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Samantha HornbyMarketing Coordinator | Information Technology and Services | 11-50 employees
7 of 10  |  5/9/2014

We are using another software system, HubSpot, that at the moment does not provide all the features that Moz offers. More specifically Moz does a better job of keyword analysis and focuses more on website design and SEO.

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Authenticated ReviewerAnalyst in Marketing | Consumer Services | 1001-5000 employees
6 of 10  |  9/8/2015

Being able to have reports that multiple teams can access is a key piece of our SEMRush usage. There isn't much data modification needed, if at all, before sending over to higher level associates and decision-makers.

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Authenticated ReviewerStrategist in Marketing | Marketing and Advertising | 51-200 employees
7 of 10  |  4/26/2014

Ahrefs recently became more expensive. While they offer a large web index of backlinks, some of the modules of analysis available in similar tools make them a better value in many respects.

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Justin KofronSEO Specialist | Marketing and Advertising | 51-200 employees
8 of 10  |  8/27/2015

Our Sq1 SEO department uses Majestic SEO during our site audits for clients. This great SEO tools helps us analyze a client's backlink profile, determine their strengths, weaknesses and build a strategy to improve their visibility. Majestic provides informative graphs that help clients understand...

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Authenticated ReviewerManager in Marketing | Hospitality | 201-500 employees
9 of 10  |  7/14/2014

Be sure to review the contract and if possible, remove the auto-renew wording. Searchmetrics is a great tool for research and historical tracking, but if you are going to be sending out a lot of reports, make sure you have enough reporting credits for your expected use. Also, there are limits in...

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Laren HelmsPublic Relations & E-commerce Manager | Consumer Goods | 201-500 employees
3 of 10  |  7/1/2014

RavenTools attempts to amalgamate SEO, content management, social media, web analytics, e-commerce, PPC, and email marketing into one platform. I would suggest it only if you have one person doing all of those things (which you really shouldn't anyway).

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Romain Damery profile photo
Romain DameryDigital Marketing Strategist | Marketing and Advertising | 11-50 employees
8 of 10  |  10/6/2015

At Path Interactive, we use Conductor Searchlight to not only keep track of our SEO campaigns, but also keep an eye on the organic performance of our clients' competitors. Conductor Searchlight makes it easy to report on content visibility and performance and has lots of built-in reports. It also...

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Elise PhillipsSEO/ Creative Manager | Information Technology and Services | 11-50 employees
10 of 10  |  9/4/2015

Our entire SEO Department uses WordTracker daily and we find it an indispensable tool in our company. It supports our client strategy and is used for much of our SEO research. WordTracker is essential in determining ground-level keyword statistics such as search volume and level of competition and...

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