Bitdefender GravityZone provides world class malware and threat protection in a powerful and easy to use package
Updated July 28, 2021

Bitdefender GravityZone provides world class malware and threat protection in a powerful and easy to use package

Aaron Pinsker | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Bitdefender GravityZone

I use Bitdefender GravityZone with multiple clients, ranging in size from only a couple of employees up to nearly 100. While Bitdefender works cross-platform (Mac and Windows), in general, it is used primarily on Windows computers across an entire organization. Bitdefender [GravityZone] is an extremely comprehensive security suite, so it handles virtually all security needs from anti-virus to ransomware protection to a software firewall.
  • Once installed, Bitdefender [GravityZone] runs silently in the background with little to no need for user interaction.
  • The cloud-based console provides for easy computer management and deployment.
  • Bitdefender [GravityZone] is extremely flexible, with a policy-based system wherein different profiles can be created (i.e. a policy to deactivate the firewall, a policy to allow for admin control on a machine, etc.) and pushed out to individual computers.
  • Computers can be grouped into different categories, with different policies automatically deployed to each category.
  • Bitdefender [GravityZone] is relatively resource-light and runs well even on lower-end computers.
  • An individual computer or server can be set up as an endpoint relay - wherein workstations can communicate directly with this relay vs. the Bitdefender [GravityZone] cloud. In theory, this would be ideal for offices with a slow internet connection, in practice, however, the relay connection is flaky and buggy.
  • The initial install process, while easy, can take a while when compared to other antivirus solutions. In general, it takes anywhere from 5 - 10 min to install.
  • Once installed, no settings can be changed directly on a computer, all changes need to be made via the [Bitdefender] GravityZone web page.
  • The installer package itself is rather large when compared to competitors. The packages [are] around 600 - 700 MB.
  • Support can be slow to respond at times.
  • Estimating the ROI with Bitdefender [GravityZone] is rather difficult. While there is an obvious cost to using Bitdefender [GravityZone] (via a monthly or yearly subscription fee for each device being protected), it is hard to estimate the cost of if a computer or computers become infected via a piece of malware. In the best-case scenario, a single computer becomes infected with a relatively benign piece of malware that can be removed after infection; in a worst-case scenario, an entire infrastructure is infected by ransomware completely crippling an organization.
  • Since implementing Bitdefender [GravityZone] across multiple organizations, not a single one has [added] a malware outbreak.
  • The initial cost of setup and the cost of maintenance is more than worth it for if nothing more than peace of mind.
While most anti-virus/threat management software is highly effective, Bitdefender [GravityZone] consistently ranks as best in class when it comes to threat management. The [sheer] fact that of the nearly 100 computers I manage, not a single one has experienced a virus outbreak or any other type of exploit since Bitdefender [GravityZone] has been implemented, speaks for itself. The only other piece of software that potentially rivals Bitdefender [GravityZone] is Malwarebytes. I have often found that Bitdefender [GravityZone] and Malwarebytes can complement each other, as Malwarebytes seems to do a better job of detecting PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) than Bitdefender [GravityZone]. However, 99%+ of the time, these PUPs are benign (but annoying).
Support can be contacted either via email or phone, unfortunately, there is no chat support. Phone support is fairly immediate and representatives are generally knowledgeable. Email support, however, can be frustratingly slow - with responses sometimes [taking] over a day. Fortunately, I've experienced very few problems with Bitdefender [GravityZone] that have required the need for support.

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[Bitdefender] GravityZone is ideal for virtually any sized business, though at smaller sizes (3 - 5 computers/users) other options may be more cost-effective, including other Bitdefender [GravityZone] products. In addition, while Bitdefender [GravityZone]'s flexibility and power-user features are really nice, these same features can make it difficult to use for the less tech-inclined. Finally, Bitdefender [GravityZone] is ideal for Windows servers as it can be figured specifically for server use.

Bitdefender GravityZone Feature Ratings

Anti-Exploit Technology
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Centralized Management
Hybrid Deployment Support
Infection Remediation
Vulnerability Management
Malware Detection