Jabber is an ideal program for internal communications of organizations.
Updated October 19, 2018

Jabber is an ideal program for internal communications of organizations.

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Jabber

Jabber coordinates the company's operations to achieve a more assertive line of communication. Jabber gives our organization better communication mechanisms, not to mention fast response times. Our organization managed to significantly reduce response times, allowing problems, incidents, difficulties, and potential and progress of projects to be addressed immediately. This improvement in communication time has allowed us to improve our indices of profitability, reduce expenses, and optimization our business processes.
  • Jabber is a multifaceted program that offers an easy-to-use messaging tool for the internal communication of organizations.
  • The video call or conference tool provides the possibility for organizations to host quality remote meetings.
  • Jabber needs to improve their interface to be competitive with other internationally recognized programs.
  • The image quality and layout of video conferences should improve, because currently it offers a non-innovative view.
  • I think they should replace the interface symbols with other, more innovative and creative ones, so that the product offers a more "technified" image.
  • Jabber has allowed our organization to improve its indices of economic and financial profitability of the organization, as well as the the index of yields.
  • The improvement in communication has resulted in more optimized workflow, which has led to the reduction of costs and expenses.
  • The economic benefits to workers and shareholders have multiplied because Jabber has improved profits.
We decided to select Jabber because it offers a more robust security system that provides the possibility of protecting confidential information.

Jabber is also a more economical program, which allows us to further reduce costs.

Jabber is more stable than Skype, considering that Skype depends on an excellent connection to operate correctly.
Jabber adapts very well to companies that need to maintain a continuous and immediate line of communication in order to improve the performance of the organization through effective communication. Jabber adapts very well for communication among staff, because it provides the tools of work the application of works in the field. Jabber does not adapt very well to innovative and creative companies with a technological purpose.

Webex App Feature Ratings

Task Management
Gantt Charts
Workflow Automation
Mobile Access
Visual planning tools
Internal knowledgebase
Integrates with GoToMeeting
Integrates with Gmail and Google Hangouts
Integrates with Outlook
Video files
Audio files
Document collaboration
Access control
Advanced security features
Integrates with Google Drive
Device sync

Using Cisco Jabber

100 - There are 5 general managers, 8 line managers, 20 supervisors and 67 users. all have specific responsibilities that allow an assertive communication among all personnel allowing the optimization of the production processes of the company, representing an organized and coherent chain of work. all have specific functions controlled by the area managers that guarantee that the activities can be executed correctly.
4 - The general managers in charge of establishing the main lines of work in a technical committee evaluating the functions. establish the communication codes.

The line managers transmit the lines of work to the supervisors so that they fulfill the tasks. they transmit the communication code.

Supervisors are responsible for users to correctly use the communication tool.

Users use jabber under the parameters established by the organization and report to supervisors.
  • The establishment of the lines of work of information and communication of the personnel.
  • the coordination of extraordinary activities.
  • work tool for the coordination, execution and systematization of meetings.
  • we have used jabber for sending photographic memories of extraordinary events.
  • the publication of workers' performance.
  • the organization can use it for the incorporation of all the staff.
  • we are planning to work with jabber the data analysis works.
  • use jabber as a medium for discourse and conversation analysis.
because it is a program that contains all the work tools required by the organization for the operation and strengthening of communication among personnel.

contains a series of tools that have been very positive for the optimization of the activities and tasks of the company.has represented a means of communication that the staff has assimilated and understood.

has represented a means of communication that the staff has assimilated and understood.

Evaluating Cisco Jabber and Competitors

Yes - It replaced Skype, because unlike Skype, Jabber does not depend on an excellent internet connection. This is a positive for us, because in many cases we had to suspended communication because Skype did not work correctly. Jabber, on the other hand, does not depend on an excellent connection and allows meetings or communications to go forward with fewer setbacks. It offers better optimization of our time.
  • Price
  • Product Usability
  • Third-party Reviews
There were several factors we considered, but what determined our decision was the fact that Jabber wasn't dependence would adapt to our organization. The company has enjoyed satisfactory results that have allowed us to improve our profits.
I would select jabber again because it is a program that adapts very well to the strategic objectives of the company and because it has a fair price that does not compromise the company's budget. It is a program that with the use of workers can adapt over time. and also offers the tools we need to achieve an adequate communication that strengthens the work.