Sean Smith profile photo
Sean SmithInternet Marketing Specialist | Internet | 11-50 employees
9 of 10  |  1/28/2014

Their constant iteration helps build trust with the product over time, I know they know what is important, it's just a matter of them adjusting their approach and building for the future.

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Clinton Dugan profile photo
Clinton DuganContent Marketing Manager | Marketing and Advertising | 51-200 employees
9 of 10  |  4/23/2014

Very easy to use, user friendly and provides great insight.

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Ellen Butler profile photo
Ellen ButlerConsultant | E-Learning | 1-10 employees
9 of 10  |  1/23/2014

I've been helping other small business owners with their Infusionsoft accounts. These business owners are using it for their entire organization to better streamline their programs and get their business setup to scale and grow more easily. Infusionsoft helps streamline the software and tools...

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Laren Helms profile photo
Laren HelmsPublic Relations & E-commerce Manager | Consumer Goods | 201-500 employees
3 of 10  |  7/1/2014

RavenTools attempts to amalgamate SEO, content management, social media, web analytics, e-commerce, PPC, and email marketing into one platform. I would suggest it only if you have one person doing all of those things (which you really shouldn't anyway).

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Romain Damery profile photo
Romain DameryDigital Marketing Strategist | Marketing and Advertising | 11-50 employees
8 of 10  |  10/6/2015

At Path Interactive, we use Conductor Searchlight to not only keep track of our SEO campaigns, but also keep an eye on the organic performance of our clients' competitors. Conductor Searchlight makes it easy to report on content visibility and performance and has lots of built-in reports. It also...

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Authenticated ReviewerConsultant in Marketing | Computer Software | 10,001+ employees
10 of 10  |  2/25/2015

I have weekly meetings with BrightEdge rep. to continually improve BrightEdge experiences and train web managers in SEO and pro-actively prepare them for future development of social media, mobile and semantic content.

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Brian Jackson profile photo
Brian JacksonOwner/Director of Optimization | Marketing and Advertising | 1-10 employees
10 of 10  |  12/8/2014

I didn't even hesitate to renew my subscription to Web CEO. It has become the #1 tool in my arsenal and I use it at work, on my personal projects, everywhere! I literally don't know what I would do if I didn't have access to this software anymore. This software has been crucial in the success of my...

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Mackinley Levine profile photo
Mackinley LevineAsst. Editor and SEO Analyst | Publishing | 11-50 employees
8 of 10  |  4/22/2014

Majestic helps us determine the quality of our own back links and the quality of competitors' backlinks so that we can refine our link building strategy to improve our search engine rankings.

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Maddie Silver profile photo
Maddie SilverDigital Marketing Guru | Marketing and Advertising | 51-200 employees
9 of 10  |  5/6/2014

Word tracker was cheap to use, can be rolled out to a team quickly, and provides good data for Search engine optimization SEO and paid search management SEM.

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