A Great Solution to a Pretty Big Problem
November 22, 2017

A Great Solution to a Pretty Big Problem

Kelsie Hamilton | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight started being used by our whole department about a year ago. We started investigating ways in which we could directly link our Outlook email system to our Salesforce system. We had been using the free email to Salesforce option, but found it clunky and not very useful at the time. What's great about Cirrus is that you link emails to particular contacts, organizations, projects, and other files/records that you and the organizations might have created yourself. It's very fluid in that way. It can also include any email attachments (you just have to select a checkbox, it doesn't do it automatically). So, it became a great solution to a problem we have been encountering for years. However, in the last month or so, I have removed any Windows users from the account due to technical glitches. As a Mac user, I had many technical glitches as well, but they seem to have been resolved. Theirs are still pretty ongoing- downloading it as an add-on into the Outlook system really messed with it overall and our IT manager didn't recommend it. Therefore, they have decided to revert to the free email to Salesforce option (which apparently has been improved).


  • Clear, clean interface and very easy to use for any type of user.
  • Can customize according to your Salesforce needs.
  • Any Salesforce updates are immediately connected to Cirrus. No waiting for sync.


  • Outlook for Mac could use some work as an add-on because it's hard to read sometimes on my laptop. It's not a sidebar, like the Windows functionality, so it's harder to read.
  • Doesn't always find an opportunity, even though I know it's in our Salesforce system.
  • Randomly shuts down and doesn't log in properly at times. I've had to remove and re-download more than once.
  • More efficient. It only takes a few seconds to upload an email to the right location.
  • More emails in Salesforce now, where as before, people didn't even try uploading it due to the difficulty.
  • Equality across the board. Everyone is on the same page in how we record things.
We were just using the free email to Salesforce option, which sends your email to an inbox within Salesforce. Then you are required to address it to the correct location. It's a two step process, so that was cumbersome. Or, some of my coworkers would drag the email onto their desktop and then drag into the SF record. Still, that was a two step process.
It's well suited if you're a Windows user. They're still working on the Mac updates. It's very helpful if you want to integrate more of your emails into your Salesforce system and want to capture all of that more accurately. For our organization, capturing conversations and documents is very vital, so it made a lot of sense. We're a small team and it works well for us, but I think it could work just as properly for a larger team too. It's less appropriate if you don't really care about the email to Salesforce functionality or haven't really thought about it before. For us, it was a huge gap and need and it really addressed it.


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