Really Great for my workflow, but some may prefer a different workflow
July 27, 2018

Really Great for my workflow, but some may prefer a different workflow

Brad Henderson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Doodle

We use Doodle to eliminate the back and forth when trying to find a time that works best for two parties trying to schedule a meeting. Doodle makes this process very seamless in a way that works well for the way we specifically schedule meetings. It saves back and forth time as well as saves important meetings from falling through the cracks by eliminating email exchanges where either party may lose the email getting buried in their inbox.
  • Doodle approaches this problem different than most other scheduling platforms I've looked at (and I've looked at most of them). Doodle allows the person who is making their calendar available for scheduling to make the final decision on the meeting in contrast to other platforms that typically do it the other way around. Both can be beneficial depending on preference
  • I love that Doodle allows for proposing multiple times, which is a feature I've yet to find on other scheduling platforms (and I've looked at/tried a lot of them)
  • Doodle makes the scheduling process very simple even for someone who's never used it before
  • To my knowledge, there is no ability to allow the user to directly schedule a time. Would be nice if it were flexible both ways but I've come to realize that I just have to use different services depending on how it matches my workflow
  • The design isn't terrible but most scheduling software has much better design
  • It's generally simple but there have been times where the UX has been a bit confusing and I didn't really know what was going on
  • Clearly reduces the amount of time spent and interruptions caused trying to coordinate meetings
  • Facilitates that important meetings actually happen because there's less back and forth trying to figure that out
  • It's reliable, so, fortunately, we haven't missed any invites as a result which is extremely important for a service like this
For the same reasons noted previously, Doodle allows for the organizer to ultimately select/accept the time that works for them. Many competitors only allow you to show available times and the appointment goes directly into the organizer's calendar. I typically prefer to have a bit more control over that.

Also, visually Doodle is more intuitive in how you schedule appointments than Calendly. I think Calendly tries to get a bit too cute with their interface instead of sticking to a more standard, familiar calendar interface when setting an appointment.
Doodle is the best tool I've used for scheduling group meetings. And as mentioned before, Doodle is great if you as the organizer would like control over accepting calendar requests and want to give people multiple options for suggesting a time to meet with you. However, if you want anyone to be able to schedule a slot of time to meet with you directly on your calendar Doodle isn't particularly well suited for that kind of scenario. Much of that depends on your workflow and how you like to schedule meetings.