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HPE Cloud Volumes

HPE Cloud Volumes


What is HPE Cloud Volumes?

HPE Cloud Volumes is an enterprise grade multicloud storage solution supporting replication data storage at a monthly per usage cost.

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HPE Cloud Volumes simplifies data management by offering users a centralized platform to store, organize, and access their data in the …
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What is HPE Cloud Volumes?

HPE Cloud Volumes is an enterprise grade multicloud storage solution supporting replication data storage at a monthly per usage cost.

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What is HPE Cloud Volumes?

HPE Cloud Volumes Technical Details

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HPE Cloud Volumes simplifies data management by offering users a centralized platform to store, organize, and access their data in the cloud. Users have found it to be a user-friendly solution that eliminates the need for complex on-premises infrastructure when transitioning to a hybrid storage space. The prompt and effective support provided by HPE has been highly praised by users for resolving any issues or queries they may have.

One of the key advantages of HPE Cloud Volumes is its robust security features that ensure data remains secure, safe, and easily accessible at all times. Users appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing their data is protected. Additionally, HPE Cloud Volumes enables users to execute projects more efficiently and quickly. The platform provides comprehensive support for cloud storage, allowing users to easily manage cloud components and leverage the service layers provided by HPE cloud.

The flexibility and high performance of HPE Cloud Volumes are also highly valued by users. Being able to access apps from anywhere while enjoying reliable performance significantly enhances productivity. Compared to other cloud service platforms, HPE Cloud Volumes stands out for its exceptional support and services, making it a preferred choice for businesses transitioning from physical data storage devices to the cloud.

HPE Cloud Volumes finds great utility as a backup storage solution and for hosting smaller applications, resulting in reduced costs and increased reliability. Users appreciate the ease with which they can safeguard and recover their important data using HPE Cloud Volumes. It effectively addresses the dynamic backup needs of distributed business environments, making it a valuable solution for users in various industries.

Another advantage of HPE Cloud Volumes is its ability to seamlessly change backup locations without disrupting existing workflows. Users have praised this feature as it allows them to easily adapt their backup strategies as needed. Encrypting backup data is fully supported by HPE Cloud Volumes, ensuring added security for sensitive information.

A successful use case reported by users is deploying the HPE Cloud solution for remote site infrastructure. It has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution for managing infrastructure across multiple locations.

Although some initial challenges were reported by Android users, the performance of HPE Cloud Volumes has been widely praised once those issues were resolved. Its vast storage capacity and robust security features make it an attractive choice for businesses looking to securely transition their data to the cloud. Additionally, with the ability to copy data quickly and efficiently, HPE Cloud Volumes minimizes the risk of data loss or accidental deletion.

Easy to use and performant: Many users have found HPE Cloud Volumes to be easy to use and highly performant. They appreciate the user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation and data management in the cloud. The software's speed and reliability ensure quick access to data and smooth operations.

Strong security features: Users have praised the strong security features of HPE Cloud Volumes, which keep sensitive information safe. They feel confident knowing that their data is protected with encryption and other security measures provided by the tool.

Scalability: Users highlight the scalability of HPE Cloud Volumes as a significant advantage. They can easily adjust their storage capacity as needed, making it a flexible solution for businesses of all sizes. This feature allows organizations to adapt their storage requirements without hassle or additional costs.

Expensive Pricing: Some users have expressed concerns about the high cost of HPE Cloud Volumes compared to other similar cloud storage solutions. Several reviewers have mentioned that the pricing can be tricky and may increase depending on the required storage space. Although they acknowledge the quality and support provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, some users believe that HPE Cloud Volumes should reconsider its pricing to make it more competitive in the market.

Complexity for Beginners: Getting used to HPE Cloud Volumes can be complex for beginners and may be difficult to understand. A number of users have found it challenging to learn and navigate the software, especially due to its numerous features. The initial setup is also considered difficult, which adds to the complexity for new users.

Limited Compatibility: There are concerns among some users about HPE Cloud Volumes' limited compatibility with other software or platforms. This has been mentioned by a few reviewers who require seamless integration with their existing systems or workflows.


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In todays Corporate world, Its very important how you safeguard your most important data and also How ease it can berecoveredWe were using Traditional Backup appliances but its really time consuming and costly to manage and butit did not able to address our dynamic and distributed business environment Backup needs.So while we were checking few options in the same technology,We got a demo from HPE Cloud team How they can Migrate our existing data storage infrastructure to the HPE Cloud volumes with use cases.The Greatest thing is You can easily change where you backup without having to change existing Backup workflowJust You can set it the Automated Backup policies in just few clicks and also the same in Just few clickyou can recover your Backup data.We have need to Encrypt our Backup data this is also addressed By HPE cloud Volume.The One of best use cases we had is, we need to deploy the backup solution for few Standalone remote sites So We have Deployed HPE Cloud solution for our Remote site Infra structure
  • It Really simplifying our day to day operations for engineers to maintain the backup needs, aligning our infra to actual use
  • You can leverage efficient,and, we have kind of mixed needs for cloud and on-premises storage, It does exceptionally well
  • It really provides a Ransomware Protection and long-term retention.
  • It delivers simple diaster recovery and also its statisfy our backup needs from the edge to cloud for our genesys applications.
  • The pricing is something which we really need to think about whether our IT budget has to
  • go for this solution.
  • It has many features which makes a lot of complex to understand this tool and use compared to
  • other competitors like Netapp
  • Loading Speed is also Bit slow.
Its really perfect for recovery, hybrid CI/CD, bi- directional migration, hybrid data protection etc.Our Infra is little complex it has On-premises and Mutli-cloud storage needs, HPE is providing full services in,Multidirectional Cloud storage services and statisfy On-permises Cloud Migration stragtegies.
The tool is little complex to understand and not engineers friendly tool, It has tool of featurers but understanding its highly diffcult
  • The Most important features in HPE which we use for our organization is HPE storeonce Virtual drive
  • We use the Mutli-directional edge features for our Genesys contact center needs
  • We use the Copy management features, it provides Instant snapshots and clones , So in the event of any disaster it is very -easy to use replication from on-premises storage to HPE cloud Volumes for disaster recovery
  • Deduplication and compression are in a very good ration, its support HPE Catalyst product which is very faster than NPS
  • If you have the Huge data then its increase your costly of using this solution.
  • we are using ESG validation ,so creating a backup store and restoring to HPE cloud voumes block and also integrating with backup ISVs really helped lot to our needs
HPE Cloud Volumes Backup unlocks agility and powers innovation. It really eliminate the complexity of day-to-day hassles. For our On-premises and Muticloud backup needs Based on our evaluavtion , we had to come to this decision to go for HPE
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using it for backups storage in Cloud and also its being used for hosting few smaller Applications. Using HPE Cloud Volumes for backup solution has significantly reduced our cost for maintaining backups On-Premise and also backups can be accessed across data centers. Hosting Applications in HPE Cloud Volumes has increased the reliability of the Application.
  • Backups on Cloud
  • Application Hosting
  • Provide storage for platform/geographical migration
  • Not suitable for small scale enterprises
  • Initial setup is bit difficult
  • Pricing can be more flexible which can suits different customer of different needs.
In our organization, we are using HPE Cloud Volumes for backups storage. HPE Cloud Volumes has given the flexibility of maximum availability and scalability. Now adding space is not a cumbersome process and it can be easily managed by HPE Cloud Volumes as per our need. In another scenario, we have used HPE Cloud Volumes for temporary storing the data for Datacenter move activity. On the downside, I think HPE Cloud Volumes solution is not suitable for temporary need as its more of a long term solution.
  • Consumption based pricing model
  • Data encryption
  • Support with other Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP etc
  • Backups on HPE Cloud Volumes has significantly reduced the cost of on premise handling of backups
  • It provided storage for datacenter move which reduced the migration time
  • Hosting smaller application in HPE Cloud Volumes has helped in saving operating cost.
HPE Cloud Volumea suits best as per our need. We feel its more cost effective then other cloud volume solutions. Since we are already using other HPE Volume, it was easy choice for us as we already have HP trust. Also after sale support by HP is remarkable and its easy to get support from HPE whenever required.
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