Todoist: a swiss knife of productivity in the right hands.
September 02, 2019

Todoist: a swiss knife of productivity in the right hands.

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Overall Satisfaction with Todoist

Todoist is currently used by all non-administrative employees at the firm. For us it replaced our old system of shared Google Calendars to track court dates, filing due dates, meetings which was non-intuitive and was also prone to cross-platform issues (someone would add something through the Calendar website, someone else would modify it through the Calendar app on iPhone and then someone would try to accept an invite on Android and somewhere in the middle things would de-sync). Having one central app helps avoids most of those problems (at the cost of some overhead due to having to install the software on each device).
  • Universal shortcuts in the desktop apps reduces friction between thinking of something you need to do and actually adding it to your list.
  • "Tagging" systems for projects makes assigning tasks extremely intuitive.
  • Google Cal integration allows for a basically universal way of having tasks show up in your devices even if you don't have Todoist currently installed, as well as letting you use the Google API to integrate tasks for other uses (e.g.: automatically booking a meeting room for certain tasks).
  • A "calendar" view would be useful although that is currently solved for us with Google Calendar integration
  • Windows app will occasionally freeze with no clear explanation nor way to solve it other than force quitting.
  • Task search functionality is very limited and requires precise wording to find what you are looking for.
  • Negative: initial training for users can be difficult and the software does not have a "Wizard"-style introductory phase that makes its functions clear to non-technical users which for us meant about two 1-hour sessions with different groups of people for the general introduction to the software and then a hard-to-quantify amount of individual followup.
  • Positive: once users got into the habit of using tags and labels, plus some automation configuration using G Suite, booking company resources has become exponentially faster. For example, booking a meeting room used to be a minimum 60 second process (open GCal, add meeting, select company resource, book meeting room), with Todoist advanced users can do it in less than 10 seconds (Ctrl+Shift+A, "Brainstorming session Tuesday 3pm @TeamA #Meeting", enter)
Excellent features and concept, simple implementation, but the software is not very clear in training new users and communicating features. The occasional unexplained crash or freeze is not handled gracefully by the desktop software, requiring either the user or tech support to manually restart.
The software's documentation and in-app help are not very comprehensive or didactic for new or non-technical users, but company's support staff is responsive and very helpful
Google Tasks, which was extremely basic and lacked most advanced functionality that Todoist has.
For us it has been invaluable in replacing endless email chains with task lists that are manually updated. On the individual level people used to use individual paper notebooks with their personal task lists, which would mean it was almost impossible to to share these tasks between people (even in scenarios where that task involved one person, having a backup in case that person was no longer available was invaluable).

Training users out of their old habits into using Todoist is hard and will probably add some overhead to its implementation, but for us it has been worth it.

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