Pathfactory - the future of content management software
Updated December 15, 2022

Pathfactory - the future of content management software

Anish Patel | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with PathFactory

PathFactory is used to host multiple types of asset types which provides an important insight and overview of not only our current product suite, but also relevant hot topics covering anything from green crime to USA presidential elections. PathFactory allows Refinitiv to bring large amounts of important content in one track into a structured and informative format. The data we collate from PathFactory on visitors of our tracks provides us with a deeper understanding [of] their behavior which was not clear previously, so this has enhanced our ability to make better strategic decisions in how we nurture interested recipients of our tracks.
  • Content hosting.
  • Reporting.
  • API Feeds via its webhooks.
  • Support.
  • Can do attitude.
  • More details around form capture.
  • I would like to see categories to be free text and not be limited to choosing from the list used for Tags.
  • Our Track hosting Risk Revealed content has yielded a positive impact to the tune of increased ROI for our business area
Refinitiv has definitely benefited using the tracks because it allows users to see what content pieces are proved successful and which have not. The flexibility of the tracks allows a user to amend a live track without causing any complications or contact experience. PathFactory is also increasingly been seen as a support mechanism for our campaign.
PathFactory's set-up and integration was a fairly smooth process. The clear and frequent communication was key to this smooth set-up.
I think the biggest contributor to potential buyers to make sound decisions is based around two key factors. One is the recommend feature of the track where the PathFactory AI Algorithm hones in on the potential buyer interest and to feed them a consistent stream of relevant information that meets their needs. The second is that the data collated from a recommend track allows us to see the effectiveness of the algorithm and how best to approach each client based on their engagement.

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I have not used any other product that comes close to the capabilities of PathFactory.
Given that Refinitiv is a relatively new brand in the financial world, we were spawn from Thomson Reuters, so our experience, top class product suite, and trusted clients came out of this together. Getting the message out there to prospects was important and PathFactory played an important role in hosting a lot of the content out there in the public domain via multiple channels. Another area PathFactory plays an important role is within our Demand Generation program in nurturing our prospects through a structured communication stream of relevant content.

PathFactory Feature Ratings

Content hub
Forms / Gated content
Embedded CTAs
Content automation
Audience profiling and targeting
Closed-loop tracking and reporting
Content performance analytics

Experience Using PathFactory

I have been hugely satisfied with the implementation of pathfactory into our Marketing automation system (Eloqua). Using the webhooks has proved very valuable especially around the flexibility around what you prefer to feed into Eloqua.
Pathfactory is available pretty much 99.9% of the time. The only rare occasions, we have have hiccups is immediately after system updates
The analytics and reports feature is fairly new and have proved very popular with many areas of our business and is growing in popularity. The metrics that are attainable are very insightful and provides a clear picture on the performance of the track.
The onlie training by provided by account manages for our business is excellent. Not only are they very clear and understandable, the tutorials are very well structured and provided step by step visual aides to take away so we can refer back to them for future reference.
There is no doubt that we will be renewing our licence with Pathfactory given the growing popularity, benefits to our campaign and increase in overall metrics of a campaign where it is supported by a Pathfactory track.

Using PathFactory

10 - The people who mainly use pathfactory are individual within the Marketing umbrella which covers our Digital, frontline sales, Marketing Activation and Marketing Automation.
5 - I think the skills required to Build out tracks and support those who use the track need to have a pretty good understanding of its features and be fairly technical. These people are also have a data and analytics background.
  • Event marketing campaigns
  • Product info for clients
  • Demand Generation
  • We have been able to use Pathfactory effectively to support our demand generation campaign and use the data collated to personalize and nurture engaged contacts
  • We have been able to use some of the Pathfactory features for surveys on obtaining valuable research data which was unexpected.
  • Expand on Surveys but this depends on what new features become available to us
  • in bound marketing engagement
  • live webinars

Evaluating PathFactory and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Whilst price is always important, the product itself needed to support our marketing campaign from a content perfective (originally) and host a wide variety of content from PDF to youtube video links. being able to use it easily and manoeuvre around the features was equally important so supporting the wider team could be done easily and effectively.
If we had gone through the whole process again, the level of an engagement and understanding between the businesses would have been closer.

PathFactory Implementation

Not sure - Unsure to what degree change management was involved

PathFactory Training

I was able to browse around the tool quite easily once some basic training was given. I learnt much from using those method and only needed further help when wanting to learn about Reports, External codes and adding forms.
I think you can get to a good level without training but to use Pathfactory effectively, you do need training and I would definitely recommend a combination of the two

Configuring PathFactory

Its just right and allows you to choose how integrated you wish Pathfactory to become which is great
We have specific best practice guide for each user from our organisation. One of those is using master forms which ca be used across multiple tracks reducing the number of ad-hoc forms and taking up space within its folders. We also have a set guide to using TAGs and only those that exist on our website can be used to tag our content.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
Some - we have added small pieces of custom code - Some of the custom code centers around our business colours, logo and text.

PathFactory Support

I would support Pathfactory to a high level given the current relationship has been effective built around the "can do"attitude and thriving to understand more about each others business and wanting to expand our capabilities.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Poor followup
Slow Initial Response
Yes - The Bug i refer to is with ad-hoc external codes built for specific reason and sometimes they do go awry but they are always fixed quickly when identified.
During a busy period during the summer when we were building out many tracks, the pathfactory users were still very much at a learning phase of the many pathfactory features and expectedly, I requested many updates, changes, amends and inclusions and not only was Pathfactory support turned each one around in a very short space of time but they were able to give detailed description into how many of the complicated issues were fixed by proving visual training videos of themselves, fixing each issue so we could learn from them. It also meant that we would not have to turn to Pathfactory for these issues in future. This would also free up time for them to focus on more complicated tasks for us.

Using PathFactory

Overall, I think the tool is fairly easy to use to get a basic content uploaded to create a track and even the more complicated features become easier once you become familiarised with the process
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Uploading content
  • Creating forms
  • Adding content to tracks
  • adding tags to content
  • building tracks
  • issues around Custom URL Slugs
  • Sharing Tags where content sits in multiple Tracks
  • adding additional CTA Buttons
  • Making changes to visual design

PathFactory Reliability

Pathfactory is growing in popularity amongst individuals from different parts of the organisation and it would be difficult to forecast how scalable this can become

Integrating PathFactory

When we initially required a lot of data feeding into eloqua, we assumed that those would be a long tedious effort but it was completed inside a week due to it ease of using web-hooks and the flexibility in adjusting the level of integration.
  • Eloqua
Pathfactory integration with Eloqua was not too difficult due to the easy and flexibility of the webhooks. We are feeding specific metrics that were chosen by us to populate a Eloqua CDO.
  • Salesforce
  • Snowflake
I think there may be an element of integration with salesforce but no certain.
  • File import/export
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)

Relationship with PathFactory

was not involved but heard the process was fairly straight forward. Communicated well at all stages of the sales process.
Very Cooperative and easy to work with. Can do attitude made working with pathfactory very easy along with their technical expertise.
Communication & Transparency

Upgrading PathFactory

  • The reports have been a huge feature that has grown in popularity due to the clear insightful metrics provided
  • TRigger facility will he a useful feature although we have yet to use it but can see its potential
  • hoping to see more details around form capture such as name of the form
  • Looking forward to seeing more features around VEX