TrustRadius Offers Trustworthy, Thorough Reviews
September 06, 2018

TrustRadius Offers Trustworthy, Thorough Reviews

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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

We are looking to purchase a digital marketing solution to manage email campaigns and track engagement in our sales funnel. Our team is comprised of a mix of PMs, BAs and technical support. My role as a project manager is to identify the needs of our business users who will be managing the marketing campaigns so that we can implement a solution that meets those needs and which our resources can sufficiently support from a budgetary and bandwidth perspective.
  • To understand my options (i.e. build my short list or long list)
  • To compare products
  • To confirm my decision
  • To find evidence to support my recommendation to colleagues or my client
Due to the larger organization and other departments choosing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, our options were limited to remaining on our existing Oracle solution or migrating to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. As such, our due diligence involved comparing our current state with Oracle and the potential future state using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We have a firm grasp of our strengths and limitations today but needed to understand how using Salesforce Marketing Cloud would impact those strengths and weaknesses from a real-world user perspective.
Real-world examples that give a balanced look at benefits and drawbacks with specific details explaining how the product affected the task at hand. Long-term feedback that shows how the application was able to grow and adapt to the business' changing requirements.
Having user reviews cuts through the marketing jargon that the products use and paint a more relatable, real-world picture of day-to-day use of the solution. The sales teams from these products are obviously biased whereas real companies have no motivation to oversell a product.
  • It includes reviews across all sizes and industries of businesses so you can get a global perspective.
  • User reviews seem trustworthy and the layouts of the reviews are easy to digest in a quick fashion.
  • The reviews cover most of the bases that our company is interested in knowing about.
  • It would be nice to have an easier way to see and compare competing products. Something that lays out the pros and cons and which products are better suited for which companies.
  • Navigating across products and within categories is a bit cumbersome. Once you've narrowed down the product it's easy to access reviews, but getting to the products is a bit tricky.
  • More high level feedback ratings, like an overall score or pie chart showing average ratings and common aspects among companies. For example, companies in X industry rate this product an 8/10 whereas companies in Y industry rate it 5/10.
Internal discussions across teams. Discussing among community user groups that we belong to. Talking with our account managers and sales reps. The reviews give better perspective on our in-person discussions to address our concerns, questions and assumptions.
It's pretty similar to other review sites. TrustRadius does a good job of gathering a large variety of quality reviews which not all sites have succeeded in doing.
In a growing market of sites for business solution reviews TrustRadius is a leader. There are many reviews from a diverse group of industries, users and businesses which I like. On the other hand, I wouldn't solely use TrustRadius. There are many other sites that do a similar function with different reviews from other users and if you want to be thorough, it makes sense to look at other review sites.