Great product, good results, exactly as advertised (isn't that rare?!)
April 24, 2014

Great product, good results, exactly as advertised (isn't that rare?!)

Mark Rowland | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

HubSpot is the "hub" (!) of our inbound marketing program. It is used across our (small) organization to increase visibility, generate leads, and manage our online presence. It effectively delivers "bang for the (VERY small) bucks" we have in resources of time, people-power, and money. It leverages the limited amount of marketing time/money as a "force multiplier" to produce more effectiveness and return than that same people power could prior to HS.
  • Integrates several vital functions of inbound marketing into a comparatively simple, yet extraordinarily robust/complete system that is usable by complete non-technical users.
  • Evaluates our work as we progress, provides real-time coaching/suggestions, and makes analytics on our results accessible to non-professionals
  • Optimizes the impact, integration, and interactions of various tasks, providing surprising leverage ("whole is greater than the sum of the parts")
  • The vast majority of inbound marketing functions are accessible through a common portal
  • Continue the good work in making global changes (all pages, all pages with a specific feature--i.e. CTA's, etc., all sub-pages to a particular page) easier to understand and make
  • Acknowledging the GREAT work that has been done in this arena, the system is so complete, has so many features, that making it easy to understand, access, and use the different parts will always be a challenge. It really has to be "dumbed down" for some of us!
  • Although it's probably a failing on MY part, here are some things that are still hard for me to figure out: How to access HS "offers" without completing another form (and understanding the difference between the "Library" and where those offers/worksheets/tools/etc. live, work flows, and using many of the reports.
  • More marketing impact for less time invested
  • More visits, more leads, and more contacts
  • Previously disjointed or disparate information (CRM, email lists, blogs, etc., etc.) now all live in the same place, saving tons of "lookup time"
It's working. Why NOT renew?
The flip side of the strengths, being that you don't have to be highly skilled/technical/etc. to use it is that you DO have to USE it! The suggested minimum of 5 hours per week is both a BARE minimum and probably more sufficient for ongoing maintenance AFTER a "launch" then for the initial few months.

HubSpot Support

It just plain doesn't get any better than this: knowledgeable, professional, friendly, caring, competent, and (most importantly) GETS THE JOB DONE! They do it quickly and efficiently and don't make me feel as stupid and incompetent as I actually am. I've NEVER taken more than a few minutes to solve my problem, never had to escalate, never had even an average experience, much less an unacceptable one. I have joked many times that they should "screw up" occasionally, just for variety, as it gets boring to always know that you're going to get your problem solved quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Hell, they're even nice and fun to talk to!
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - What I get for free is the best support I've EVER experienced, with any product, for my entire 30-year career in business. Period. Without a single exception.
Not really. My "problems" are mostly with my technical incompetence. The truly outstanding and exceptional support is the utter consistency and reliability of support: Every single time, without exception, Hubspot technical support is the absolute best customer service I've EVER experienced. It's not unheard of to meet that expectation once (though most can't seem to achieve it!); but to do it EVERY time, is extraordinary and amazing!

Using HubSpot

There's SO much, and I'm SO excited to do it all, that it's both a little intimidating and I sometimes don't know where to start (low-hanging fruit, best ROI, etc.) Tech Support is the best I've EVER encountered & makes up some of the difference. I think I just need a little more "hand-holding" than many users (which is embarrassing to admit!)
Like to use
Relatively simple
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Lots to learn
  • publish social media
  • publish blogs
  • Understand page performance and sources
  • Get overall picture and access other functions from the Dashboard
  • Work flows
  • Contacts
  • creating effective CTA/LP combinations
Yes - Adequate. I'd like more functions & easy access to more information, especially reports. Personally, I won't try to "maintain" my site from mobile device; but I do like to check in for reports/data, and to look up recent actions.