Mailchimp: Good for startups and simple email marketing needs
March 15, 2021

Mailchimp: Good for startups and simple email marketing needs

Kristi Porter | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Mailchimp

I used Mailchimp at my previous job for quite a number of years for event marketing communication to attendees, so it was an easy decision to also use it for the last four years in my own business as well. I use it to gather emails for my monthly newsletter and deliver my opt-ins and sales funnels. It is easy to integrate with my Squarespace site, so that also made it an easy decision. Overall, I like the layout and drag-and-drop features, and it helps that I have so much automated with email sequences. As a solopreneur, I have limited time and resources, and Mailchimp was a good email marketing tool to begin with in my new business.
  • Squarespace integration is very easy.
  • The free account makes it an easy decision to choose as I was getting my business off the ground.
  • Creating and sending emails is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I like the varied options to showcase my brand.
  • There are lots of templates and options to choose from for whatever type of email you need to send.
  • I live in Atlanta where they are HQ'd and I really like how involved they are in the community.
  • As they add more features, the interface gets bulky and hard to navigate. I sometimes forget where to find things or how to add new emails, etc.
  • With the new features, the pricing has increased significantly and I question the value for my own needs. I previously had a free account and then downgraded.
  • Email marketing is their core offering, but it seems clunky now that they have all their new features. I wish they would have focused on that before expanding into so many other areas.
  • In my opinion, adding automations is a difficult process and takes me much longer than it should.
  • I can't have one email list and also have multiple opt-ins, so I do a lot of manual maneuvering when new people are added.
  • The tagging feature needs improvement because it doesn't seem easy to use and update a bunch of people at once.
  • Email customer service isn't included with free plans.
  • I have selected that people must check options for email lists, GDPR, and that they won't receive the opt-in without them, but it doesn't look like that's happening.
  • Pro: I have been able to communicate with my email subscribers.
  • Pro: I have been able to share my content.
  • Pro: I have been able to stay in touch with clients.
  • Con: I haven't been able to add more audiences or automations with my free account.
To be fair, I haven't used Constant Contact in many years. My company switched from Constant Contact to Mailchimp, and I never looked back. I still see it pop up with clients and peers now and again, but the design does look way behind Mailchimp. So, Mailchimp has that in their favor.

One of the reasons I've yet to switch from Mailchimp is because I need to dig further into competitors to see which would not only serve my email marketing needs, but also easily integrate with Squarespace. It's overwhelming to think about changing hundreds of links... I have heard good things about Active Campaign, MailerLite, and Convert Kit, so those are the ones I plan to investigate.
I feel like the more features they add, the harder it becomes to use. It started out very innovative and user-friendly, but I wouldn't say that's the case for Mailchimp anymore. I've been sending simple emails and campaigns for a long time, so that's pretty second nature at this point. And I have templates set up for duplication which also makes it easier to execute quickly. But adding automations, in particular, is very difficult, in my opinion. I feel like I always need a tutorial when I'm going back to either start something new or even just making updates to a current series. It's also not that easy to add new lists and connect new opt-ins. Integrating with Squarespace is the easy part, but it should be a smoother process to get the rest of it set up.
I only use Mailchimp for sending emails. I don't use the landing page tool or any of the other features. Because I'm not loving the main service anymore, I'm not willing to pay for the other stuff. Additionally, they've started pricing themselves out of what I can afford.

Having digital ads and social media also built-in seems like a great idea, and in theory, I love the idea of an all-in-one marketing platform, but I'm having so many other issues with the email marketing that I am not really willing to put in the time to learn their other stuff. Also, advertising isn't as much of a focus for me right now since my clients primarily come from referrals.
Successes: I have been able to easily integrate my email marketing with my website. Additionally, I have been able to keep in touch with clients, prospects, and others who have an interest in my work. And I have been able to deliver content of interest to people.

My most important lesson was that I should've switched to another platform much sooner. Now, it seems like so much work, and it's hard to think about and make time for. Mailchimp was great in the beginning when I had simpler needs and needed a free or low-cost account. Now, it's a headache.
Mailchimp is best suited for startups who need to bootstrap and for those with simple email marketing needs. Need a free tool? Go for it. Need to only send to one list and only have one opt-in? Proceed. Want an email marketing tool with lots of other add-ons and features? This could be for you.

However, I saw early on that it wouldn't grow with me. I know that very large companies use it, so I fully admit that there are probably things I don't understand or maybe am not using correctly. But the problem is that when they first started, they were easy to use and ahead of the curve. I loved it. But I feel like they've just become complex and bulky, though, as they add features. Why have I been with them for years and it seems to become harder to use?

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