GoTo Webinar Pricing Overview

GoTo Webinar has 4 pricing edition(s), from $49 to $399. A free trial of GoTo Webinar is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.



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Pricing for GoTo Webinar


  • HasFree Trial
  • HasFree/Freemium Version
  • HasPremium Consulting / Integration Services

Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $49per month per organizer

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GoToWebinar Pricing in 2021

Webinars are versatile, being great for employees, private events, open live streaming, or packaged as a product or class. The right Webinar software can boost your community engagement, consumer buying, or professional network.

GoToWebinar is a popular platform for professionals that need real-time conferencing or virtual events with large groups of people. They offer a number of different plans and flexibility for all kinds of companies. Below we discuss the features of the software.

What is GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar is an online webinar platform that you install on a preferred browser. You can use the webinar software with windows or Mac on a PC, or on mobile devices. The internet speed needed is only a minimum of 1 Mbps, making it suitable for participants in rural areas.

This webinar solution is particularly suited for event management. They help hosts cover all aspects of setting up a webinar from start to finish.

Once a webinar is set up, hosts can access full service registration. You can setup custom registration pages, send an email invitation, and reminders. Hosts can also send email templates as invitations if they don’t want to spend time creating them.

In return, participants will be able to send a confirmation back. Attendees then can use their preferred browsers to log in to their account page.

GoToWebinar offers the host’s channel pages to publish their webinars for colleagues or customers. Hosts can also publish prerecorded videos on GoToStage for even wider audiences with no limits on viewers.

Event creators can track audience analytics, viewer feedback, and conduct polls to connect with participants. For consumers that paid for the webinar, hosts can also send out certificates of attendance. The software also provides transcripts of webinars that can be used to advertise or make closed captions.

There are also external integrations that can be used with GoToWebinar. They have all the major platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, GSuite, and Microsoft Teams. You can combine tools that advertise, schedule, and communicate for planning hassle-free webinars.

This already seems great, which begs the question how much? GoToWebinar can get expensive, but they do have a number of plans and flexibility.

How Much Does GoToWebinar Cost?

The cost ranges from $49/mo to $399/mo, all billed annually. The monthly options are more but don’t have the annual commitment. They do have in-between options that are more pay as you go. GoTo Webinar also comes with GoToMeeting, which is generally used for communication between colleagues. In this section, we go over the plans and pricing.

GoToWebinar Pricing

A GoToWebinar plan has a fairly wide price range and attendee limit. They have four plans and then a flex option. The plans all have access to the same features, their main differences are in the number of pages you can create and the number of participants. Each plan is for one license or organizer. Additional organizers pay full price for the license.

The first two plans cater to less than 300 participants, and the more expensive plans have a much greater jump. Webinar products may find a great solution in varying sizes.

Lite is their cheapest plan billed annually and priced at $49/month, capped at 100 Participants. Lite billed month to month is $59 per license. Next, is their Standard plan at $99/month billed annually with 250 Participants or $129/month. Both Lite and Standard are allotted only 1 page per platform. These plans are good for small businesses that have a small niche audience or use.

On the pricier end is Pro at $199/month billed annually, for 500 Participants. If you choose a month-to-month subscription it will cost $249/month. Only 3 pages are allowed for the license. This is a great jump in participants and will help more medium-sized businesses with much bigger audiences or plan to.

From Pro, we move to Enterprise for $399/month, billed annually or $499 billed monthly. They allow Up to 3,000 Participants and 5 pages. Companies that already have popular webinars or large events can certainly benefit from this wider range.

Companies that would rather not pay a consistent price can choose to pay for events individually. GoToWebinar Flex is a subscription at $19/month billed annually with all events charged additionally. Events capped at 500 and 1,000 are $149 and $299. The highest for this plan is events at 3,000 come $499.

Enterprise isn’t GoToWebinar’s biggest option either. Below we talk about webinar plans that are much higher in the thousands.

Larger Scale Options from GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar and the company GoTo also have more options for bigger events. This will depend on whether your event needs to be a live cast or a recorded cast. Recorded casts that are uploaded can have 20,000 viewers. If you use GoToStage, a publishing platform, then you can reach infinite viewers.

For live events, you can go up to 100,000 viewers using Webcast. Webcast can be set up after you’ve made a GoToWebinar account.

You may not be looking for webinars with the highest capacity. Several small webinars at a cheaper overall cost can be a great alternative. In that case, Zoom may be a good option.

GoToWebinar VS Zoom

People often ask if GoToWebinar is better than Zoom. One isn’t really better than the other because it really depends on your needs. GoToWebinar allows you to have thousands of participants. Zoom Webinar services only go up to 500 people.

Zoom Webinar is by far cheaper, costing between $79 and $99 for their two plans, capped at 500. Whereas GoToWebinar costs $149 for 500 person events. A company with long events and a webinar series may find it cheaper to use Zoom.

If you find you want to look at more alternatives go here to see the alternatives for GoToWebinar.

More Resources

As with any software, you can’t buy it until you see how it works. GoToWebinar has an informative demo. There are also tutorials that over the whole setup from start to finish. Check out the YouTube videos below to further explore GoToWebinar.

This is GoToWebinar’s own demo video showing you the interface and navigation.

This tutorial is over an hour and walks you through the entire process.