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What is Morphisec?

Morphisec, headquartered in Boston, provides advanced security solutions for midsize to small enterprises around the globe. They aim to simplify security and can automatically block modern attacks from the endpoint to the cloud. Contrasted with security solutions that rely on...
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What is Morphisec?

Morphisec, headquartered in Boston, provides advanced security solutions for midsize to small enterprises around the globe. They aim to simplify security and can automatically block modern attacks from the endpoint to the cloud. Contrasted with security solutions that rely on human intervention,…

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Product Details

What is Morphisec?

Morphisec's patented moving target defense technology is designed to provide end-to-end protection against the most damaging cyberattacks. With its moving target defense, the vendor states that attackers are unable to accurately identify the resources they need to leverage in order to evade current defenses. This proactive cyber defense solution guards the user's critical systems with a lightweight agent that doesn't require updates to keep securing critical infrastructure. Morphisec's patented moving target defense technology is designed to provide end-to-end protection against known attacks as well the most sophisticated fileless attacks, in-memory exploits and zero days.

Morphisec's solution is available from a suite of products designed to protect various elements of the IT infrastructure.

  • Endpoints: Morphisec Guard - Standard endpoint security solutions may detect too much and prevent too little, costing businesses as unknown attacks bypass signature and detection-based tools. These "unknown" attacks include ransomware, new malware, variants of known attacks and unpatched vulnerabilities. Morphisec Guard aims to stop these attacks, providing prevention first security in an automated, real time, low cost manner. It is a zero trust endpoint security solution powered by Morphisec's patented Moving Target Defense technology.
  • Server Protection: Morphisec Keep - Antivirus and EDR tools were not designed to protect servers and Application controls are insufficient to secure against advanced attacks. Instead, organizations can use zero trust run-time protection solution over AV/EDR in order to remove the risk of malicious code executing on servers that span across on-premise, virtual machines and containers. Morphisec Keep, is a server protection solution that extends the lightweight agent of the Morphisec platform to secure critical assets -- whether they run on Windows, Linux, on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.
  • Morphisec Virtual Desktop Protection - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployed at the edge are still endpoints vulnerable to attacks targeting lateral movement, credential theft and data exfiltration. Morphisec protection for VDI offers a lightweight security solution that hardens the virtualized user instance and centralized server while aiming to have no impact on performance or consolidation ratios.
  • Vulnerability Management: Morphisec Scout - Morphisec Scout automates vulnerability management by prioritizing those applications teams use around the clock to reduce risk. Unpatched vulnerabilities are some of the biggest, and the first attack vectors that adversaries use. Managing the holes in critical software is made harder with remote work and digital transformation.
  • AV (Microsoft Defender) Visibility and Control: Morphisec Guard Lite (free tool) - Microsoft Defender AV providesreal-time scanning for malware and threats, but in a business setting, might lack the enterprise-wide management capability and control over all endpoints from a single location that users prefer. Morphisec Guard Lite is a free solution that provides the visibility into and control over Defender AV, to augment it with enterprise-grade security and centralized management.
  • Incident Response Services from Morphisec - The Morphisec Incident Response team works collaboratively with client organizations to triage critical security incidents and conduct forensic analysis to solve immediate cyberattacks as well as provide recommendations for reducing your organization's risk exposure.

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Why Morphisec? | Moving Target Defense Explained

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George Cassiri | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The first reason why Morphisec Guard is due to the protection capacity that it always offers us throughout our environment, thanks to this program we take the best options to minimize the risks of our work and have a better execution without any hassle, the experience that I have achieved with this software is quite good since it has fulfilled the objective of being a shield in each of my work processes.
  • Morphisec Guard perfectly fulfills its mission of ruling out all kinds of threats that appear on the web and want to filter into our system, having this program is a guarantee.
  • With the support of this program we have the benefit of having a certain digital immunity, since this program implements IT solutions and security that rule out any type of attack.
  • I would like to see the program run a bit faster, there are times when it takes a few minutes to detect and issue my current state.
  • We have co-workers who want to admire and try the program before taking the initiative to pay for its service, it is unfortunate that this program does not have a free version or a preview to each of its functions.
In order to have a clean work area and operating system, it is essential to have the reinforcement of a program that is effective in eliminating each of the threats that constantly appear in each of the projects. Morphisec Guardb is the perfect ally that we recommend to maintain a serenity and digital stability.
  • Having this program as a backup in my work area is really gratifying, since it is undoubtedly a lagoon that gives me the ease of preventing my IT system at any time.
  • Morphisec Guard is the main program that runs in my workspace to effectively block malware that interrupts my work tasks.
  • One of the biggest and best features that this program implemented in my work area is the efficiency and security of trusting to be the main user to carry out the most important jobs in my company.
  • Morphisec Guard was created with the intention that each company, regardless of its content, can work without having to deal with different types of attacks and threats that destroy the development of my work.
Adobe Marketing Cloud, AccountsIQ-Cloud Accounting Software, 4R Systems Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization (IPMax)
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Morphisec was explicitly implemented as an added layer of protection for our Cyber Security posture. We decided on Morphisec due to the nature of the platform and how it uniquely addresses ransomware and zero-day attacks in its market space. Having this in our environment, working alongside our XDR platform and NextGenAV, has afforded us a much stronger level of protection for our network, data, and users.
  • Stops ransomware attacks in a unique fashion before they can infect and spread in an environment.
  • Works flawlessly so far with our additional security tools and platforms.
  • Has a very small footprint as an application so does not interfere with day to day operations on our endpoints.
  • Continued advancements in the area of memory signature camouflaging.
  • The continued growth of their overall platform offerings to compete with true XDR platforms.
  • Additional marketing so others can become aware of their presence and what they bring to the table.
Morphisec, to be fair, is well suited to literally any type or size of environment. Everything from small to large business needs to be considering a platform to add to their cyber security portfolio that works in the fashion that Morphisec works in. Having used the Guard portion of their platform for protection against ransomware specifically, I'd beyond highly recommend it to stop zero-day attacks in their tracks. I can't think of any scenario where a company would not want a platform such as this running and protecting their environment.
  • Ransomware protection.
  • Zero day attack protection.
  • Excellent support.
  • Small footprint on endpoints.
  • Stopped several potential attacks that had made it past our traditional defenses and tools.
  • Allowed us to obtain better rates of cyber security insurance.
  • Allowed us to strengthen our cyber security posture above and beyond just our XDR and NextGenAV offerings.
Morphisec won out in our search for strong protection against ransomware and zero-day attacks by offering a unique approach to preventing them, to begin with. There were some additional offerings that did some things very well themselves, but in the end, it came down to a few things Morphisec seemed to be the best in our research at least. Those things included how it specifically protected against ransomware and zero-day attacks, the small footprint it needs to run, and it's ability to just slot into our environment and allow us the flexibility to continue using our current XDR and NextGenAV platforms as well.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Morphisec alongside our Security Orchestration Automation and Response, SOAR software to sort the unpatched vulnerabilities on our applications. Our company powers token for crypto trading terminals, and we are prone to vulnerabilities and plenty of cyberattacks. We engaged Morphisec to patch the vulnerabilities, working in the backend, generating reports of attacks you never thought of.
  • It's safeguarding our systems with so much simplicity.
  • It's a complete endpoint prevention stack enough that we don't need to outsource NGAV and EDR.
  • Has a lot of false alerts.
  • Limited support for VDIs.
I would say Morphisec is the tool to handle persistent attacks by providing adequate details of the attack to help shut them down completely. It complements the SOAR system efficiently by providing detailed information on the origin of the attack and the method of infiltration. It's also a robust anti-ransomware software and we are implementing the package in its entirety for the firm's software infrastructure.
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Incident Response
  • We benefit from ransomware protection without needing to acquire NGAV or EDRs.
Splunk SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) (formerly Phantom)
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