Fantastic product, competitively priced.
October 17, 2012

Fantastic product, competitively priced.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • It is built like a social networking interface – you can see if someone has uploaded a document and you get notifications in a Facebook like interface.
  • You can see which documents have most recently been uploaded, touched, placed for commentary, and what someone is working on now. It is a very collaborative environment.
  • It had really good training. My staff member with no help from IT was able to get up and running.
  • We didn’t need to customize.
  • They have a lot of integration widgets you can download – they are easy to use and well covered in training, easy to get started
  • The interface is so intuitive.
  • Nothing that I am aware of yet.
  • Back-up of legal docs so can move firm if need to
  • Automatic updates for activities that are occurring increases transparency between us and our law firm. It helps us keep tabs on how quickly the law firm can turn documents around, so we don’t have to pick up the phone to ask. We were having problems with the firm before on turnaround times. Box makes the firm more accountable.
The low price made it a no-brainer in comparison to competitors.

Product Usage

  • We wanted a back-up of everything stored at our law firm office that manages our state filings. We wanted the ability to move to another law firm easily if necessary.
  • We are not so worried about security as all the filings are public – 90% of the docs are public information.
  • We are not using to store sales contracts. It does however integrate with and Echosign. I was concerned about security of those documents and would have had to evaluate with more scrutiny.

Evaluation and Selection

Merrill Datasite - 10x more expensive and no unlimited storage; Definitely felt a lot more stodgy, old-school, legal look to it, not as user friendly. One really cool feature it does have is optical detection - if you upload docs (scans of docs), you can get it to look for things in them. Box does not have this feature. If you are doing real due diligence, it’s a really nice feature. However, we didn’t need it.


Be careful with settings. It is easy to get overwhelmed with updates. For example, you don’t want to be updated when doing historical data uploads. I recommend taking off notifications initially and then turn on post you have done your historical data upload.


It was great. They held online instructor led training. Someone from our law firm and one person from my team attended. They had nothing negative to report.


The interface is very intuitive, and I like the Facebook style features – they are familiar.