Are you ready to ChurnZero?
January 07, 2022

Are you ready to ChurnZero?

Chauntee Clark | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ChurnZero

I use ChurnZero to manage my implementation data for customers that are in onboarding journeys. It's helpful to me to understand how many customers I've interacted with over a given period of time, and it's also helpful to understand what types of communication I've used to reach out to other customers. My dashboard and command center are two of my most-utilized aspects of ChurnZero because I have to implement 50-60 accounts at a time. In an implementation, I have to track the progress customers make with their implementation journeys. With having to provide one-on-one training to customers throughout a given week, leveraging ChurnZero makes it feasible for me to better understand how to connect to customers who may not be actively utilizing the software I'm implementing.
  • ChurnZero has great notification capabilities. The daily alerts make a huge difference in how I assess where my accounts are and how to move forward with getting accounts back on track.
  • ChurnZero's account data regarding the customer's message history syncs with Salesforce which is very helpful. It makes it easy to see who the last contacts I communicated with were.
  • I love the ChurnZero dashboard regarding email and activity history. I appreciate that it allows me to see where I've touched accounts and where I have not.
  • The tasks assigned to a journey are my biggest pain points. Each customer has varied journeys regarding how they "GO LIVE" and I would love to have the ability to really delete a task in ChurnZero since that's the place I add additional tasks. Instead, I have to delete tasks through Salesforce.
  • The Dashboard settings don't always stay as I've set them, which can be frustrating, because instead of seeing my current accounts, I end up seeing all of the accounts I've ever worked with. I would like the ability to customize my dashboard with more specific user data, but I know that's not an included feature in my subscription.
  • The lag time in ChurnZero can be a major pain. Sometimes, the updating process is very long and I have to refresh the page to ensure a task is actually completed. This also relates to adding a completed date in an assigned task that's related to journey. If I need to backdate the day the task was completed, it's not always consistent with completing the task.
  • ChurnZero has helped me save numerous customer accounts from churning. It also helps me understand how to re-engage distant customers. It's been crucial for managing accounts in onboarding or purchasing new products.
  • I do think my company is missing aspects of onboarding journey data regarding the types of journeys that take longer or having fields that would relate to why users are struggling to adopt the software and that would be helpful for the types of customers that I work with on a daily basis.
  • I really appreciate how ChurnZero alerts me of what journeys are falling behind, stuck, etc. It really does help to know if I've missed updating a task or if I need to reconnect with a user I haven't touched base with in awhile. This saves my company from losing customers and preventing customers from failing their journeys.

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Using ChurnZero isn't necessarily difficult; however, it's really difficult to know how to improve the data if you're not sure of the restrictions and boundaries of the data. I struggle with getting the most out of ChurnZero to ensure I'm maintaining my data properly. I did have an offer from my initial CSM to receive a training to utilize the tool; however, I figured out the main aspects of using the software.
It's not the worst support in the world, but it's also not the best. I would say the support is very average in quality. I don't find that the issues we've had in my company are always or consistently addressed.
ChurnZero is a great tool to measure the likelihood that a customer is well-adopted to using your software. It also provides detail into the type of customer activities that have occurred throughout the course of a month, which is helpful to monitor if the user is simply logging in or if they're an active user of your software. I am not a fan of the tasks feature in ChurnZero. I have a task-oriented role as I'm in implementation, and the list of to-dos just piles higher and higher because it's not easily accessible to get to the tasks for each of my customers. If I delete a task, it will reappear unless I delete it in Salesforce. If I attempt to update my journey tasks, I have to navigate to the Journeys tab in the customer's profile, and I wish this aspect was more easily accessible as well. Sometimes it takes a lot of clicks to get to where I need to go.

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