Maximize your ABM opportunities with RollWorks - stop leaving money or accounts on the table!
Updated December 11, 2021

Maximize your ABM opportunities with RollWorks - stop leaving money or accounts on the table!

Lisa Morrell | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with RollWorks

RollWorks is an important component of our omnichannel marketing model. We conducted a channel analysis and found we were leaving 98% of our web visitors on the table. They'd leave without taking an action and we had no way to bring them back and engage them. Implementing RollWorks into the model was an easy sell to our CFO as the opportunity cost of not doing it - and letting all those potential leads get away - was brutal. Our entire organization was informed of the decision. Marketing is the custodian and most of the team is trained on RollWorks capabilities - or the front end or the back end. We have a few people dedicated to producing high-quality content and campaigns that are critical to getting results that our analysts mine and provide to our sales team. Having that interaction of a high-tech, intelligent tool along with the necessary human follow-up is a winning combination that RollWorks expertly powers. RollWorks also helps us with attribution of the marketing campaigns that are critical to driving performance throughout the funnel. We've had better insights and reporting than ever before.
  • Lead identification and scoring against your Ideal Client Profile.
  • Engagement and conversion of website visitors.
  • Discovering new accounts that fit your Ideal Client profile.
  • Intent topic identification and trends among audiences.
  • Enabling tailored campaigns based on segmentation and intent.
  • Better integration with HubSpot.
  • Buildout of intent campaign capabilities (which is in process).
  • Not much else - RollWorks is a well thought out, user friendly product that delivers measurable results.
  • Increased website traffic and conversions that feed deals.
  • More and higher-quality leads that are more in line with our Ideal Client Profile.
  • Greater visibility, measurement, and reporting of marketing investment ROI - very important.
  • Higher efficiency and impact in both marketing's spend and sales team prospecting efforts.
Having worked with a number of vendors for our marketing stack, we felt RollWorks stood out as the highest level of client service. White-glove all the way. Our account executive was exceptional at answering our many questions. Onboarding and training was well thought out and thorough. We were guided expertly from basics to more complex mastery. As a result, we felt our launch went smoothly and our ramp up was fast. The best implementation we've ever experienced. From there, our ongoing account team has been readily accessible and responsive. We feel that we have gained traction early from this tool due to the quality of customer service.
I used AdRoll in a prior company - AdRoll is a sister company to NextRoll. I didn't look outside the AdRoll family when choosing a retargeting solution due to the positive quality and experience with AdRoll. We simply chose NextRoll because it was the product best suited for B2B organizations.

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RollWorks is very well suited for:
  • Optimizing capture of potential clients interested in your brand (encouraging visitors who take no action on our website to return).
  • Building brand awareness through specific campaigns.
  • Driving engagement down the funnel for those who become aware or are aware of your brand.
  • Identifying net new accounts to build your lists and outreach.

As for where RollWorks is less appropriate, it would be difficult to run RollWorks without a more mature content marketing machine. To make it run and deliver, RollWorks needs quality advertising and content campaigns, refreshed at regular intervals. It also requires a solid website as a "hub." Organizations with low content marketing maturity will not get the results they might expect. Quality in, quality out is a rule here.

Using RollWorks

5 - We utilize RollWorks across our Marketing and Sales Enablement teams. We have designated "point people" across the two teams who manage RollWorks insights and feedback to the team on a day to day basis: Our paid advertising manager and our client insights manager. However, a number of other marketing team members access RollWorks frequently on an ad hoc basis to inform campaign development or produce reports. The intent targeting function is particularly useful to all those across our content marketing development and reporting cycle. Our Chief Sales Officer even consults RollWorks due to its ease of use and power of insights - which says a lot about the value RollWorks provides.
2 - We feel that anyone who has marketing or sales enablement capabilities, from analyst to manager level, can easily master RollWorks' functions, even the most complex ones. Familiarity with account based marketing is a key skill as it is the basis for the RollWorks platform. All of our team has in-depth knowledge and regular management of various aspects of our ABM machine. Familiarity with data and list management is important to providing quality input that drives accurate output. It is important to involve those with ad campaign skills on the marketing side along with those who are able to oversee follow up on leads by the business development team. That combination of high tech and high touch skills is a winning formula for getting the most out of RollWorks. No special programming or technical skills are required. It is helpful to have those with high competency in CRM tools involved for driving and maintaining the process.
  • Insights for refining our ICP and targeting strategy.
  • Driving awareness of our brand in a crowded market place.
  • Closing gaps in progression down our marketing funnel - providing more line of sight into funnel stages than ever before.
  • Expanding and enhancing our sources of lead gen.
  • Capturing opportunities to re-engage prospects that we were previously leaving on the table.
  • List cleanup and optimization.
  • Addition of intent targeting which has grown into an added competency across all marketing efforts - we were not expecting the breadth of insight that this function provides.
  • The degree of behavioral targeting capabilities.
  • We are planning to add more segmented campaigns.
  • We are planning to enhance our engagement efforts.
  • We are adding and tracking new KPIs into our reporting and will eventually use them in an integrated marketing dashboard.
  • We are increasing our test and learn efforts (particularly A/B testing) and RollWorks easily enables those efforts.
Due to the fast impact of RollWorks in a short period of time across both marketing and sales. What is unusual about the RollWorks in our annual budgeting process is that there is no need to provide a business case for RollWorks' renewal. We see the value on a daily basis. RollWorks has provided clear insight up to the C level so there is no hard sell at the executive level. All stakeholders across the organization consider RollWorks to be a long-term, integral part of our marketing stack. We always are evaluating substitutes for current tech stack providers but feel that RollWorks is unmatched in its space.

Evaluating RollWorks and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
The most important factor in our decision was the breadth and depth of features and insight that RollWorks brought to our marketing function. RollWorks clearly filled a huge gap in our outreach and engagement efforts. I had used AdRoll with great success at a prior organization and knew the power of retargeting and intent targeting. As a CMO, I also am responsible for building out a thorough, best in class omnichannel marketing competency. Retargeting was an important missing component. The opportunity cost of our not having this capability was enormous. Therefore, I would not entrust this capability to anything but a dominant market leader such as RollWorks.
I would have adopted RollWorks sooner and quicker. I felt our marketing function was not quite ready to provide the quality and scale of input to power the RollWorks tool. However, I was not aware of the advanced degree of RollWorks' discovery features which allowed us to grow and expand our lists. That is one area where I feel we did not receive enough information during the decisionmaking process. If I had known the extent of the ability of RollWorks to deliver net new accounts, I would have implemented it sooner.

RollWorks Implementation

RollWorks implementation couldn't have gone more smoothly. A key success factor is inclusion and early involvement of all those who will be working with RollWorks in any way to go through the set up and launch process. We thought through and brought the right players to the table to take full advantage of the RollWorks training direct from the team - rather than having to train others one off later.
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled - We gained great insight into the interplay between sales and marketing. We were able to close gaps in our handoff of leads to our sales team. We identified and implemented processes for closer integration in activities and communications between the marketing and sales teams. We also saw the power of being able to prove marketing effectiveness of a particular capability to executive management. The executive team is fully bought into retargeting and intent targeting due to RollWorks' strong analytics and reporting capabilities. Stakeholder buy in has never been so easy.
  • List structure and quality that we had to provide.
  • Playbooks to launch with, particularly the mix of awareness versus engagement, but the account team provide terrific guidance here.
  • Optimizing the creative to the guidelines.

RollWorks Training

We implemented RollWorks during the pandemic and across geographies. Therefore in-person training was not an option. We felt that we got the full impact of an in-person training experience from the RollWorks team, and that in-person training would actually have been less effective for us due to the expense and logistics. It is rare that we consider online training to be as effective as in-person so this is a credit to the RollWorks account team.

Configuring RollWorks

RollWorks was easy to configure for all its standard functions which were more than sufficient for our needs. That spoiled us since we then wanted more sophisticated use case. Those scenarios were more time consuming and challenging to develop. However, the RollWorks account team rose to the occasion to walk us through and troubleshoot development of those specialized use cases.
I would recommend having those with technical and business expertise working closely together within your organization in advance. We held business needs and use case identification working sessions with our team before beginning the process of configuration. This led to a faster configuration cycle. We also consumed all the RollWorks configuration resources before starting the process rather than taking a learn-as-you-go approach. That was time well spent.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - As I mentioned, the standard functions available from RollWorks were robust. But we saw results very quickly from the intelligence we were getting from RollWorks. Therefore, we decided to explore more sophisticated levels of customization to increase the value of the output we were able to produce even more. We leaned heavily on the RollWorks account team who have been extremely supportive and generous with their time in our initial and ongoing customization.
No - the product does not support adding custom code
We have sought to optimize the intent and discovery functions. As a result, we have experimented heavily with the groups feature that RollWorks offers. We have created and tested various groups - it is an ongoing optimization process that has yielded new and better insights into our target clients' behavior and interests.

RollWorks Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We did decide to go with the package that offered post-sales account support. The pre-sales customer service had been so excellent and value added that we felt we would get the most out of the tool if we continued to have that expert guidance and advice. Our team is lean and the savings in time and learning curve has been well worth the investment. The RollWorks account managers are true partners and an extension of our marketing team.
Yes. We had minimal experience in the kind of sophisticated intent and discovery that RollWorks offers. The account team through the ongoing relationship has helped educate me and my team about this important capability and how to build it into our daily marketing and sales efforts. We felt that RollWorks has gone above and beyond the support level we expected with getting us up to speed and providing specific training.

Using RollWorks

RollWorks has the most intuitive interface of any tool in our multi-platform marketing stack. Any user who has worked with a CRM tool will find it much easier than say a HubSpot or Salesforce to set up and launch quickly. The adoption curve for maturing capabilities and usage is very short.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Difficult to use
Requires technical support
  • List upload and management.
  • Campaign set up, launch and tracking.
  • Standard and custom reporting.
  • Some of the more technical settings to optimize ICP targeting were more complex and took some time to recognize - but we had good support from the account team.

RollWorks Reliability

RollWorks had various options that allowed us to choose the right one for our current situation. We felt that RollWorks gave us the flexibility to start at a certain level within our core marketing and sales teams and then easily add users as our functions are expanding. RollWorks offers upgraded levels of plans and add on features that we can foresee using in the future.
We have no issues with uptime or downtime with RollWorks. The application runs consistently. I don't recall a bug or outage issue in the year that we have been users of RollWorks. The true test is complaints from our user base - there have been none at all which is unusual for our marketing stack applications.
The RollWorks interface performs well. The load time has no noticeable friction. Reports are delivered quickly and easily. We integrate RollWorks with our Hubspot and Google Analytics platforms. There were a few tweaks to get those integrations working in sync but the RollWorks account team was there to help with anything our internal technical team couldn't solve.

Integrating RollWorks

Any integration effort is not going to be easy.
  • HubSpot
  • Google Analytics
It was essential for us for reporting and analytics to have a HubSpot integration. The HubSpot integration was undergoing a planned upgrade during our launch and scale period. So we implemented all functions as they became available. There was timely notice and support for the new functions. We wish they had been available at implementation but the additions went as smoothly as possible.
  • File import/export
Understand the requirements up front. Involve the technical team in requirements identification. Do some pre-integration planning with the RollWorks account management team including asking them about potential pitfalls and learnings from their experience.

Relationship with NextRoll

The RollWorks team is second to none in their customer service and training. We were impressed with the consistency of quality of service across business development, account management and support teams. There also were extensive, on-demand resources to help with self-service support when needed. RollWorks knocks it out of the park for ease of working with a team on a technical platform.
The transition from the RollWorks business development team to the ongoing account team was seamless.
We were able to negotiate the features of the package easily to add in those that would enhance our instance of RollWorks without overkill. The RollWorks business development team took a consultative approach with negotiating terms by seeking to understand our needs, golas and constraints. We also were pleased with the overall value of the solution we received versus the price. Definitely received quality in line with the cost.
No, everything was very flexible.
As with any vendor, my advice would be to get as clear as possible on your expectations and requirements before going into negotiations about terms and pricing. The RollWorks team was very flexible in meeting all our needs - it was on us to prepare sufficiently and be able to answer their questions to develop the right solution and terms for our needs.

Upgrading RollWorks

  • We are about to go through the new release of the HubSpot upgrade so don't have any benefits yet to report.
  • Greater features and functionality for campaign reporting.
  • Closer integration with our core marketing CRM.