September 4, 2015

Associate Search Director |
Marketing and Advertising | 5001-10,000 employees
10 of 0 - 10  |  9/4/2015

We only use Moz for the day to day activities in the SEO department, but we're slowly beginning to use the data in new ways that is making traction across the company. For example, we export Moz data to create network maps of sites and it's resonating well with other departments like web analytics...

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February 25, 2015

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Consultant in Marketing |
Computer Software | 10,001+ employees
10 of 0 - 10  |  2/25/2015

the benefits of each platform. I have never used any other product such as SpyFu etc. I have used Screaming Frog but this software but it is used more to

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September 4, 2015

Internet Marketing Manager | SEO Specialist |
Marketing and Advertising | 1-10 employees
10 of 0 - 10  |  9/4/2015

RavenTools is used everyday by our search marketing department. We've found it an invaluable tool for tracking outreach, contact information, opportunities, log in details, and other important information for specific sites on a client-level basis. In addition RavenTools connects with the Google...

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July 14, 2014

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Manager in Marketing |
Hospitality | 201-500 employees
9 of 0 - 10  |  7/14/2014

Be sure to review the contract and if possible, remove the auto-renew wording. Searchmetrics is a great tool for research and historical tracking, but if you are going to be sending out a lot of reports, make sure you have enough reporting credits for your expected use. Also, there are limits in...

SEO PowerSuite
May 14, 2014

Web Content Manager |
Staffing and Recruiting | 501-1000 employees
5 of 0 - 10  |  5/14/2014

The product is definitely better for small to mid-sized companies. The platform is not streamlined enough for larger companies.

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September 8, 2015

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Analyst in Marketing |
Consumer Services | 1001-5000 employees
6 of 0 - 10  |  9/8/2015

Moz and SpyFu

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Majestic SEO
June 3, 2015

SEO Specialist |
Marketing and Advertising | 1-10 employees
9 of 0 - 10  |  6/3/2015

I would highly recommend Majestic SEO to any agency, or consultant who has an SEO client who has been hit by the Penguin algorithm.

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September 4, 2015

SEO/ Creative Manager |
Information Technology and Services | 11-50 employees
10 of 0 - 10  |  9/4/2015

Our entire SEO Department uses WordTracker daily and we find it an indispensable tool in our company. It supports our client strategy and is used for much of our SEO research. WordTracker is essential in determining ground-level keyword statistics such as search volume and level of competition and...

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