Gong.io is a great tool and even better at content marketing, great for low-medium maturity sales teams
August 29, 2019

Gong.io is a great tool and even better at content marketing, great for low-medium maturity sales teams

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Overall Satisfaction with Gong.io

Gong.io is being used in our organization by our sales teams to help dissect our discovery calls and demos. We also use it as a recorder to share our demos with prospects. Sales reps use it to listen back to calls and Gong.io very nicely transcribes the entire conversation making it easy to find certain parts of the call with keywords searches. Our managers use it for sales enablements for our reps.
  • Gong.io transcribes conversations very nicely so that you can see word by word the entire conversation you had with a prospect
  • Gong.io connects to our GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts calls and is always recording in the background
  • Gong.io makes it easy to search for certain keywords like when pricing is mentioned or when a competitor is mentioned
  • Gong.io at times does not connect right away to our video conferencing software
  • Gong.io's analytics are useful but a bit limited in terms of sentiment analysis
  • Gong.io's transcribed calls are not always perfect which can lead to a bit of confusion unless you remember the context around that part of the conversation
  • Gong.io has made a positive impact on my sales ability. I listen back to calls to provide recaps to my clients and send demo recordings to prospects. This has sped up my sales cycle for sure.
  • Gong.io can be a bit burdensome on me as my manager has access to all my calls and I feel as though I am always being watched. Not too big, because it can also make you be on your toes for every call.
  • Gong.io has made it much easier for our managers to find over-arching team struggles which we then get training and support on.
Gong.io and Chorus are very very similar in their capabilities. The main difference is that Gong.io produces much better content marketing which is extremely valuable for me as a sales rep. But there is not too much that can be said in regards to their differences in software features and functionality.
Gong.io is very well suited for organizations who are in low to middle-maturity and are looking to perfect their sales teams discovery and demo calls. It is very helpful for reps who want to study their calls and for managers to have a granular look into their reps' calls. Managers can easily look for calls by tags applied via Gong.io, like when a competitor is mentioned or pricing negotiations to pinpoint certain aspects of the sales process.

For very large organizations that are very mature, Gong.io is not as applicable.