List feature: again, this is a great way to give students access to what is happening in the class and gives teachers a way to organize the class and/or their lessons.
  • Loading students into a class can become cumbersome; it relies on downloading a CSV file and then uploading that---requiring a strong knowledge of how to do that.
  • For someone new to using something like this, looking at the site initially may make them feel overwhelmed by all the information available.
  • Although there is good information within the help center, it is difficult to find a way to contact someone directly, like a chat feature for example.
As stated before, Google Classroom would be well suited for an instructor that wants students to have access to a large portion of information related to the class. It may be less appropriate to use as a school-wide site.
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Liz Swarczewski profile photo
January 19, 2019

Google Classroom Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Google Classroom is being used by schools and individual teachers in our organization. Currently, I use it in my own classroom to post assignments, links, and easily share items online with students. I also use it to allow students to turn in assignments and easily grade progress. Google classroom also allows me to connect my roster with other websites to easily sign students up for other online programs.
  • It has an easy, user-friendly format for students and teachers.
  • It allows for teachers to upload a variety of assignments.
  • The format helps students and teachers stay organized in multiple classes and assignments.
  • I wish it was easier for students to pick and upload which type of Google document they want to use for a particular assignment.
  • Sometimes it takes a long time for a student's new document to be created or it isn't there when they create it. So they have to refresh the page and click on the document again.
  • I wish you could upload an assignment right from the stream like in the past rather than having to go into the classwork tab.
Google classroom is well suited for a 3rd grade and up classroom. It is especially well suited for middle and high school where students are more well-versed in using technology. It allows teachers to easily share assignments with students and grade those assignments quickly and without paper. It might not be as useful in classrooms that do not have 1:1 technology, as it would be harder for students to finish assignments on time.
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Carly McPartland profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
Google Classroom is an integral part of our school district's educational initiatives. By integrating this technology, students extend what they learn far beyond the classroom and continue the conversation before, during, and after the school hours are through. By posting specific assignments, as well as allowing students to converse in the same platform, everyone can find a chosen level of participation in which they feel heard, understood, and accepted.
  • The user interface is wonderful. Updates are streamlined, without changing the functionality of the site.
  • The website's design is beautiful. The colors and themes are eye-catching, and keep students engaged with their unique layout.
  • Using this portion of Google tools in connection with the rest of the Google platform is seamless. Connecting Docs, Slides, and other Google tools requires no real training before use.
  • You must have a Google login, and some companies do not use this platform.
  • Sharing between classes can be easy, but editing posts and creating assignments are more difficult to change.
  • Moderating your content for students is easy, but moderating content that other collaborators share is not as easy.
Google Classroom is suitable for any classroom setting from grades 3 to the collegiate level. Students are easily and quickly engaged and can maintain communication with teachers beyond normal teaching hours. Students can submit their work and receive grades directly on the site, and they are able to share resources with others for group projects or other collaborative settings.
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Haylee Rethman profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Our entire organization, Blair Oaks High School, uses Google Classroom. We use it in many ways, including content instruction, event planning, and organizing groups and extracurricular activities. It is easy to use, simple, quick, and makes teachers' and students' lives easier. Teachers and students can collaborate with each other electronically with each other. Teachers can use it to facilitate learning, share with students, organize the work students complete, provide quick formative and summative feedback for students, allow students to collaborate with each other, and easily integrate other platforms of the G-Suite.
  • Allows teachers to share material with one, multiple, or all students at one time.
  • Also allows teachers to schedule the time that items post. The entire site is very customizable.
  • Teachers can integrate other G-Suite applications easily with Classroom. For example, teachers can create and assign a Google Form as a formative or summative quiz for students on Google Classroom.
  • Organizing class documents and assignments is very easy because Google Classroom automatically creates separate folders in your own Google Drive.
  • Teachers used to be able to organize the stream of Classroom by topics or chapter. Currently, it is in ascending order from the most recent posts.
  • Hard to import grades from other G-Suite (like forms, etc.) into assignments on Google Classroom.
  • A possible way to improve for education would be to block students from accessing any other web pages while they are taking an assessment.
I believe Google Classroom is well-suited for any classroom in education. It is great for posting announcements, assignments, and class material. It is also a great method of online learning when an in-class session is not possible (snow days, homework to be completed at home, etc.)
It would be less appropriate in scenarios outside of education, although the means of communication are easy.
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Relton McBurrows profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Google Classroom is used by a subset of our employees to demonstrate the viability of a Google ecosystem in our choice of suites. Currently, we use Microsoft 365 as our productivity suite and Cornerstone OD as our LMS. However, I have extensive experience with G-Suite and think that Google apps can serve a certain population in our hospital. Managing education within that population has been far more intuitive with the use of Google Classroom in conjunction with G-Suite applications.
  • Google Classroom work seamlessly with G-Suite applications, allowing us to create and share learning and materials and submit them for review and distribution
  • Google Classroom is intuitive to use and easy to learn
  • When using Classroom, the workflow of distributing assignments, receiving completed work, and providing feedback on the assignments is far more intuitive than in the enterprise LMS that we also use.
  • Classroom works best for those in G-Suite environments. I have to extend accounts to non-Google users to offer its benefits.
  • I would like to see Classroom add an annotation feature. Many of my educators request this option in their feedback workflow.
  • Video submissions are often cumbersome depending on file type.
Google Classroom is best suited to a fixed group of users where everyone is a managed Google user within a G-Suite environment. We have an often transient group of learners, some of whom are not within our managed network of Google users. Therefore, our situation may not be ideal.
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Emily Spitznagle profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Most of the teachers at my public high school are using Google classroom to "stay with the times." Google classroom reduces paper clutter, allows students to always stay 'in touch' with their teachers by easily being able to access the material, links, ask questions, and post work. It is a FANTASTIC tool for English teachers because it solves the problem of the missing assignment; once work is posted, it is easily viewable. Additionally, in classes that are co-taught, every instructor is allowed to view the students' work, which would not be possible if there was only 1 copy of the task.
  • Google Classroom sends reminders to students when work is due
  • Google Classroom allows students to respond to one another when you post a question for the community
  • The service allows students to access materials that were posted last week or last month. If a student has lost the assignment or a handout, it will forever be accessible online.
  • The grading option is not great; I would love it if Google Classroom was linked to a user-friendly, easy to establish grade book.
  • I loathe how when students submit writing assignments to me, I become the "owner" of the document and they have to request access to edit the writing that they created!
  • I wish that there was a discussion template that looked more like Blackboard. It would be nice if there were tabs for materials, discussions, assignments and grade book at the top of the Classroom home page.
For classroom teachers, it is ACES. Even if an instructor is using it just as a repository for student work it's fantastic. Google Classroom can aid you in becoming a paperless classroom or just reducing some of the copies that you are making. If YouTube is blocked in your school, you can post links for students to view at home (or on their phones). Google classroom can help high school or college level teachers keep their learning environments ORGANIZED.
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Diana Gibson profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
My school uses Google classroom to provide a place to keep all digital class materials in one place for ease of use by students. It also provides me with a grading platform that makes students submit their work instead of continually editing through Google Docs, In Google Docs a student could share their work with you as "finished," then sneakily continue to edit). I also enjoy it because it helps me organize my class into topics and post enrichment material.
  • Feedback platform: the grading and scoring feature really helps students see my comments on their work.
  • Materials organization: I can create topics for my posts and assignments so that students see the logical organization of work under the "Classwork" tab.
  • Real-time updates: the "Stream" tab allows students to see my chronological updates to their classroom.
  • Needs to be more functionally integrated with more grading platforms, specifically PowerSchool.
Well-suited to a classroom environment where students turn in work that can be typed. Well suited to organize classroom materials online and post videos or links that you want students to watch/use/interact with.
Less suited to classrooms where work must be done by hand. Less suited to classrooms where you don't have access to technology.
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Casey Erway profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Google Classroom is an excellent tool for students to collaborate on projects and ideas. It is being used by all high school students and it eliminates the need to have separate files for every individual need. Many students can access the same project, edit and submit.
  • Group collaboration. It has made it extremely easy for all levels of learning to utilize their tools.
  • Simple and easy to use no matter what the student’s skill level is.
  • Easy to trouble shoot if there is a problem, which there rarely is.
  • I have yet to have an issue with Google Classroom.
  • I’d like to see a platform with an even more broken down version for younger learners.
  • Maybe even add a platform for special education.
Google Classroom is well suited for middle school and high school students. I believe it is too advanced for anyone younger, however. All of my students utilize it for reports and projects alike. There isn’t much that can’t be utilized with this program. I can upload an assignment with a video and the students are easily able to access it and get to work.
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Caitlin Stote M.Ed. profile photo
December 09, 2018

Love it

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Google Classroom is being used for grades 4-8 at my school. Primarily homework assignments are given through Google Classroom. Grades 4-5 use it for reading journals. Grades 6-8 use it for WebQuests.
As the school librarian and permanent substitute, I use Google Classroom when I am substituting in the upper school. Frequently, it is used for substitutes because the learning outcomes and expectations are made clear with this platform.
  • Ease of use (children are able to use it).
  • Allows teacher to closely monitor students.
  • Eliminates the need to bring home notebooks or books.
  • Google Classroom does not integrate the calendar.
  • No automatically graded quizzes or tests.
Google Classroom is appropriate for students who are proficient at using desktops and typing. Younger children should not use Google Classroom as they should be learning to write with a paper and pencil.
Parents who are weary of the Internet and electronics devices may not allow children to use it.
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Kaitlyn Wright profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We utilize Google Classroom in grades 4-12 for distribution and collection of assignments and class materials. We also utilize it for professional development courses for our staff.
  • Simple
  • Student-friendly
  • Integrates with Google
  • Gradebook is lacking
  • API integration can be tricky
  • Limited formatting in posts
We use it for professional development with staff and classroom use.
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Laurance J. Specht profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Google Classroom is a streamlined tool for teachers to deliver content to students, allow collaboration and provide feedback all while leveraging the power of G Suite.
  • Share content
  • Track progress
  • Communication with students
  • Easy setup
  • Full function grade book
  • More layout customizations
  • Continuing to integrate with others tools
Great for a blended learning or flipped learning classroom environments. Features are not complicated so it’s accessible with limited technical skills.
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No photo available
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Google classroom is being used on the case-by-case basis. Teachers in our district have the choice to use Google Classroom, should they see fit. We have a number of teachers who have implemented it in their classrooms, in order to better streamline student work, track student submissions, and integrate with their Google Drive. Currently, one of my art teachers is using Google classroom along with Google Sites to gamify her class. In general, as is the case with any LMS, this program works wonders to help blend and personalize education, in order to better meet student needs and allow them to work at their own pace. Teachers have more opportunity to provide constant and consistent feedback and track student work. I used Google Classroom in the past when I taught HS English to run a blended learning atmosphere. Students appreciated the opportunity to manage their workflow better and its seamless integration with their Google Drive to submit work. I am currently using Google Classroom outside of my district to create learning modules for teachers.
  • Seamless integration with Google Drive. Easy for teachers to attach Gsuite files such as docs, slides, sheets, forms, site to enhance the learning.
  • Manage student work submissions and whether they are on time or late. Students submit their work digitally and teachers can track the submissions, send them back for editing, or award points.
  • Streamline classwork and homework assignments into one simple thread. Much like a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook, Google Classroom has everything top-down in one fluid thread for students and teachers to be able to easily find and access.
  • Integration with other edtech tools such as Pear Deck, Edpuzzle, etc. Teachers can link to outside assignments on other programs they often use in their classrooms with their students.
  • Although usually in the discussion with other LMS apps such as Schoology and Canvas, Google Classroom doesn't possess as in-depth of a platform. There is no ability to set individual learning paths, pace student work with completion settings, or embed other apps directly into teacher-created assignments.
  • The assignment creation options are limited. Teachers can only choose from creating an assignment (usually a link with directions), a material (usually a doc/slide/website, etc), a question, and a quiz.
  • With gamification taking on a new lens in education, there really isn't any way to use gamification elements with Google Classroom. There isn't any way to create Individual learning paths, or use badges and micro-credentials within Classroom. Outside programs would have to be used.
Google Classroom is great for schools who are invested in Google and are looking for an easy way to streamline assignments and work. Priding itself on simplicity, this is also great for elementary through middle school teachers and their students. Teachers can quickly send out assignments to students and manage student work via their school's Google accounts so students aren't going outside on the web as often. High Schools may want something a little more in-depth that has higher order activities within and allows the teacher to redesign their lessons.
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No photo available
January 11, 2019

Google Classroom

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Google Classroom to communicate with students. I can use it to post homework, reminders, study guides, etc. I also use it for having students turn in work online. Google Classroom updated their assignment option over the summer and now there is a separate tab within Classroom for posting assignments. It also sends students reminder emails when work is due.
  • Student-teacher communication - I love using Classroom for this because my students can always go back and check what was on Classroom by looking through the stream. This way they don't have to go dig through emails to find what they're looking for.
  • Posting to multiple classes - I can post the same announcement or assignment to multiple classes at once without having to repeat the process or send separate emails.
  • Streamlining grading - when students turn work in on Classroom, it all goes to one place and then when I'm grading I can open their documents directly from Classroom or my Drive folder. This way, I'm not looking through emails and Google Doc shared files for their assignment.
  • I would love to see some more options with their quiz formatting.
  • They recently changed the look of Classroom and I don't find it quite as aesthetically appealing as it was previously.
Google Classroom is well suited to a class where you may have students turn things in digitally and/or you want to be able to push resources or info out to students, as well as assignments, all in one place. It may be less appropriate for a class where you are not having students do much digitally or where you are providing students with paper copies of everything.
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Google Classroom is used as the learning management system for students in all grades in my school district. Google Classroom can also be used by adults for Professional Development. Google Classroom allows teachers to post information and resources for students. Students complete learning activities and post their work on Google Classroom for the teacher to evaluate their work. Students can also communicate with each other on Google Classroom.
  • Posting course materials.
  • Allow students to complete graded activities.
  • Monitor student progress.
  • Have a profanity filter.
  • Have suggested resources for teachers to post based on the class content.
Google Classroom is well suited for ANY class setting from Kindergarten through adult learning because it is versatile and can easily be adapted by the instructor. If teachers wish to assess student work, the work is easily in front of the instructor for efficient grading. Students can collaborate with each other and post their thoughts about course content.
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No photo available
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Google Classroom is used as a collaborative learning environment for our students, teaching staff and technology professionals. We use it to communicate, share and store but also as a main (linking) connection hub for many applications we use on a daily basis.
  • It has an easy to use format with its intuitive, well thought out and tested design.
  • It follows the same patterns and expected flow of similar Google products.
  • Google Classroom is very inclusive and easily integrated into your current work patterns.
  • Google Classroom is so secure that it is actually an issue. Allowing "outside" collaboration is not easy to do and requires a great deal of work on IT's end to allow it to pass through. We have had a lot of trouble with this and can say that the difficulty is so great that it could be a reason we would choose a different solution in the future since collaboration is so important to our students success.
For inclusive situations, where outside collaboration is not a huge focus, Google Classroom has a large set of great tools. It stays current, and the updates are inline, if not ahead, of the market for this type of product. Our users are always pleased with their usability and very rarely find frustration with the product.
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Basically, we opened a new business in our firm and that is the academy. We [offer] management consulting training to companies so that their employees will be great at data crunching, analyzing problems, synthesizing problems, and project management. It is such a great help to have Google Classroom because you can set up numerous classes and tailor-fit the learning delivery to how you would want it to be. It provides you with the option to assign tasks, give deadlines for such tasks, and the system is very helpful because it will automatically grade the learner. It makes it possible as well to share files and instructional materials with the students per group and you can use an existing gmail account for it.
  • Set up multiple classes.
  • Assign tasks and give a deadline.
  • Automatically grade the students or learners.
  • Share files to group.
  • The design is not that interesting to young learners.
  • Structure is not very attractive to young learners.
  • All of the students need to have a Gmail account.
It is well suited for online or open university learning. It is also suitable for remote tutoring, etc.
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No photo available
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Google Classroom in our 4th through 6th-grade classrooms. We provide students with access to resources, assignments, videos, and other classroom materials through Google Classroom. It is a great tool for us to use to help students stay up-to-date with their assignments should they be absent from school.
  • Provides an online space to organize student materials.
  • Allows us to have multiple sections setup in one place.
  • We can access Google Classroom on any network we are on.
  • It feels like something is always changing as they improve Google Classroom.
  • It would be great to be able to import grades straight into our grade book. We are able to download the grades, but then have to enter them by hand into the other program.
  • Students are not able to make edits or quick changes on assignments once they are turned in unless they first grade book the assignment. It would be great to have a feature that allowed them to edit after it is turned in.
Google Classroom has helped streamline my classroom. I am no longer bogged down by stacks of papers to read and grade. I am able to pull up my classes anywhere, I am also able to check on student progress and grade papers. I wish I would have started using it sooner.
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No photo available
January 11, 2019

Jack of all trades

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Google classroom is being used in our device-agnostic environment to help meet the needs of student and staff training and classroom work. We do most of our staff development through google classroom. Staff are trained on it and use it in their classrooms on a daily basis. The management is made easy because of the Google backend.
  • Creating a paperless environment for staff and students
  • Helps keep the students organized by tying in with email and calendar.
  • Easy for teachers to setup and use.
  • Sometimes there are small glitches with file types on attachments.
Google classroom can be adapted very easily to suit the needs of staff development in any industry.
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alise gold profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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I use Google Classroom in all of the classes that I teach. At the beginning of each school year, I add all of my students (using their school provided emails) to our virtual classroom. This is the best place for me to post assignments and announcements. Students can also turn in homework, ask questions, fill out surveys. It keeps everything organized in one central location! Many of our teachers use it in their classrooms.
  • Helps teachers communicate with entire classes
  • Helps teachers communicate with specific groups of students
  • Allows me to schedule posts for future dates and times
  • Allowing me to edit a post and while editing, add another class to post it into.
  • Allow students to edit work that has been turned in, without "un" turning it in
It is great for schools in which the students all have email addresses provided by the school. It is also helpful if the students have devices to use in the classroom so that they can work in google docs and classroom during school also.
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