Ultra Fast Array with Simple UI
Updated March 24, 2021

Ultra Fast Array with Simple UI

Ivan Sytchev | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

We are using Pure Storage FlashArray for the entire organization to replicate to identical array in our co-lo site. This array is blazing fast and it solved I/O and latency issues we had with our databases. Our VMs are lightning quick on the array making any storage migrations a breeze. Management of the array is also very simple and easy to use. Overall this is a great product!
  • Customer service is fantastic. We have not had any issues with the array, but even doing a code upgrade is simple as support is very friendly and quick to respond.
  • The array is FAST! Being an all-flash array that is expected, but bundle that with their architecture and this thing is lightning quick in all storage operations.
  • We have not yet had the opportunity to take advantage of the Evergreen Model, but are looking forward to a hardware upgrade. This model is great and allows for quick and easy uplift to the newest hardware without replacing the array.
  • The array is so simple and easy to use that, we rarely need to manage it or do anything really. It really feels like a set and forget kind of system because it just works.
  • Implementation of this array has greatly increased our database performance, along with all VM performance overall. This increased I/O performance has been a great improvement for our line of business applications.
We really liked what Pure Storage brought to the table right from the start, but like all great things, this array is not cheap. We did a feature comparison with other storage vendors and ultimately decided that the features of Pure greatly outweigh the cost premium.

I would encourage prospective customers to give this array a try. You'll fall in love with how great Pure really is. The sales team is VERY pleasant to work with and will try to accommodate any customer concerns.
The array is super simple to use. We rarely need to login to manage the array. The speed is also absolutely incredible! This is a very fast array and we don't even have the NVMe model yet. And, we will not be required to do an array upgrade ever again with the Evergreen model, which is nice.
The most useful thing for us is how simple it is to navigate the UI and make configurations. This allows for any user to be able to get up to speed and start working with the array with very minimal effort. They really don't lie when they say that it is built from the ground up with customer experience in mind. Everything simply makes sense and does not force you to constantly reference manuals and guides.
With our entire infrastructure is running on the Pure array, and our VMs are running smoothly. Our line of business applications have seen response time improvement due to massive I/O boost from the array. Our DBAs have noticed that database backups are almost 20x faster now. We are now able to perform storage operations such as migrations, backups and searches so much faster.
Pure Storage offers better support plans, simple UI and easy upgrade options. It can be more pricey but, you get what you pay for and Pure is very competitive when it comes to pricing for features/value. Win-Win-Win!
I would recommend this array for any scenario. I have yet to find any faults in this product, sales team, support team, or anything else. This array is a well worth it upgrade for any data center and I would be hard-pressed to think of any scenarios where this array would not be appropriate.

Pure Storage FlashArray Feature Ratings

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Upgrading Pure Storage FlashArray

Yes - The updates to Purity are performed by Pure support and have been flawless for a few years now. They makes sure the array is configured correctly and run some pre-checks so ensure the update compatibility. All you need to do is enable remote assist and they do the rest.
We have done a few version upgrades over the past 3 years and never had any issues or any downtime. Updates are done to each control station one at a time so there is no downtime for the array.
  • The certs on the array needed to be updated
  • Updated to recommended release
  • 100% uptime and stability
  • top performance


This array is very simple to use. Everything is intuitive and easy to use. In fact we barely need to administer anything on the array aside from adding storage to our vCenter ever so often.

Support reaches out to me when I am due for an update and all I need to do is enable remote connect and they will update the array and validate everything with zero downtime. This makes managing updates a breeze.

We have not had the opportunity to get new storage controllers yet but will be taking full advantage of the evergreen program soon when we are due for a free upgrade.