RavenTools - a Great Tool for the Digital Marketer Looking to Do It All
May 01, 2017

RavenTools - a Great Tool for the Digital Marketer Looking to Do It All

Lakita Marshall | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with RavenTools

RavenTools is being used by our marketing department to provide support to our marketing, sales, and product management teams. As the digital media coordinator, it provides me the ability to track the performance of various digital media and campaigns all in one place. I also use the various tools to assist with web development and SEO planning. Additionally, I use the report creation tools to create performance reports for various teams within our marketing department.

Previous to using RavenTools, our company did not have the ability to track digital media statistics. There was also no reporting system to share progress with various team members. The marketing department was struggling to get detailed insights. RavenTools has solved all of these problems.
  • Customer Service: Anytime I have had an issue or question regarding a RavenTools feature, their customer service team has been very responsive. You [may] expect a response within 24 hours. I do not recall a time I have had to wait more that 2 hours for assistance.
  • Data Organization: One thing I truly appreciate about RavenTools is they present their data in a similar fashion to the original data platform. For example, RavenTools Google Analytics Data is organized in the same way you would find it on the Google Analytics website. The makes it extremely easy to find what you are looking for and allows easy use across multiple platforms.
  • Easy Setup: Getting started in RavenTools is very simple. All you have to do is link up the accounts for your various brands. No extra coding is needed. The data will auto populate for you.
  • Automation: Another great feature is the ability to set up automated reporting. Not only is it useful for those who need to receive the data, but it also serves as an action item for me. I can create a report template for each brand and set it up so I get an email whenever the scheduled report is ready. This reminds me to go in and check on any updates.
  • Downtime: There have been instances when I have needed time-sensitive reports and have discovered parts of the system are down. If you are using this software with multiple clients on a daily basis, you may run into some issues. I have experienced everything from reports failing to be updated in real time to not being able to reach the website.
  • Limited Platform Integration: While RavenTools does offer a decent amount of data, they seem to be slow to add some platforms. For example, you can't connect your Instagram account and on their website they explicitly say "No plans to develop an integration anytime soon." - which is very unfortunate.
  • Dashboard Organization: I guess this could be considered Personal Perfernce, but I think some tools could be better organized on the dashboard. After using RavenTools for 3 years, I still have to search around for certain tools. Let's say I want to do some keyword tracking. I can go to the "Campaign" tab and insert multiple keywords. A week later I want to research those same keywords. If I go under the "Research" tab, none of my keywords are there. I have to go back to the "Campaign" tab, click research, and then I am redirected to the "Research" tab where the information populates. You would think that the information would automatically remain under the "Research" tab, but nope. I would have to go through the "Campaign" tab and repeat the process again just to revisit the keyword information.
  • Communication: I feel the communication to users has decreased over time. I appreciate a platform that makes changes to improve the user experience, but I don't feel I am informed of updates. I will go into the dashboard and notice that something has changed or moved unexpectedly. Now I have to go to Google and dig around to find what changed and how to use the new setup. I wish they would go back to creating updated video tutorials.
  • RavenTools allows our company to save time and time is money! We are able to review campaign results all from one place.
  • While running a campaign, for example AdWords, I use RavenTools to check on daily performance. I can see what is or isn't working. This helps ensure we are using our money for the maximum ROI.
  • After we have run a campaign RavenTools helps up navigate the success or failure. This is a great way to debrief and decide how to make the next campaign more profitable.
As a user of Hootsuite Free for reporting and social media management, RavenTools is more robust and fully functional. RavenTools provides a simpler dashboard and interface. You have more control over reporting, analytics views, and it is more intuitive. The only advantages I would say Hootsuite has is the ability to add apps that connect directly with other software and social media post management. Long story short, there is a reason I choose to put funds behind RavenTools vs. Hootsuite.
If you are looking for a one-stop shop for MOST things related to digital marketing, RavenTools is a great solution. You will be able to monitor social media, Google tools, email campaigns, and much more from one spot. It really cuts down on time spent moving from account to account. If you are looking for clean and easy to read reports for clients, RavenTools is perfect for that as well. It provides tools and reports that can be used by internal and external teams alike.

RavenTools Feature Ratings

Keyword analysis
Backlink management
SERP ranking tracking
Page grader
Competitive analysis
Site audit / diagnostics
Site recommendations
Task management
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Social SEO
Mobile SEO
Global SEO
Multi-domain support
Integration with web analytics tools

RavenTools Support

RavenTools has some of the best Customer Support I have ever received. They are quick to respond and will keep you posted on the progress of your issue. You truly feel as if you are getting customized service. No human is perfect and I have had one situation in which I had to reach out multiple times, but overall I fully trust and approve of their process.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - All bug reports were solved in a timely manner. When it comes to API issues, those do take some time. However, the customer support team keeps you undated with emails and on their status webpage. I have had representatives email me that the issue has been resolved and then they follow up to ensure I am no longer experiencing issues. If I am, I have had people go out of their way to help me help.
At one point, Google Webmaster Tools changed their authentication process and there was a data failure on RavenTools end. At this time my account had multiple brands. There was a way to go through each individual account and reauthorize the account but that would have taken me a very long time. I reached out to customer service and worked directly with a representative to find a work around. Within the hour I was able to go to one screen and quickly reauthorize each account. It was nice to have someone work on my issue and find the perfect fit for my needs. He could have just told me the only way to do it was going into each account and performing the task one by one, but instead he took the time to find a work around.

Using RavenTools

Certain areas, Social Media scheduling, could stand to undergo a complete overhaul. However, most of the RavenTools interface is easy to use. You will not have any issues getting up and running and should there be an issue, the customer service is really good. They also continue to preform updates that make the usability even better.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Report Building using RavenTools is very simple and they continue to improve it!
  • Adding your various accounts (Analytics, Social Media, AdWords, etc) is very easy to do.
  • Finding and understanding data is easy. If you are use to using Google Analytics you will have no problem moving to RavenTools and finding the same data you are use to seeing.
  • Scheduling social media posts can be cumbersome. If you are accustomed to using Hootsuite or a similar service, RavenTools will come off as very basic. You are able to schedule a post with text and images but it is difficult to tag a profile or pick a location, etc.
  • It does take some time to get used to the dashboard setup. In the beginning, you may become confused when clicking certain metrics. For example, the site auditor gives insights into certain issues with your website. You can click a link which explains why the issue is important or you can click a link that takes you to the live issue. Sometimes the text isn't clear to which link you are actually clicking.