Skype, where will be in 3 more years? Who knows!!
November 18, 2019

Skype, where will be in 3 more years? Who knows!!

Ricardo G Lopes | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Skype

We use it for business meetings to provide quotes, discuss these quotes, and perform closings. We no longer provide very simple remote support, as this feature has been deprecated. We also participate in team status meetings using audio, not video. For phone services, I used to have a foreign phone number for an overseas branch, and it was a pretty useful feature, as the local customer thought we were answering locally. Now, we don't have operations in that location.
We also perform multi-country team meetings, which expedite decisions and make them more consensual.
  • Phone calls. This is the best feature Skype produces, and it has been good since inception. You can buy new numbers; you can reroute calls, you can mute, you can do three-party calls, and more.
  • Foreign numbers. That is important for persons who have relatives in other countries, as they make local calls only to reach you and they don't get charged for the international calls, you are.
  • Call quality. For many years, Skype has produced the best audio quality and the call stability is excellent. The VoIP competitors have a much lower stability.
  • Skype for Windows takes a lot of time to load and start. Unexpectedly, a Microsoft product is so slow to start when the Windows and Skype engineers are under the same umbrella.
  • Significant confusion for login credentials. Is the phone number the primary credential? Or is the login ID? Same phone number cannot be used for two logins! So, login ID is not irrelevant?
  • Remote access functions have been deprecated but no indication whatsoever to where they have been ported if any. It would be very polite if Skype would say: "This functionality is now under product X."
  • Product vision. On Messaging, is it a competitor of WhatsApp? On Notifications, is it a competitor of Twitter? On Phone calls, is it a future competitor of the Telephone companies? Who knows where this product will be in the next three years? I like Microsoft a lot, but here is where I suggest calling Steve Ballmer for a 30-minutes vision conversation, and you guys will be all set.
  • Positive impact on all features related to Phone interaction.
  • Negative for such a complex login administration, which requires an administrator to do it when using Skype for Business. WhatsApp has a much more relaxed approach for new users and groups.
  • Positive impact on the audio quality makes it easy for non-native language speakers to interact with native speakers, as they can understand the utterance much better than in regular phone lines — a crispy tone of voice.
  • Negative for the lack of robust tools for contact import. Importing Gmail or Yahoo or Facebook or Twitter contacts should be a mandatory feature, as Skype users, especially businesses, would benefit from the instant availability of all disperse contacts.
Skype has more solid features and more stability than Net2Phone, although Net2Phone is more focused on phone calls.
Skype is a bit behind Avaya Communicator, again because Avaya Communicator is more focused on phone calls, and Skype is everywhere.
Skype is not at the same level as Zoom, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, and Cisco Webex. Zoom is surprisingly (a young product) ahead of all of them.
I am not aware of the current support level for Skype for business, as I have never used even though I have the product.
However, the support for Skype's personal paid users is not where it could be. Users who pay for Skype features do not have a clear path to reach out to support. So, rating 6, can be better as soon as I need to use Skype for business support and get a good experience. I will say that I will renew Skype for Business subscription, which is a significant inconsistency on my end. The explanation is that Skype for Business comes bundled with Office for Business, with no additional cost, so why not.

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Skype is well suited for small offices, interaction with home-based employees, multi-country audio meetings (assuming there is a universal language), one-on-one coaching, or performance appraisal. Low customer assistance center using foreign numbers.
It is less appropriate for video conferences where a leader allows many participants to speak, share documents, and interact using their cameras (PC or cell phones) all at the same time. Zoom has taken the lead in this area. It is sad to see that PlaceWare, a pioneer at one time, has lagged behind after Microsoft bought it.

Skype Feature Ratings

High quality audio
High quality video
Low bandwidth requirements
Mobile support
Desktop sharing
Calendar integration
Meeting initiation
Integrates with social media
Record meetings / events
Live chat
Audience polling
User authentication
Participant roles & permissions
Confidential attendee list