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Microsoft Power BI Pricing Overview


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  • $9.99per month

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Microsoft Power BI Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Verified User

Compared to the fairly cheap cost of MS Power BI, the support that the company is providing is quite big … python/ R packages can do that trick easily without the need for the premium fee.

Related Quote from Scott Kennedy

Power BI from a price perspective is the lowest cost (probably even from a total cost of ownership perspective) of all the offerings … The cost model could…

Related Quote from Verified User

Microsoft Power BI is the leader of this category, but it is a little expensive. It could use some more customization features, but other than that, it

Related Quote from Blake Baron

use it for weekly reporting on the status of various analyses and how much value is at risk as a result of them.

Related Quote from Verified User

made the purchasing decision, Tableau was much more expensive than Power BI, like really expensive, and comes with a complex licensing model. [Microsoft] … customizations Intuitive interface Desktop and Pro versions are reasonably priced The … since executives prefer Macs Premium Cloud Versio…

Related Quote from Verified User

cost Low bandwidth performance others are minor will improve with time and updates … is for big enterprises, small one may not find it useful because of extra cost involved.

Related Quote from Nadyan Pscheidt

efficiency due to its data analysis and predictions features Great ROI due to its price, not so above the concurrents Better planning

Related Quote from Verified User

easily with excel and SQL server database It is easy to learn and use It is cheaper compared to other options … forecasting tools that are absent from other products. It is comparatively cheaper than other products out there.

Related Quote from Verified User

organization. It is great with reports and data to show turnover, retention, and cost associated with the two. Since the company also has multiple entities it's … Data!!! Retention and turnover graphs. Cost associated with turnover. … exactly what you need…

Related Quote from Tanish Pruthi

beat the comprehensive features of Power BI with the kind of aggressive pricing that they have set. The available charts and figures are so pleasing to

Related Quote from Greg Watkins

as our finance leadership and product teams. Our entire company receives value from it, since we use it for revenue forecasting, understanding our customers' … good grip on the business. For Finance or CSM teams, I can see a lot of value, depending on how you are attempting…

Related Quote from Dustin Ghia

something about databases, as it is an intuitive tool with which a lot of value can be generated from data.[Microsoft] Power BI and no similar tool will

Related Quote from Verified User

Complex pricing model Complex data modeling Less intuitive than other BI tools … Cost-effective but has a lot of features to offer. The perfect tool to build reports … Very cost-effective compared to other BI tools available in the market. This tool has

Related Quote from Annie Jain

convenience of a mobile device. Also it comes with a per user license based pricing which makes it suitable for different size teams as one can invest what

Related Quote from Verified User

more time on analysis Improved clarity on the data for senior management Cost cutter

Related Quote from Gabrielle Wayman

is available across the enterprise. Our department uses Power BI to make cost and repair data easily digestible for account managers, who then use it to

Related Quote from Verified User

Pro is included in the standard E5 license offering is another significant cost saving measure relative to other platforms.

Related Quote from Verified User

Nice custom visualisations. Seamless excel integration. Cheaper compared to the other options. Regular updates incorporating creativity

Related Quote from Anomita Chandra

The membership is cheaper compared to others. Great UX.

Related Quote from Verified User

It is a bit costly and thus is not cost effective for basic purposes It takes more time to load and process if the … Some of the work done and chart creation by Power BI can be done using cheaper softwares so there is no addon with the extra…

Related Quote from David Shi

[Microsoft] Power BI is currently used as an alternative to Tableau, with its lower cost and more robust built in modelling, ETL functionality and familiarity for … ease. Inexpensive license model, compared to Tableau which can get very expensive depending on your needs. Updates, by far Power BI is one of the most updated … For any instance wher…

Related Quote from Verified User

Can be complex to use Price is a barrier Still not widely known or utilized in our sector

Related Quote from Akhilesh Arya

Convert your numbers into presentable charts. Low cost in comparison to other tools in the market. In dataset you can use JSON, … Though we are using both in our department, Power BI is less expensive in comparison to Tableau.

Related Quote from Verified User

Provides better more accurate data. Provides data very quickly. Becomes more expensive because everyone wants to start using it.

Related Quote from Verified User

feature/functionality, approachability, and value proposition that Power BI provides give it the edge. Cost is a particularly significant factor, as any … them with an entry to the development tool with no cost. Even if using a Pro license, the individual cost per user is much lower than competitors. If you … began as parallel efforts both by IT to decide to make the switch due to the…