Evernote: A digital notebook for productivity
February 11, 2020

Evernote: A digital notebook for productivity

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Overall Satisfaction with Evernote

Evernote is a big digital journal. It's similar to Microsoft OneNote and Notion in some regards, in that it allows you to categorize journal entries, keep lists and checklists, organize research, paste images, and organize topics of thought. It prevents busy executives and all kinds of people from having to lug lots of notebooks around. This is only used in a management capacity to keep and organize plans and notes on topics and business plans.
  • Journal organization - Evernote allows you to organize your topics and thoughts into digital notebooks.
  • Integrations - Evernote works with Google Chrome and can help you search, clip, and paste things into your journals.
  • Organization - Items are organized by notebook and journal entry, but sometimes it can still feel a little disorienting when searching for items.
  • Image clippings - For some odd reason, this functionality does not work for the team members that use it.
  • Positive: This has allowed us to keep tabs on account histories, plans, and lists together in one place. That helps save time and increasing efficiency.
  • Positive: Evernote has allowed us to store a lot of different types of media together to create one brainstorming board for future projects. This helps create new ideas for revenue.
We migrated to Evernote whenever our office started using macs. The user functionality was roughly the same - and we found it easy to understand and use.

We use Notion.so more frequently now - this allows our office to have an internal hub, a place for journal entries/lists/ and media. It's more visually driven and organized (for creatives that have a visual memory), and the search function is easier to use. Overall, as a team, we're getting more functionality out of Notion.so, but we still appreciate Evernote for its usage as well.
Evernote is a great virtual journal -
  • It's accessible on multiple devices.
  • It works across multiple platforms (Microsoft and Mac driven applications).
  • It's cloud-based.
  • It allows you to create notebooks, spreadsheets, and other media and link them together.
  • I like that it's a mix of many different things together in one - and eliminates the need to have many physical journals with you at all times.
For the right individual, this is a useful tech tool to consider in upping your productivity and organization.

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Evernote would be one of my top 3 note-keeping software tools to recommend for keeping journal entries, brainstorming, developing lists, and developing plans across time. There's a mobile app so that you can access and take notes wherever you go. You can search and keep images and text, as well as upload files and other features. For busy admins, execs, and moms, this is a great digital notebook to keep tabs on work and life in one centralized place.

Evernote is not a great software tool to use if you need:
  • Multi-user functionality - Individual user management to specific items or pages (a virtual project management software solution would be better for that).
  • A more clear hierarchical structure of your documents and notes.
  • If you need to separate records and keep them accessible and linked to other aspects of the project (ex: This isn't individual documents, like google docs).
  • If you are a "paper person" and are extremely visually organized (in which case, we'd advise you use a moleskin notebook).
  • Spreadsheets - like for a lot of side by side data analysis (ex: This isn't google sheets).

Evernote Feature Ratings

Using Evernote

Relatively simple
Easy to use
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Quick to learn
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  • To integrating multiple items in one place - drawings, images, lists, spreadsheets, text, media files in-line in one document to allow for visual brainstorming.
  • Organizing thoughts and journal entries by topic.
  • From time to time we've lost files or notes that we were looking for.
  • The Image clipper - For some odd reason, this feature doesn't work for us.
Yes - The mobile interface allows you the functionality of the desktop version. You can upload images, create new journal entries, create spreadsheet-like, feature and record notes. It's the same - just on a smaller screen. The interface has worked well for us - and the mobile version of the program is one of the reasons why we instituted use in the first place.
  • Basic visual organization - ability to create a notebook and store user notes inside of it.
  • Basic easy navigation - You can quickly move in and out of files and notes.
  • User intuitive addition - whatever you need to add to your document, it's relatively easy to understand and use.
  • We find overall that we still want some functionality in creating better task lists, boards, and other things that we find in Notion - which is the tool that we use as a team notebook/storage space.