Procore Review
March 15, 2019

Procore Review

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Modules Used

  • Project Management
  • Quality & Safety
  • Construction Financials
  • Field Productivity

Overall Satisfaction with Procore

Our company currently uses all four tools/modules within Procore across our entire company. Procore is utilized on a daily basis by all field and office employees within our company, as well as, by all of the subcontractors on projects. Procore has assisted us in the ability to effectively share, distribute, and update project related files and/or changes to all associated project parties.


  • Document (Drawings/Specifications) Management: I personally believe that Procore does an exceptional job in the document/drawing management aspect of the program. Hyperlinks to details, ability to link RFI's and/or submittals to drawings, post progress photos in a specific area on the drawings, compare and overlay drawings, the list goes on.
  • Daily Logs: Procore's daily log feature is in my top five favorite tools within the program. The daily log feature logs weather, work force, deliveries, inspections, accidents, visitors, etc. Each item logged within the daily log has the ability to be generated into weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports that can then be distributed to owners, subcontractors, company executives, etc.
  • Submittals: Procore's submittal process is simple and easy. I can create the submittal and/or submittal package required by the contract documents. Assign the responsible subcontractor for that submittal, assign the appropriate reviewers, and Procore will automatically email the "workflow" individuals reminders of their open items and the required submission and/or return date.
  • Photos: Procore provides the ability to create multiple folder and upload unlimited photos to a project. The photo tool also has the ability to tag the responsible contractors, scope of work, project area where the photo was taken, and gives the ability to make notes within the photo. Photos can then be searched by the tags, sorted by date, week, month, etc. One of my personal favorite features within the photo tool is the ability to generate weekly and monthly progress photo reports for the Owners and Architects. Procore has really done a superb job in the design, layout, and available features within the photos tool.


  • Bidding: The bidding tool within Procore is glitchy and somewhat frustrating. While the concept of the tool is good, the overall usability of the tool is lacking. The biggest complaint I have is that Procore does not have the ability to sort a bid list by CSI division. The program requires you assign a cost code to each company and/or tag word which the program can sort by. However, when bidding project our company does not typically assign cost codes to companies until a contract is issued. Bidders are typically associated with the CSI division in which the company operates.
  • Meeting Minutes: The overall layout of meeting minutes is not high on my list. The concept is great but the tool could use some improvements on layout and the ability to copy previous minutes.
  • Financials: This is probably my biggest complaint with the program. The system does a good job with the ability to track and documents financials, contracts, change orders, etc. However, because everything within the system is tied to the original project budget, it can be very cumbersome to account for a scope oversight or unforeseen condition that occurs during the course of a project and the order of operations you must follow to make sure the system will work properly.
We searched a reviewed multiple programs, tried trial versions, etc. While every program had pros and cons, the determining factor to proceed with Procore versus the other programs was the fact that Procore has the ability to integrate with all of our existing software programs and would not require our company to completely change our accounting process, scheduling system, and a few other processes. Additionally, Procore is free to our clients, architects, engineers, and subcontractors through our subscription. It is hard enough to get everyone to buy into an all electronic system and even more challenging if you tell others not only do they have to use it, they have to pay for it. So the fact that no cost would be incurred to the project team was a big benefit. Lastly, the feedback from customer references we received during the initial research process was very positive. We spoke with companies in the industry who were currently using the program that spoke highly of the program and the benefits they were receiving from the program. While the program does have it frustrations and issues, overall the system is very user friendly and provides endless abilities to track, documents, distribute, and collaborate ever changing information on projects with the massive amounts of individuals involved.
Absolutely, the program is very proficient in sharing information to multiple users seamlessly. We have seen a big buy in from our subcontractors, especially since they are not charged to use the program. The mobile apps are free, cost is not incurred to use the program through our companies subscription, and it is a user friendly system. We have seen our productivity and efficiency increase since implementing this program. I believe this is mainly due to the ability to quickly distribute vital information to the program team and eliminates the field guys waiting on hard copies of drawings, submittals, etc.
  • Reduced cost on hard copies of documents and drawings.
  • Increased efficiency onsite by eliminating the waiting time for hard copy document distribution.
  • Reduces log tracking and updating excel spreadsheets.
  • Centralized location for pertinent project documents and information.
  • Gain visibility into projects
  • Ensure information is accessible and up to date
  • Document job site conditions
  • Report on incidents and inspections
  • Identify job site risks
  • Track cost impacts from the field
  • Streamline financial reporting
  • Improve forecast accuracy
Procore provides a centralized location to document and store the information eliminating the needs to create, save, and update multiple files. The reports tools within Procore provides the ability to generate custom/specific reports that provide visual diagrams that display onsite production, cost analysis, document changes, etc.
Most of the integration process is easy, however, working with the custom solutions team to integrate company specific documents can be cumbersome. The custom solution team is great, they are not hard to work with, the issue is just confirming how the document needs to function and relaying that can be difficult. Most of the documents we implemented had to go through several revisions until the document functioned as intended.
If you are a company looking for a one-stop shop to manage documents, submittals, RFIs, financials, quality and safety, etc., then Procore is a great program to consider. Procore also provides the ability to purchase individual modules/tools within the system. However, Procore neglects to inform you that if a feature within the purchased module/tool links or ties to a module that was not purchased, the feature within the purchased module/tool does not work.

Procore Feature Ratings

Plan distribution & viewing
Plan markups & sharing
Document sharing
Issue tracking & punchlists
Photo documentation
Jobsite reports
RFI tools
Collaboration & approvals
Mobile app


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