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What is LogDNA?

LogDNA headquartered in Mountain View offers their eponymous cloud log management or on-prem/self-hosted log management solution.

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LogDNA is a versatile tool that has proven to be invaluable for a wide range of users. One common use case is storing conversation …
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What is LogDNA?

LogDNA headquartered in Mountain View offers their eponymous cloud log management or on-prem/self-hosted log management solution.

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Product Details

What is LogDNA?

LogDNA Video

LogDNA is a modern log management solution that empowers DevOps teams with the insights that they need to develop and debug their applications with ease. Users can get up and running in minutes, see logs from any source instantly in Live Tail, and effortlessly search them with...
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Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

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LogDNA is a versatile tool that has proven to be invaluable for a wide range of users. One common use case is storing conversation transcripts for software robots or chatbots, allowing users to easily pull them up for debugging when errors occur. The detailed insights provided by LogDNA help users identify specific log items and quickly diagnose and resolve issues. Additionally, LogDNA is widely used to manage logs and proactively identify bugs or crashes before customers even log support tickets. This proactive approach helps streamline the debugging process and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

User feedback also highlights the usefulness of LogDNA in providing support for identifying user actions and errors. By being able to see key activity on the site, support teams can efficiently troubleshoot issues and implement bug fixes. The product's simple set-up process, along with its free plan option, makes it accessible to a broad user base. Users appreciate the clarity and ease-of-use compared to other logging software options.

Furthermore, LogDNA has received positive recommendations from users due to its competitive pricing, feature parity, and responsive support team. It serves as an essential tool for logging issues on servers and testing purposes in various applications, including iOS apps. The valuable information provided by LogDNA's logs aids tech teams in identifying historical error events, checking worker status, and maintaining optimal system performance.

Moreover, LogDNA's capabilities extend beyond individual applications. Many users find it highly effective in monitoring cloud environments with multiple nodes, offering real-time alerts that aid in resolving problems promptly. Its successful implementation on platforms like Kubernetes, VMs, and local laptops further demonstrates its versatility and reliability.

In summary, LogDNA caters to a diverse range of use cases, making it an indispensable tool for developers, support teams, and administrators alike. From storing conversation transcripts for debugging purposes to proactively identifying bugs before customers experience them firsthand, LogDNA's impressive functionality ensures smoother operations and improved overall performance across various applications and environments.

Intuitive User Interface: Users have praised LogDNA for its intuitive user interface, with many stating that it is easy to navigate and perform tasks without confusion. The dark theme of the interface has also been well-received by users.

Robust Log Viewing: Many users have found LogDNA to be robust in terms of log viewing, particularly for debugging complex applications. They appreciate the software's ability to allow easy viewing of logs and provide context within their applications.

Integration Capabilities: The integration capabilities of LogDNA, especially with platforms like Heroku, have received high regard from users. They find it easy to send logs from their servers to LogDNA, especially when using AWS and the CloudWatch to LogDNA lambda. Additionally, users appreciate the ability to aggregate logs from multiple AWS services into a single log stream.

Cumbersome Search/Filter Bar: Several users have found the search/filter bar to be difficult to use, citing issues such as string matches not working as expected and the need for manual tweaking and regex work to get them functioning properly. These concerns have been raised by a notable number of reviewers.

Difficulties with Live Button: A common complaint among users is the inability to block the live button, making it challenging to view old logs and causing difficulties in debugging. This issue has been mentioned by multiple reviewers.

Lag in Indexing: Users have reported experiencing delays in indexing, which results in a slower process of reading logs and investigating errors. The lag in indexing has been noted by several reviewers.

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogDNA is being used to log all issues on our server and we use it for testing purposes in our iOS app as well.
  • Very easy to search
  • The UI is great and user friendly
  • Team is very helpful and nice
  • There isn't really much I would change
Anytime we need to make any kind of log on any platform that we use, LogDNA is well suited. It is primarily used for logging errors on our server but also used for checking issues within our iOS apps when we need to identify a critical issue that is occurring. The search feature is very very good!
  • Time saved
  • Easy to setup
  • Clear docs
I have not used any other software but I have gone through demos of others and LogDNA gave us everything we needed at a fair price and with a great UI on the back end. It was not even a question of which software to choose. They are a great team.
It is very very good. They are responsive and very helpful. They also take the time to walk you through the issues you are having. But honestly, it is so straightforward that you rarely need to get support from their team. They are very helpful when you do need their support though.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogDNA is being used by our tech team. It logs our app usage and is great for finding out when something happened.
  • The UI is simple to use and hasn't ever been confusing for anyone to use on our team.
  • Backups are great since we do occasionally need to access logs from the past and it has helped us solve some problems.
  • Searching/filtering is great and I've always been able to get exactly what I need.
  • The colors are ugly, both the dark and light theme. Needs better contrast and color combinations. It's also weird that dark mode has white dropdown menus on the filters.
LogDNA is great for all your apps to log activity. Not much more to say about it. It does what it sets out to do. Everyone in our company uses our app so it's nice when someone is having an issue and we need to dig deeper into what they were doing and LogDNA helps in those scenarios.
  • It has helped a lot when trying to debug issues with customers or internal employees. It's a positive overall because it has saved us a lot of time debugging issues.
LogDNA was already setup when I started and it is offered through Heroku so that's why it was chosen. It's also cheaper I believe. Compared to Logentries, it does the same thing.
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