Virtualization Security Solutions

Virtualization Security Solutions Overview

What are Virtualization Security Solutions?

Virtualization Security Solutions exist as both software and hardware appliances for monitoring activity, threat and intrusion detection, and malware prevention / restriction / elimination in virtual or software-defined data centers and server clusters.

Virtualization Security Products

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VMware AppDefense
9 ratings
7 reviews
VMware AppDefense is a hypervisor-native workload protection platform for enterprise virtualization and security teams that promises to deliver the most secure virtual infrastructure and simplify micro-segmentation planning by providing deep application visibility, reputation scoring, and security. …
Trend Micro Deep Security for the Hybrid Cloud
16 ratings
3 reviews
Trend Micro Deep Security is cloud security software suite, from Trend Micro, for hybrid cloud environments and virtualization security.
McAfee MOVE AntiVirus
1 ratings
1 reviews
McAfee MOVE AntiVirus provides zero day threat protection for virtual servers and desktops, and works across all major hypervisors. The solution presents an agentless, tuned option works on VMware NSX and VMware vCloud Networking and Security.
Sophos Virtualization Security
1 ratings
1 reviews
UK-based Sophos offers Virtualization Security.
10ZiG Technology
1 ratings
1 reviews
10ZiG Technology is a world-market leader in VDI endpoint device software and hardware. The 10ZiG Manager™endpoint management software remotely controls any endpoint running on a 10ZiG OS via one centrally-managed and easy-to-use platform. This solution is designed so that IT administrators can easi…
HyTrust CloudControl
HyTrust in Mountain View, California, offers CloudControl, a virtualization security option.
BMC TrueSight Automation for Networks
TrueSight Automation for Networks automates the management of security vulnerabilities, configurations, compliance, and provisioning. Network administrators can take corrective action to reduce the risk of breaches and reduce network outages. It also increases staff productivity and allows labor to …
Juniper FireFly Host (discontinued)
San Francisco-based Juniper Networks offered FireFly Host, a virtualization security offering, until it reached end of life in 2016.
StrataCloud vTrust
Atlanta-based StrataCloud, formerly Reflex Systems, offers vTrust, a virtualization security option.
IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization
IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization combines the power of IBM Cloud, VMware Cloud Foundation, HyTrust security software, and Intel TXT-enabled hardware to protect virtualized workloads down to the microchip level.