Litmus helps me out.
August 19, 2022

Litmus helps me out.

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Overall Satisfaction with Litmus

Litmus is a fantastic tool for collecting previews of our emails across our targeted email clients. I would be unable to do my job and verify our emails were accurate and professional without a tool like Litmus, and Litmus is an excellent tool indeed. Their support is fast and effective, and their documentation/blogging about email industry issues is really helpful, too. We have a wide array of triggered send emails that are populated with dynamic content. We need to be as sure as possible that we are maintaining a professional look, and Litmus is an amazing tool to help with this.
  • Create a folder to quickly share previews of a given email for review
  • Allow me to put my code into a builder so I can close the loop while working on a bug for a specific client
  • Empowers me as an email developer to follow best practices and make my company look great
  • It's cumbersome to select/deselect test clients when I'm tracking down an error; I would like one-click saved email client lists.
  • Litmus support within my email service provider has lapsed, so I have to bring my code over to rather than using it within our platform
  • It would be really fantastic if Litmus was able to expose the final rendered HTML and CSS for each of the renders, so as a developer, I could see exactly what was going on.
  • Our QA sessions went from multiple half-hour meetings to single 15 minute reviews.
  • I was able to use Litmus images to build an argument that we needed to spend more time creating proper dark mode emails, which represent nearly half of our recipients.
  • I develop emails much more quickly when I don't have to switch between devices or hunt down a co-worker with a particular Whatever to see how an email looks on that device/os.
Sadly, Litmus is no longer integrated with MessageGears. So, as an independent and separate service, sure it's great! And I can send test emails right to Litmus. One feature I particularly like is being able to resubmit new versions to the same test email record, and then to be able to page back through them.
We have not made use of Litmus' performance metrics. It seems like it would be pretty easy to add the tracking pixel, though. I am interested in Litmus' purported ability to bucket out Apple and Gmail privacy protection email addresses. I cannot say much more about this category.
We have not yet used Litmus' Proof; I tend to collaborate with our design team on Figma. Our QA process reflects different stakeholders: Design, Marketing, and Product. The Design review happens first, generally speaking, and I tend to hop onto a video call to talk through the various design questions and issues. So, we don't end up needing so many of the asynchronous review tools from Litmus Proof.
I've used EmailOnAcid and briefly tried; I cannot imagine being comfortable asking someone to "look at my" in a professional environment, and I have a pretty good sense of humor. EmailOnAcid is a quality product! I've used it at previous employers. My company has been using Litmus since before I started, but I dug in and brought its features out to improve our QA process.

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Litmus is fantastic for an email developer who needs to get approval on a project from various stakeholders. Their QA tools allow comments from your team to appear in-line. Mostly, Litmus saves me a lot of time and energy. They could save me more time and mental space with a bit more integration/automation, but I haven't seen anyone do a better job yet.

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Using Litmus

1 - I am the front-end email developer, so it is really just me either developing or creating reviews in Litmus. The other emails our organization sends are much simpler, and generally aren't QA'ed very thoroughly. So, for now its just me, though I intend on modernizing the other email functions in my organization.
1 - I don't have anyone internally to help me with Litmus, and no one else is working in Litmus that requires any help with it. If something came up, I'd step up as the point of contact, though I'm not really sure when this would happen. The support skills are just general tech skills, as well as a combo of knowledge of differences between email clients and an understanding of how to find answers.
  • Ensure our emails look professional across email clients
  • Ensure our marketing and product teams have confidence in the QA process
  • Enable troubleshooting of email quirks on a variety of clients
  • Can't think of anything interesting we're doing!
  • Maintain a catalog of past sent email renders
  • We may use the tracking pixel if it offers something our present trackers can't
It's offering me more than any other email proof software I've heard of!

I also really appreciate how Litmus gives back to the email development community via their content creation. I want better marketing and marketing email in the world, and Litmus is working towards that goal. So, yeah, they're good folks with a good product!