Robust analytics platform is key to data driven decision making - Adobe's Analytics (Omniture) is one of the best
February 08, 2016

Robust analytics platform is key to data driven decision making - Adobe's Analytics (Omniture) is one of the best

Drew Bartlett | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Analytics

Within Olive Software's products, Adobe Analytics (previously known as Omniture) is a popular integration option. Olive provides a publishing platform and analytics overall are a critical element. Most of our larger enterprise level publishers opt to have us implement the Adobe Analytics option (smaller publishers often opt for Google Analytics because it's free and is the default we provide). Adobe Analytics is a very powerful and highly customizable solution that provides site owners myriad options... this is both a blessing and a curse. It is so robust that you have to have a fairly strong understanding of both the technology and your desired insights to justify the expense of not only the software but the expertise to configure, implement and use. Like many enterprise solutions, the Adobe Analytics platform is quite expensive but is the defacto standard across many industries.
  • Analytics gathering - It's tremendous at it's core capability. You can measure or derive pretty much anything you want to know about your digital traffic... however you must identify what you want to measure and implement it.
  • Reporting - Also tremendous flexibility in building robust reports. These include things like reporting across products, comparative reports over time, user info, reporting of disparate data sets, etc.
  • Partner Integrations - There are many partner integrations available that leverage the Adobe Analytics as the baseline platform and extend it's value. These integrations speed/simplify the implementation of those platforms.
  • Complexity - very very very complex to implement and use. To truly get the most value from the platform, you must have technical resources who understand how to configure and implement, AND analyst resources who know how to build the reports. People have built their entire career around Adobe Analytics as their core tool (just as people have built their entire careers around Photoshop).
  • Cost - In general, Adobe Analytics is expensive... especially when Google Analytics is provided for free, however you get much greater flexibility and support with Adobe Analytics.
  • +Deep Insights - Adobe Analytics provides a great view into your digital user behaviors, experience, purchasing flow, etc. There are very few limitations on data gathering which are because of the capabilities of the tool. But this is much like a shovel in mining gold. If the gold isn't there, you can't blame the shovel.
  • - High total cost of ownership. Expensive to buy, implement, maintain and really use.
Adobe Analytics (previously known as Omniture) is the de-facto standard across the media industry. Google has very quickly caught up with Adobe and it is always worthwhile to take a very long look at Google Analytics to evaluate the differences. Your decision will depend on your requirements, technical capabilities and organizational/business maturity.
Adobe Analytics is best suited for mid to larger enterprises that have technical resources available for implementation. If you are a smaller organization, I'd suggest implementing Google Analytics and focusing resources on reporting.