Grasshopper Pros & Cons
February 28, 2018

Grasshopper Pros & Cons

Courtney Mudd | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Grasshopper

Grasshopper is being used by our entire organization. Members of our sales, human resources, and production team all have Grasshopper extensions that allow external leads/clients/vendors/candidates to contact a member of our team directly. The business problem Grasshopper solves is staying connected and "professional" in a very flexible work environment. It allows our employees to take business calls from their couch, in an airport, or coming out from the gym. It also allows our team to keep their personal contact information confidential.
  • Grasshopper sends you a transcript and audio recording of voicemails. I love this feature because I can easily see who called me while in my email, listen to the recording through my headphones, and either call them back directly or forward the recording and transcript to the individual they were actually trying to reach.
  • Grasshopper does a good job at making their online platform for administrators easy to use and make changes!
  • Grasshopper does a good job at keeping the cost of their service down. Sometimes I'll get frustrated over something and then remind myself that for the price we're paying, they ARE meeting my expectations...
  • Making calls from your Grasshopper phone number - Sometimes (well, most of the time) I'll just make a call directly from my cell phone because the process of opening the app, typing in the number I want to call and then making the call can take more time than the call itself.
  • Missed Calls - Myself and other coworkers have experienced frustration with Grasshopper and "missed" calls. Sometimes my phone won't ring, but I'll get an email with a voicemail. So it skips ringing my phone all together and goes directly to voicemail. I've had my phone in my hand before, ringer on, and never receive a call but received an email with a voicemail.
  • Checking Voicemails on your phone - In order to hear a voicemail from your mobile device, you have to log into the app. But the voicemail shows up under missed calls / voicemails like normal phone calls but when you try to listen to it, it's just a recording of grasshopper telling you that you have a voicemail.
  • Transferring Voicemails - You have to memorize all the extensions and the process for transferring voicemails. While it's just memorization needed to make the process work correctly, it takes a lot of time to remember how to transfer the call, the extension you want to transfer it to, and sometimes after going through all of the steps I accidentally hang up on the caller. It's user error, but I feel like if they made the process simpler, and they gave you a directory when you indicate you want to transfer the call, it'd make it a lot easier.
  • It's allowed us to keep cost down. Other phone systems can seriously get outrageous in implementation and monthly fees!
  • It's allowed our team the confidence to work in locations outside of the office and still be seen as professionals.
  • It's decreased the amount of time spent on unwanted sales calls via the call screening application.
Grasshopper is more reliable in terms of the actual connection and quality of the call compared to Uber Conference & Google Hangouts. We choose Grasshopper over both of these platforms because it provided us a dedicated phone number we can use in our email signatures, allows us to screen phone calls, and provides extensions for different departments / members of the team so external callers can reach the person they were looking for without having to go through an operator.
Well Suited Scenarios
  • If you are a startup company and want to have a "office line" to increase credibility and streamline phone calls.
  • If you have a remote workforce and need to transfer calls to individuals that aren't sitting next to you
  • If your organization is trying to save money on overhead cost, this is a very cost effective solution
  • If you have a very active workforce who are traveling all the time and never at their desk!

Not Well Suited Scenarios
  • If being on the phone / transferring calls is a big part of your organization or department. For example, I would definitely not recommend Grasshopper for a telemarketing company, customer support line, etc.
  • If your organization is in the healthcare industry or similar industry that strongly relies on having consistent, reliable, and easy to use software and tools

Grasshopper Feature Ratings

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User templates
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Call park
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