HubSpot will make you smarter, make you more money and make your company look like the leader in the industry
Updated February 05, 2015

HubSpot will make you smarter, make you more money and make your company look like the leader in the industry

Barry Heckard | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We use HubSpot to host our website as well as to provide us with knowledge and application of our daily marketing practices. We use HubSpot as a customer mangagement system to track leads and keep up with existing clients. We find it very helpful that we are able to go on our site at anytime to make changes to content, add pictures, landing pages and calls to action. HubSpot's support team and individual attention really set them apart from any others in the industry. The team is not only knowledgeable and helpful when guiding us through best practices and tools, but they are also patient and understanding. They have never made us feel like they did not have our best interest in mind. If you email them with a problem, they get back to right away. If you call, you get a real person that can actually help you and do it quickly and correctly. From the start we have felt very comfortable with the entire company and really can't see us not using HubSpot. They are the real deal and worth the money because they help you to really learn what you're doing so that you truly improve.
  • The individual coaching and support team are second to none. If I am trying to build a landing page or call to action or do a blog post, they will not only explain how to do it, but help with practices so that you get real understanding of how to do them better and better each time. The fact that we can now actually do these things with confidence is awesome.
  • Adapting to change. I love that HubSpot is constantly improving and they do it quickly. They have a forum in which users can post suggestions and comments and if enough people agree with the suggestions, HubSpot actually implements the changes to improve the experience for everyone.
  • Things like Grader, Competition and Keywords helps you get a better understanding of how to see what you're doing, what the direct competition is doing and how others in the industry are doing and how they are doing it. This help things like SEO and SEM strategy and execution.
  • Social media tools are also wonderful. You can schedule posts to FB, twitter, pinterest, linked in and others quickly and easily. I can schedule a whole month of posts in a few minutes so that I do not have to worry about spending time on that throughout the month.
  • Resources. The coaching and support team are awesome, but HubSpot has a plethora of resources on site that are available to view and download at anytime. From Ebooks on how to write blog posts and do SEO to actual classes on how to make eye catching calls to action and landing pages.
  • The individual coaching is a set amount of hours and is done right from the start. The problem is that much of this time is clearing up confusion or questions that are naturally going to be part of the initial experience. So, of the 8 hours of coaching, 2-3 were spent on things that were not really helping as far as marketing but just getting things adapted - they should retro act this time or allow more time so that the time is 100% dedicated to actual marketing practices and solutions
  • Billing - no reason on earth to not offer monthly billing.
  • Definately a great ROI. While the cost is pretty substantial, the benefits are as well. The lead conversion, email and overall customer experience for our customers has been greatly increased and we are pleased with how HubSpot helps from getting new customers, to service existing to keeping up with previous.
  • If you do some leg work and put in the time from the start to get your marketing efforts tuned up and in sync with each other, you will actually save yourself a ton of time down the road by not having to worry about it. Take the classes, listen to seminars and resources and ask for help when needed and it will pay off.
  • Being able to get a new lead, track it, reply, convert and do business is crucial and HubSpot makes those transitions very seemless
HubSpot is complete and thorough and comprehensive - the others are not. They usually only offer 1 or maybe 2 services, while HubSpot - hence the name - is a spot that is a Hub for all marketing efforts and they are measurable and transparent.
Also - support from other companies, from local reps to tech - usually is terrible. HubSpot is great and I am very critical of this and I still think they are awesome after using them for an entire year now and we are about to renew.
No reason to not renew. It has been working. We are learning a lot and seeing results. If we did not renew, we would be cheating our own business.
If you are a business that relies on repeat customers and staying in touch with clients to get them to come back or buy again - HubSpot is ideal and perfect. It may not be the best if you are looking for a company to do the marketing for you - rather than with you. We love HubSpot in large part because they teach you how to do it on your own rather than just doing it for you and you not really knowing what is going on..

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