Adobe SiteCatalyst Review - Agency Perspective
October 21, 2013

Adobe SiteCatalyst Review - Agency Perspective

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Software Version

Version 15

Modules Used

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Overall Satisfaction

  • SiteCatalyst allows for in depth analysis of a website's individual pages, visitor interactions, page path analysis and other key website metrics.
  • Easily separates the various traffic sources sending traffic to a website, including: organic, paid (paid search, display, etc.) and earned (social media, email, etc.).
  • There is so much customization available in SiteCatalyst, often times it's difficult to get the full benefit of it when compared to other online analysis tools.
  • Measure quality of leads delivered via online paid media campaigns.
With the clients I currently work with and those I've worked with in the past I'd recommend renewing their SiteCatalyst license. Although they are not getting the full use out of what's possible in SiteCatalyst, it is providing more value than what's being invested in it.
Overall I highly recommend SiteCatalyst. Like other complex tools, the best way to get the most out of it is to invest in resources: time and people. If there is a core group to analyze SC data, provide insights and continuously optimize, companies will see high value. However, if a company only needs basic web metrics or can't provide consistent support, SiteCatalyst may be overkill.

Product Usage

  • SiteCatalyst was used primarily to analyze website leads delivered through paid media and organic channels. Visitor website interactions were analyzed for multiple metrics including: bounces, page per visit, time on site, page path analysis, etc. When visitors began a product application, fallout and completion metrics were then tracked and analyzed.
  • Client data was pulled form internal databases and linked to SiteCatalyst data to determine ROI on media campaigns, as well as determine value of new customers.

Evaluation and Selection

All my clients I worked with only used SiteCatalyst.


The most difficult thing I experienced with SiteCatalysts implementation was the updating of tags on secure areas of the client's website that required another department to program and implement. If a development department is unfamiliar with how SC is implemented on other areas of the website, reporting will be affected as the two implementations won't communicate correctly.
  • Vendor implemented
  • Implemented in-house
Omniture (former SiteCatalyst owner) helped with the initial implementation of SiteCatalyst with the clients I worked with. When the initial implementation was done, we as the agency reviewed it and worked with the client to modify the s-code and verified events/tags were firing correctly.


  • Online training
  • Self-taught
The SiteCatalyst training was so-so. It was more of white papers and forums than actual training.
I had familiarity with Google Analytics, which gave me a baseline understanding of website metrics. SiteCatalyst's interface took a while to learn, but the metrics and data itself wasn't bad. If you are a numbers person, SC isn't hard to learn.


I've personally not had to work with customer service or technical support. However, people in my department that have reached out to Adobe/Omniture support have had mixed result. It seems to depend on if you have a good account manager on the vendor side, and if they are able to connect you with the appropriate support help. The general support line is as helpful as most 1-800 numbers.