Clearbit: Enrich your accounts...and SDR's lives
Updated November 15, 2019

Clearbit: Enrich your accounts...and SDR's lives

Fraser Murphy | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Clearbit

Clearbit is used by two different teams in our sales department. The research team uses it to enrich accounts with general information about the prospective companies e.g. employee size, segment, industry, location, social media handles etc. They further use it to cross-reference email addresses that we find from other tools.

The SDRs use it to gain an insight into the company, largely from what the researchers have found regarding the above points, but also to find recent company news, have quick link references to useful company webpages, and occasionally making use of the additional phone numbers it provides for the company and contacts.
  • The integration with Salesforce is great. We enter the companies webpage into the Salesforce field and the Clearbit extension updates automatically to show users useful information.
  • Emails it finds are accurate a lot of the time.
  • Very easy to use - simple layout that is easy to read and navigate while also quickly allowing SDRs to find company associated webpages.
  • The phone numbers that it gives you are nowhere near as accurate as the emails it finds. It can be a bit of lottery as to whether the number still works, and goes to the place you want it to.
  • Doesn't always find the companies LinkedIn profile (10% of the time).
  • Company news isn't always available - not sure what causes this, but it would be good to fix this up.
  • Time to research a prospective company and its contacts is reduced using Clearbit.
  • SDR account processing time is increased, and the whole process of preparing for a call is much smoother. There is less need for SDRs to "google search" as the information is to hand, and if it's not quick links make it accessible.
  • Has saved us a few times with extra numbers that ended up landing a contacts number, or a company number that wasn't listed. This is definitely positive, but maybe slightly canceled out by the fact a lot of the other numbers it provides are dead ends.
The SDR team were using Clearbit and EverString together for a while for enhanced prospecting and prospect contact details. Now, however, only the research team uses EverString to enrich contact and company information in our prospected accounts.

We found that EverString wasn't as strong when it came to obtaining the company information that our SDRs are interested in and so opted to keep Clearbit only for that team.
Clearbit is well suited to:
  1. SDRs who want to be able to quickly pop open relevant company pages.
  2. SDRs who want a quick overview of the company while the phone is dialing.
  3. SDRs and researchers who need additional phone numbers for companies.
  4. Researchers - finding emails quickly for prospects.

Clearbit is not so well suited:
  1. When companies are smaller (<100). I feel (this is not proven) that Clearbit is less likely to find company news and social handles.
  2. You can't rely on it to find contact phone numbers.

Clearbit Feature Ratings

Advanced search
Identification of new leads
List quality
List upload/download
Ideal customer targeting
Not Rated
Load time/data access
Contact information
Company information
Industry information
Lead qualification process
Smart lists and recommendations
Salesforce integration
Company/business profiles
Alerts and reminders
Not Rated
Data hygiene
Automatic data refresh
Not Rated
Filters and segmentation
Not Rated
Sales email templates
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Append emails to records
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Using Clearbit

30 - Sales researchers - People who are tasked with finding accounts and contacts and enriching them with contact information such as emails and phone numbers.

Sales Development Reps - People who need to find information quickly in order to personalise their outreach to contacts. Clearbit is integrated into salesforce for a quick reference point.

Team Leads will also use it for a little reporting.
2 - We have a Sales Ops team who take care of the tools and software that the sales department makes use of. They are able to troubleshoot the majority of issues that are encountered and when they can't they raise the issue to Clearbit support.

Skills required most revolve around how integrations with salesforce and gmail function.
  • Providing SDRs with accurate phone and email details for contacts
  • Providing SDRs with company and segment information for personalising outreach.
  • Giving SDRs quick and easy access to the companies social media platforms saving time in clicks and google searching.
  • Finding many additional numbers for contacts inside the company (not always accurate though).
  • Knowing how much funding they have raised is useful.
  • Knowing what tech is currently used inside the company can also be useful for guiding conversations.
  • The company news tab inside salesforce looks like it would be useful.
  • We would consider using the "prospector tool" also to further enrich accounts.
  • It would be great if they had some form of contact validation inside the tool.
The majority of the time it provides quick, accessible and easy to use information about the company and contact information. This has really helped us to personalise our outreach while also making it faster to prospect accounts.

I don't give it a ten as this information can be inaccurate. Including the LinkedIn link which sometimes re-directs to old LinkedIn accounts, or just the wrong one. This seems to be caused by not updating the information regularly enough (just a feeling, no evidence)

Evaluating Clearbit and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Third-party Reviews
Biggest factor was for the tool to "work". We were looking to enhance our ability to prospect company and contact information in a timely manner. User interface was important also so the people using it can get the best out of the tool.

Accuracy of information retrieved was the most important thing here.
We were pretty happy with our evaluation process and the outcome :).