SalesLoft is the best communications tool for your ENTIRE organization!
August 12, 2019

SalesLoft is the best communications tool for your ENTIRE organization!

Tina Lai | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SalesLoft

SalesLoft is being used across the whole organization across various departments in Finance, Professional Services, VC/Equity, Corporate Markets, Industrials, Law, Accounts Management, Customer Success and more. It addresses the business problems of: 1) Provides visibility into communications, 2) helps to fill the gaps we have (no marketing team or department), 3) helps to automate messaging, 4) helps to streamline processes of customer outreach, client outreach, accounts management, and more.
  • SalesLoft integrates with Salesforce & other sales applications like LinkedIn Sales Navigator very well to provide insights & information on prospects or customers as part of the outreach when in Salesloft & emailing/messaging.
  • Salesloft provides additional add-ons and features like Owler & CrystalKnows to provide more insights into companies & prospects and how to either speak to them or discuss pertinent information with them.
  • Salesloft makes it easy to use it's outreach/emails with simple ways to import clients via csv or has ways to easily integrate into Sfdc to sync data and to provide visibility into duplicate prospects or clients as well. If there was only a way to filter out duplicate cadences & having contacts only be able to be part of one cadence at a time would be great.
  • Salesloft needs to vamp up their Rules management capabilities. To have the ability to create more rules in which (more fields & more open fields) cadences can be applied - for example. There should be a rule that one prospect can't be part of 2 cadences at the same time or of some sort. Or to somehow handle duplicates in the system (duplicate outreach) so customers don't get reached out to twice or at the same time by different account managers. (clean up data issues with rules)
  • SalesLoft could have more cross-functional visibility for teams to share cadences. I think it's not that easy to find Team Cadences or to filter Cadences.
  • SalesLoft should have better metrics for successful campaigns. It should be able to rank or rate the best campaigns across teams so that we can know for best practices which are the best campaigns to continue using and which ones to now. So rank them by "Open Rate" or "View Rate" or "Click Rate" just to have better analytics and a dashboard to track success metrics.
  • SalesLoft has helped with our ROI in such that we can run campaigns and to generate business through the campaigns we run. It's hard to attribute ROI since we can't really track which campaigns are most successful in bringing in business or deals. So I suppose if there's a way to track the business or successful deals that come from it - that would be a good thing to show/track.
  • Salesloft has helped with Pipeline Growth in such that the prospects that have been added to cadences are easily able to be reached out to - with the visibility to see the history of outreach as well.
  • SalesLoft is good for on-boarding new sales reps and get them ramped-up quickly so to save time on training, It's easy to use with cadences already set up so a new sales rep can potentially be ready to go in their first or second week to start outreach and getting in touch with potential prospects or clients or accounts. Also having that visibility into the history of the conversations is a good feature.
SalesLoft customer success agents are great. There was a time when I made a huge mistake in a rule I made for our Salesloft Teams that I needed to contact our Customer Success rep Tony Guzzo was quick to bring in the support I needed to help address the issue. He even brought in the Engineering support or technical support to see if there was anything I could do to fix the problem (which there wasn't) but it was the going above & beyond that really stood out.
Salesloft is easy to integrate with SFDC with just being able to import the fields (custom fields) into salesloft directly as well as being able to upload a .csv to be able to a import fields or to personalize or customize the outreach process in Salesloft. It also integrates into Sales Navigator very well as well to show the contacts that are in Sales Navi & SFDC
  • Outreach is very similar to SalesLoft and I used it at my last company, Udacity. Outreach worked quite well and had great insights into successful campaigns. It did have better rules management in which you can create a rule that would not allow for 1 person to be in the same cadence twice. It actually stacked up quite well but didn't have the integrations into Sales Naviagator or CrystalKnows or Owler or provide the type of Linkeidn information alongside the outreach process.
I've been recommending SalesLoft for each of the startups I've worked at or have consulted for. It is a great tool for sales teams. And even for customer success teams as well as Accounts Management teams. I recommend that it be used alongside LinkedIn Sales Navigator and to also leverage the additional addons like CrystalKnows as well. It should be used to help with Social Selling in Linkedin (sharing articles via Owler) and also for understanding customers with CrystalKnows.