A great solution for hosting needs for freelance developers
Updated March 14, 2023

A great solution for hosting needs for freelance developers

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Overall Satisfaction with IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers are being used by me as a freelance developer hosting personal projects as well as clients. It solves my hosting situation. When you are a developer, like myself, it's easy to create a hosting environment and have it ready to deploy when needed.
  • Fast hosting solutions
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy setup
  • Flexibility
  • Customer Support
  • Recommended upgrades based on usage
  • Faster upgrade options for Ubuntu - usually takes a while before the new versions are available to upgrade to
  • Hosting is very well priced right now so my return was positive
  • Setting up multiple servers if needed does not cost a fortune like it did in previous years
  • The ability to copy an image of a server and redeploy at any time on a hourly virtual server is very convenient, useful, and cost effective
Before I was spending a lot more with hosting on dedicated servers before switching to virtual servers. I love the pricing. It's really easy to budget for my hosting needs. I love having hourly and monthly usage and options. The hourly is great for deploying projects in development modes that do not need to be billed monthly. This is how I was able to cut down my server costs. I can create server images, deploy them quickly, get billed hourly, and end at any time while having my main server billed monthly.
I think it's great to be able to select the location of the server or multiple servers since some projects might be focused on a particular region.
I have had a dedicated server for 20 years. The last company, Softlayer, got bought out by IBM, and the transition has been a very good one. When I started using IBM for all my hosting solutions, I became a really big fan. Everything has been a user-friendly experience. The products have been really easy to work with.
I have no complaints on my experience over the course of using IBM Cloud Virtual Servers. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for hosting solutions. I have tried other services like AWS and felt that was overwhelming compared to IBM. For WordPress users hosting several sites, this is a great solution. Being a developer, I am constantly working on projects, and being able to set up servers quickly and easily with IBM Cloud Virtual Servers is great.

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC Feature Ratings

Service-level Agreement (SLA) uptime
Dynamic scaling
Elastic load balancing
Pre-configured templates
Monitoring tools
Pre-defined machine images
Operating system support
Security controls

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers Pricing, Time savings and Efficiency

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ROI is an extremely important factor with cloud computing. It's important to identify the right service for your products. Being able to add or remove services based on the server's needs makes it more cost efficient for any organization. Since I do pay-as-you-go services it's very beneficial to adjust these services environment according to the peak usage. For example, I reduce the environment during off season to increase my ROI and increase the resources when needed.
I don’t know how much time was saved, but I know time was definitely saved
As mentioned in my earlier comment, it's important to use the hourly flexibility to your advantage. Use resources when they are needed and reduce them when they are not. If you run a business that is more used during the winter time, you can reduce your server resources to save money throughout the year. Increasing your resources during peak and prime seasons would be beneficial. This wouldn't be very efficient to adjust every day, it would be more recommended in the long term approach spread out throughout the year based on off seasons. An example would be a landscaping business that has a long stretch of off season through the fall and winter. You could reduce your resources throughout fall and winter to save your annual server fees.
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IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Support cares about my success
Slow Initial Response