is hit or miss, but can be free, which is a huge plus
Leah Sevey | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 15, 2017 is hit or miss, but can be free, which is a huge plus

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I personally use to obtain contact information for people and companies. I am the Head of Customer Success, but I also support our sales team to find new leads that may benefit from our product. I have suggested that others on our sales team make an account so they can research contact info as well.
  • provides detailed company information such as headquarter address, phone number, approximate number of employees, revenue and industry.
  • I like that I can filter my search by title, department, C level, etc.
  • I can also research the addresses of all company locations
  • I like that I can add contacts and earn points so that I can use the product for free
  • is not always my first source for lead generation research because the information I receive is frequently unreliable
  • I don't like that I have to rely on other people to provide contact information. If does due diligence for accuracy, they clearly don't do it well because the contact information is false most of the time.
  • Start up/smaller companies are usually not listed
  • I've been lucky enough to earn points so I haven't had to pay for I would say our ROI is fantastic because even if I receive quality contact info for 5 people, it's a huge plus
  • I've spent a lot of time researching leads and it's very disappointing to learn that some of the data I received was incorrect
I used DiscoverOrg at a previous employer and I loved it. The information I received was usually reliable and quality, however, the service was quite expensive and I was only able to research the tech industry. is fairly unreliable. The good thing is that they have a confidence score so I usually know right away if the contact information will be correct or not. is also hit or miss. I was lucky enough to be a beta customer so I received several free leads. The company did an update a few months ago and the product no longer worked for me. I was able to speak with their founder and provide feature suggestions and they were able to fix the bugs that I had on my end.
I've only downloaded a excel export of all of my purchased leads and I haven't used the reports feature.
If I'm doing a general search for company and/or contact information for a large company, I will use If I don't have much time and I want to ensure the information I search is correct, I will likely use other software or search engines. Feature Ratings

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