Why YOU should check out Sprout Social!
Updated March 18, 2015

Why YOU should check out Sprout Social!

Olivia Ann Hurst | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Sprout Social

  • I absolutely love the Sprout Social's customer service - it's phenomenal! You can always reach a person 24/7 and get a speedy response via email, chat support, phone or even by tweeting to them. I feel pretty sure that at one point, Carolyn (one of their AWESOME customer service reps - she also wears other hats!) was pretty familiar with my name!
  • The dashboard is extremely user-friendly and makes the product extremely easy to use. Although it's rare I have a question about using the dashboard, customer service is always there immediately if I do!
  • Sprout Social is constantly improving their product. I love using their services because I know that this isn't as good as it's going to get (although pretty awesome) - but that they will always continue to one-up themselves! They grasp that social is constantly changing - and they want to provide the best services for their customers as possible.
  • Another awesome thing about Sprout is their app! It's also very user-friendly and comes quite in handy when I'm live-tweeting events for the university. It's definitely extremely helpful in keeping up with our multiple social accounts when I'm traveling, which is frequently.
  • One of the big things that Sprout Social is lacking is better Twitter analytics. While they do provide great information for my analytics reports, I still feel that they could be pulling in additional data that would be extremely beneficial to users.
  • I really wish that Sprout Social gave users the ability to manage additional social platforms, such as LinkedIn and Pinterest. This would be immensely helpful!
  • Sometimes when I archive messages in my inbox (and I typically average 100-150 a day, if not more), these messages will pop back up in my inbox either later that afternoon or weeks from when the original message was archived. I opened up my inbox this summer and found messages from February that had been previously archived!
  • My Sprout Social inbox is never closed, so when I hear a notification I check it immediately. Working in higher education, I'm managing multiple top-level accounts for the university, and Sprout makes it possible for all of that information to come to one place and helps me to quickly respond to people as soon as I receive notification!
  • Sprout Social definitely contributes to my efficiency. Being able to manage, schedule and respond all from one place instead of logging into multiple social accounts is extremely helpful and saves time.
The negative reasons I gave Sprout Social this rating is because of my inability to manage additional social platforms such as LinkedIn and Pinterest. I also wish that Sprout would integrate Instagram account and track followers, including likes and comments on photos. I also wish they provided better reporting on Twitter accounts.

Some of my positive reasons include the user-friendliness of the dashboard and services offered. Their stellar customer service is a big reason why I keep coming back - there are too many companies that lack in customer service, so when I find a company that provides the customer service I need, I like to stick with them! Another plus about their customer service - they're always extremely friendly (I've caught Carolyn on a crazy day before and she still was absolutely fantastic) and also ALWAYS follow-up to make sure that your issue has been addressed and resolved. And, on the occasion where my issue was because of user error, they were pretty nice about it!

Sprout Social is perfect for you if you're looking for an easy-to-use but thorough dashboard to manage your social accounts.
I would tell a colleague - Sprout is the perfect place to manage multiple social accounts. The user-friendliness and stellar customer service will make it an easy to use right away, with minimal training required. For someone who has never used Sprout Social before, knowing that their customer service is always there no matter what can really be appealing and make a big difference! I also like it when social companies have a good presence in the social space - and Sprout Social has exactly that. In the past, I've tweeted with an issue and received a response in 10 minutes or less. That's how you do it!

Using Sprout Social

Sprout Social Support

The customer support is a big reason why I continue to use and love Sprout Social. I also used Sprout while working with a previous employer, so they have been familiar with my name for quite some time now. You always have access to a person 24/7 - whether it be via email, phone, live chat (love it!) or even if you tweet your issue to them. I've tweeted an issue in the past via my personal account and have received a response in 10 minutes or less! Their customer service and support is top-notch.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - The bug I have reported concerned archived messages reappearing in my inbox. They responded extremely quickly and worked with me to resolve this issue as soon as possible. They also sent me multiple emails to inform me of the status of my issue, which I found to be extremely helpful. I still do have issues with archiving messages occasionally, but they continue to work with me to resolve this whenever the issue arises.
One time my analytics reports were not reading accurately, so I called and Carolyn responded and began to help me address the issue. After thorough explanation of my problem, she let me know that they were looking at my account and would be in touch shortly about this issue as soon as they looked at the specific problem. I received an email in 15 minutes, saying that the problem has now been fixed, and they asked if I could please check on my analytics reports to make sure the problem was resolved. I did indeed check, the problem was resolved, and I emailed them back to let them know. I told Carolyn to have a great weekend in my email, and although she did not have any further information concerning my account, I received another email from her to wish me a good weekend, too! I appreciated the kind gesture.

Using Sprout Social

Sprout Social is extremely easy to use and would only require minimal training for a new user. They have many features and functionalities that I absolutely love. I can't speak highly enough of their mobile app! As I've mentioned, this app has been a life saver when I've been traveling and have been unable to access a desktop.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Scheduling posts with Sprout Social is extremely easy! I'm also happy that I have the ability to schedule a post to Google+, if necessary.
  • I love the analytics reports - the colors used make it easy on the eyes to read, while still being aesthetically pleasing.
  • Archiving messages in the inbox can be difficult at times. I receive a large volume almost daily, and sometimes after archiving and clearing my inbox, those same messages will pop up in my inbox later that day. I've also had a situation where I checked my inbox this past summer and had messaged from February that had been previously archived!
Yes - I absolutely love Sprout Social's app. It is extremely easy to use, and you have most of the same features that you have when accessing Sprout from a desktop. I travel frequently, and being able to use Sprout Social on the go has been a lifesaver at times! I can't think of a single time when this app hasn't worked.

My only complaint about the app is that sometimes I will have both the app and Sprout open on my desktop, and my inbox opened on my desktop will received messages well before my app does. If something timely where to pop in my inbox, this would potentially make it difficult to respond in time while I'm on the go.