SpyFu Helps To Make Spying Online Much Easier
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Updated March 14, 2017

SpyFu Helps To Make Spying Online Much Easier

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Overall Satisfaction with SpyFu

SpyFu is primarily used by us to do competitor research. We use it to look at what our clients' competitors are doing with PPC efforts as well as baseline SEO analysis. It provides us with the opportunity to look at the big picture with a bunch of different players, not just our client.
  • PPC reports for competition. SpyFu allows you to gain insight into possible budget spend as well as what their ads look like.
  • The keyword tool within SpyFu is great for seeing what your web sites biggest hitters are as well as what your competition keywords stack against yours. If you share certain keywords, it ranks who has better traction.
  • Reporting is a weakness with the platform. It is not the easiest process to implement and the information can be better organized.
  • There are inaccuracies with the PPC reporting, especially for competitors. To our knowledge, the only way that PPC budgets are estimated is through ads that have already been clicked on the search network. This means that display, programmatic and other ad formats are not counted.
  • Assisted in increasing our new client acquisition by around 50%.
  • Is one of our agencies go to tools in competitor research.
SpyFu is less robust than SEMRush in a lot of ways. Its keyword tool for example severely lags behind SEMRush. However, SEMRush does not have a solid PPC insight tool like SpyFu. This is reason alone to use both instead of just using SEMRush. We also see that SpyFu does a better job at showing how two and sometimes three websites stack up against each other better than SEMRush.
SpyFu is great if you need a quick, broad overview of your online efforts compared to the online efforts of your competition. It is a great tool to use when you are needing to estimate or come up with a new PPC spend for a client. It also is good in looking at the effectiveness of your website's keywords as compared with your competitors.

SpyFu Feature Ratings

Keyword analysis
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Mobile SEO
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Global SEO
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Multi-domain support

SpyFu Support

The support team at SpyFu works hard and stands by their product. They answer relatively quickly and have always been more than willing to help out when an issue has appeared. With this said, I have only used their customer/product support fleetingly because the platform performs what I need it to do. A lot of the questions that I have had are in help/support pages on the site.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Need to explain problems multiple times
No - It is not needed. The basic support that they provide has been more than enough to cover any issues that have popped up. The pricing and plans usually cover support costs as far as we can tell. If there was a need for support, there isn't much more premium support could provide outside of faster response times.